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BMG Comparing Green Arrow

Hello everybody.
Once analysed the new Green Arrow and as it uses to happen when a new profile for an already existing character is released, still knowing this new Oliver Queen probably loses comparing him with his big "brothers", it is inevitable to make a comparative among all three. At general level:


Before comparing anything, it is interesting to know what offers each one of the arrows that Oliver Queen can use; the last two have been added for completing this list with all the arrows known until today (the first one used by Speedy and the second by Seeker from League of Shadows). Due to all this arrows are used with a bow, all of them share the trait Aim which forbids its user to move and shoot in the same round (it doesn't matter the order of these two actions), unless Good Aim (1 SC) trait is used. Also all of them are Mechanic (they damage on 3+) so they have the advantage of ignoring Bulletproof Vest, and due to the double damage they deal, they force the enemy to lose an action counter:
  • Serrated (
     The most lethal. In addition to its lethal damage it allows to repeat failed injury rolls for being Sharp.
  • Special (
     In addition to its lethal damage, the affected target can't use action counters (Stun), which can be useful to stop the enemy, protect mates (forbidding the enemy to do any attack) or taking advantage he/she can't defend to attack him/her with other mates.
  • Standard (
     The most common arrow and as lethal as the other two, although it is not as precise damaging and without anything else.
  • Concusion (
     What it loses in lethality it wins it in utility because the target suffers the Blind effect until the end of the round, so it will forbid him/her to use any MC, and making him impact and block on 6+. Perfect for using it when a close mate (or mates) can deal quite damage in close combat.
  • Punch (): The same as the Special one but dealing only non-lethal damage.
  • Explosive (
     Speedy's arrow. Al tough it is not totally lethal, it has an area of effect around its target for being Explosive. Due to it is a Firearm it damages on 2+ instead 3+, but it also means the Bulletproof Vest offers some resistance to this kind of arrows making them to damage on 4+. An interesting way of using them is against lampposts if there is an unwary near, due to its Defense 2 this is the best way of impacting, automatically, to all the close enemies or those like Batman with a high Defense value.
  • Poison (
     Used by the League of Shadow's archer, Seeker. It is a normal arrow which applies the effect Paralyze as a Poison, so its target won't be able to do anything (neither attack, neither move, neither use traits nor action counter) until he/she succeeds on an Endurance Roll for cleaning the poison, in addition to a -2 to his/her Defense.


Beginning with the mobile aspect, the only thing all of them share is their Acrobat condition, although on the "adult" versions it is more useful for the Dodge they win, because their Hook Arrow (Batclaw) grants them high mobility.

The Comic version is not only the fastest among them because he can come up to a value 5 of Movement thanks to be Adaptable, he is also the fastest character of the game (without having into account Tireless, Inspire...)... until Speedsters came to the city.

The Animated Series version is behind both of them on this aspect because he doesn't have the Hook Arrow his "brothers" carry, so he will have to push to the limit his high mobility at ground level. At least (as his "brothers") his Acrobat condition let's him to explode on a most effective way the rule Spring into the Air to arrive to the top of the buildings jumping from the ground..


None of his versions stands out for being a character with good skills for close combat, due to his Strength 4+ only maybe for applying Push to enemies to avoid them controlling an objective or stop denying it. Regarding ranged attacks, this is totally different, he is not considered an excellent archer for nothing. All of them not only have option of moving and shooting thanks to Good Aim (although it makes their ranged attacks to be expensive, paying 2AC+1SC), also all of them can shoot multiple arrows per attack, Comic and Animated version for having Rapid Fire (1SC more) which lets them to increase their ROF in 1, and TV version for having Multifire which will grant him 3 arrows per attack, although its cost is more expensive (2 SC), but its use forbids Oliver to move during that round (after and before).

Regarding precision, both Comic and TV version can fail impact rolls because their Master Marksman allows them to repeat them once, this can't be done with the Animated version,who on the other hand is the only one with the ability to ignore all the Pings! thanks to be an excellent shooter (Sharpshooter), which having into account that without a Hook Arrow is difficult for him to find a good shooting position in the heights, this is something to have into account. TV version can do the same but not as effective because Shooter can only ignore 1 Ping! (he decides which one), although he counts with the advantage of the heights. Comic version do not have any option for that.


Due to the Acrobat condition of all off them, they offer also resistance against ranged and template attacks/effects, although once again Comic version can put his defense at the same level as the thoughtest thanks to be Adaptable, and not only this because his Hardened lets him to soften the first blood damage received during the round turning it into a recoverable damage; the other option to protect himself against shoots is keeping his Defense 4 but increasing his Movement to 5, it will grant him an 83% chances of succeeding on an Agility Roll on each dice.

Meanwhile, the Arrow version has its own passive protection against attacks and effects requiring line of sight thanks to his Stealth, in addition to the always feared Counterattack, although on his case is not as dangerous as in Batman or Deathstroke due to his damage in close combat is the single contusion dealt for unarmed attacks.

Regarding Endurance, as it could be expected for its high cost, TV version is 1 point above their "competitors" with a value of 8.


Lastly, on this aspect Green Arrow doesn't have so much to offer. Comic version has Technique, and having into account he can increase his Attack up to 5 it can be interesting to knocking down enemies, even the most complicated to be hit, so the allies can take advantage of this.

Meanwhile, Animated version has de trait Teamwork/2 (Black Canary), which lets him to use up to 2 counters more from the Black Canary with also this trait, and having into account his profile, it will be for moving or defending more. Also, for being Leader, as TV version, he gains the trait Inspire that on his case can be used even more for not having a Hook Arrow, so he will move closest to his other gang members.


It would be unfair to say the Animated version is the worst, but his cheap cost is what makes him specially good due to he still scares from the distance for the fact of shooting up to 2 arrows per attack and ignoring all the Pings!, although on the other hand his mobility is highly reduced without a Hook Arrow. It must not be forgotten he gains the trait Inspire for being a Leader, which is the positive reading of not having a Hook Arrow due to it is easier to use it.

About TV version, he is maybe the most complicated to be used mainly because he must remain one round without shooting (without wasting all his potential) seeking for a good shooting position (in addition to forecast the enemy entering in line of sight) and no enemy comes closer to him less than 5 cm to being able to use all his power shooting 3 arrows per attack, in addition to being able to ignore 1 Ping! and repeating failed rolls.

Regarding Comic version he is maybe the most stable of all of them, he hasn't option to shoot 3 arrows per attack neither ignoring Pings!, but he grants being able to shoot 2 all the rounds (if he has ammo) and being able to repeat failed rolls. Also he is the most thought of all thanks to be Hardened and the possibility of reach Defense or Movement 5 (to avoid ranged attacks). Although he still is not a beast in close combat, thanks to his Technique and being able to increase his Attack up to 5 he can knock down enemies so his mates can end with them.

Respecto a la versión del Cómic es quizás la más estable de todas, no tiene opción de disparar 3 flechas ni de ignorar Pings!, pero se garantiza el poder disparar doble durante todas las rondas (mientras le queden flechas) y pudiendo repetir impactos fallidos. Además es el más duro de todos gracias a su Hardened y poder disponer de hasta Defensa 5 o Movimiento 5 (para esquivar ataques a distancia). Aunque sigue sin causar un gran daño en el cuerpo a cuerpo, gracias a su Technique y poder disponer de hasta un valor 5 de Ataque puede derribar enemigos para que sus compañeros los rematen.
If you want to know what that image means, stay tuned to the blog today.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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