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BMG Comparing Deadshot

Hello everybody.
After having seen with more detail this new Deadshot inspired in the Comics, it is time now for comparing him with his Arkham City version. Although this new version is more expensive in reputation and costs the double of founding, it is also true that his destruction power may end up with some ease with a slab as it can be the Batmobile.

As always, first of all a summarized comparison:


On this aspect there is not so much to say, bot have the same value 3 for this attribute, which is a more typical value for Acrobat characters.


Beginning with long range, Arkham City version can't do anything. Regarding Comic version, his Barret is lethal due to the combination of the 4 lethal wounds it can deal (7 when critical hit), its Night Vision and being able to ignore all the Pings! thanks to its Scope, in addition with its perforation power for being Anti-Tank, which becomes it in the worst enemy for anyone with any kind of Armour and not only because it ignores them, also because it repeats failed injury rolls against them, in addition to ignore also Bulletproof and Kevlar Vest and Hardened. To all this is must be added a +1 to impact rolls for being Ranged Master. On the other hand, it has the handicap of not letting him to move in the same round he has used it because of its Aim, so this is the reason why its another disadvantage should be taken into account and moving during the round he has to Reload the weapon.

For medium and short range, if Comic version can't use his Barret then he is in a bad position compared with his "rival". Although both of them are equipped with the 9 mm Twin Cannons, Arkham City version can combine them with his Night Vision, being able to ignore 1 Ping! for being Shooter in addition to the possibility of increasing the difficult of the rest of them in 1 point for Expert Marksman (1 SC). If he doesn't move he can deal up to 6 blood damage, and if he does he can still shot with ROF 2 thanks to his Rapid Fire (1 SC). Meanwhile, Comic version only has in advantage his +1 to impact with ranged attacks for being Ranged Master, although if he can use his Barret, he is still much better than Arkam City.

But this section can't be closed without talking about the big handicap of Comic version, and it is his Obssessive which forces him to focus the same target until he puts him KO (or death). This inconvenient can be easily solved by killing an easy target with Endurance 4 (and Defense 2-3 because for him there are still impact rolls to 2+), although a 1 either impact or damage can become him useless if the enemy puts that target inside a sewer. Most common will be to harass the enemy Boss mainly for his Assassin/3 that will grant him 3 VP more if he kills him, and useful also for dealing against annoying characters such as Free Agents, Sidekicks...

Another subtle difference among them is their quantity of ammo, Comic version has 5 clips in total: 3 for the Barret and 2 for his Twin Cannons, while Arkham City version can shot one time less with 4 clips for his Twin Cannons.


Assuming that Deadshot is not thought for that and having into account he only has his bare hands, Arkham City version can be more useful in support tasks by pushing or grabbing an enemy due to his combination of Attack 4 and Strength 4+.

If he is engaged in close combat (or any enemy is within 5 cm of him) he can still use his 9 mm Twin Cannons thanks to be Light, and once again Arkham City version is dangerous for his Rapid Fire, without forgetting that even in close combat distance not everybody can avoid shots, only characters with Dodge. Once again, the good point of Comic version is his +1 to impact, but only with 1 dice.


Both are exactly the same with a value 3 for this attribute and the ability to avoid ranged attacks (Dodge) also with value 3 (in Movement), which gives him up to 3 options with a 50% of chances. The only difference is the extra point in Endurance for Comic version


On this aspect Arkham City version has nothing to offer; not the same than Comic version whose Outlaw Field Commander is a great benefit for any ally within 10 cm (it is not necessary to see him/her) without the limitation of only Henchmen, although without being able to exceed the maximum allowed of counters for that action.


For long range, Comic version is not only the best, he is the only one with resources for that. For both Medium and Short range, if the Barret can' be used, Arkham City version has more mechanisms for being effective (he only loses the +1 to impact compared with his "brother"). Also, Comic version can even empower allies giving to one of them an extra counter, although his Obsessive forces him to focus on a single target until he/she is taken down, but well played it can be a deterrent tool.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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