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MUMG: Analysis Wolverine

Hello everybody.
Continuing with the starter of the X-men now is time for, if not the most, one of the most famous mutants: Wolverine. His first particularity is his double affiliation, such as Deadpool he is considered both an Avenger and a member of the X-Men, which increases even more the options for creating an Avengers team. Regarding his Level (8) he is on the third step just behind Thor (12) and Gamora (9), and even above his "leader" Cyclops. In terms of Power he is, with value 7, one point behind the most powerful ones, although at the moment he is very weak he can raise it up to 8.
In terms of Mobility Logan stands out over the average being able to move a little more on his first movement tier: 5/7 (12.5/17.5 cm). He can also do 2 movements actions, as Captain America, for being Agile which means, for example, for 2 POW he can advance up to 5+5 = 10'' (25 cm) at the same cost of moving 7'' (17.5 cm) once, or advance-hit-"runaway".

On the Defensive aspect it is undeniable he has not values to be highlighted, but he has an innate capacity to endure hits mainly for his regeneration skill which lets him to recover 1 Endurance point at the beginning of the Power Phase (Regeneration/1) even being KO. He also has some ease to reduce damage suffered by Spray or Expansive attacks or being affected by the area of effect of an Explosive one, as well as avoiding being impacted by thrown objects if he is on the thrown trajectory, due to the combination of his Agility 10, which grants him a 67% of succeed, and the possibility of repeating these rolls for being Acrobat. He has also some protection against the lose of POW counters produced by the Stunn effect because his skeleton of adamantium (Metallic) allows him to reduce that lose in 1 (to a minimum of 1).

NOTA 1: Both abilities and Special Powers that don't need an activation, as Regeneration and Adamantium Skeleteon respectively, still work being KO.

Analysing now his four types of defenses, Supernatural (13) is with Iron Man and Rocket Racoon the worst value until de date, and Mental (14) is only one point above Colossus. Regarding Physical (16) and Energy defense (16) it is lightly different, yet without being a remarkable values they can force the enemy to Overload his/her attacks if he/she wants to ensure impacts, because having into account values 5-7 of Attack, without overloading them, the rival has 23%-44% chances of impacting, increasing to 68%-83% when overloading (with 18 defense values and overloading, this probabilities increases to 50%-68%).

The really interesting thing with Logan comes when he has been hit. It is true until he hasn't suffered half of the 12 injuries there are on his Endurance bar he doesn't begin to release his power, first for the penalty of -1 to Attack he has when he is on the high area of that (making his Attack to decrease to 6), and secondly because when he is almost being defeated his Power and Attack are increased in 1 point, which makes a total value of 8 for both attributes. But eliminating Wolverine can be more complicated as it seems to be, his first measure of passive protection is his Adamantium Skeleton, which protects him for receiving more than 3 wounds on a single Physical attack, although up to day it only has effect against other Wolverine and his The best There is and against Thor's For Midgard.

Although his 12 wounds may be few for someone like Wolverine, it has not to be underestimated his regeneration skill (Regeneration/1), it means in 6 rounds games he has a virtual value of 18 wounds. Despite of his Stamina 8 only grants him a 44% of chances for remaining stand up when he is on the middle area of his Endurance bar, KO'ing Logan is good for him, better said to recover from it due to when that happens he immediately receives 2 extra POW (Rage/2), although the only impact of this resides he does not loss any POW for being active again due to every character recovering from a KO takes 1 less POW counter and 1 more is needed to stand up.

Turning to the Offensive plan, Logan has de particularity of being, if not the only one, one of the few known characters who can achieve Attack 8, although for that he has to be pushed to the limit; on the other hand, while he remains in a good condition his Attack is decreased to 6. His destructive power stands on the quantity of attacks he can chain, although he has the inconvenience that all of them (including the Grab and Throw action) are from a Physical Nature, as well as close combat:
  • The Best There is (4): As his Snikt attack, Logan ignores Physical resistances due to both attacks are Irresistible, so unless the enemy has other mechanisms for avoiding damage, as Starlord's Energy Field, he ensures to deal at least 4 damages. Just this attack is not a bad idea to use it when Logan is badly injured due to with Attack 8 he can consider using the alternative Overload for pushing 4'' (10 cm) his enemy (Push/4), even more if he can be impacted into something.
  • Snikt (2): What makes this attack to become from a normal attack (2 damages) to a powerful one, in addition to ignoring also Physcal resistance (Irresistible), is using it many times on the same round against the same target, and having into account on his last moments Logan reaches all his potential, with Power 8 and Attack 8 he could even do it up to 4 times without using Overload, the "bad" point of that is the enemy with a single Defensive Improvement has enough to protect himself against all of them, but it has a potential damage of 8 wounds.

In terms of Grab and Throw it is true that Logan doesn't stand out as a great thrower, but he does in being a great candidate to be thrown by a mate thanks to his Fastball Special, although it can only be used once per game it makes this to become the best way for him to engage into a fight, doing intermediately a free attack with his claws (Snikt) and remain stand up to continuing striking later. But not only this, because just for being thrown he deals 1 damage for the impact (his Size -1) and knocks down the enemy to make a little easier the following strikes against him because of the -1 to all his/her Defenses and not being able to improve them. The requirement for doing this is that the thrower mate must have Strength 3 or higher, and the higher it is the farthest the distance can be. That means that with 7 POW he can be thrown, realize a free Snikt attack (without Overload), and with the rest 6 POW dealing three more attacks like this, or two increasing their precision (Overload). Up to day, and having in mind the two teams can be join by him, the possible throwers are: Thor (5), Colossus (4), Iron Man (4), Rogue (4) and Captain America (3).

NOTE 2: The free Snikt due to his Fastball Special is executed before knocking down the enemy.

NOTE 3: The moment of declaring this Reactive Special Power is once the impact point has been declared and the cost of the Grab and Throw action has been paid, and before the enemy decides if he/she wants to use a defensive improvement (page 17 of the rulebook) and of course even before rolling any dice.

Lastly in terms of support/control, as Thor, Logan doesn't offer anything, which emphasizes even more his role inside the team.

Summarizing, Wolverine is the most indicated member of the team for being on the front line of it and trying to attract as much damage as possible due to the endure given by his Adamantium Skeleton (at least against Physical attacks), in addition to his capability of healing 1 wound per round which makes his 12 Endurance value to become a virtual value of 18 (at least in 6 rounds games). Also he is fast enough for advancing huge distances thanks to being Agile and having a movement above the average, or even move-hit-"runaway" using for example his most powerful attack The Best There is (it costs 4 POW and we will still have 3 more POW left, enough for Overloading it and moving before and/or after). The combination of his Agility and being Acrobat grants him some  protection against Spray, Expansive and Explosive attacks, or for being on the trajectory of a throw.

Although unlike all his attacks have the same nature (Physical), if Wolverine hunts somebody with not so much Physical Defense he can let him/her heavily wounded. The most efficient way to engage into a fight is through the air, more concretely being thrown, although it happens out of his activation he can do a free Snikt attack (he will only have to pay 1 POW if he wants to Overload it) using his Fastball Special (1 POW), also due to the impact the enemy will get Knocked Down so he/she will have a -1 penalty to all his/her defenses, so Logan can take advantage of that and strike 3 more times like this during his activation, without Overloading, and having a potential damage up to 8 wounds. Another safer option will be to use his The Best There is overloaded (4+1 POW) and he will still have 1 POW to improve his defense if needed. Also, throwing Logan to an activated enemy not only grants that free attack, also prevents to spend any POW to move to him/her because he is already "engaged".

At the moment Logan is near the red area (where he can endure 3 hits), for the safety of the enemy he/she should try to end with him with a single strike for not getting him anger (4 wounds), although it wouldn't be possible with a single Physical attack because of his Adamantium Skelenton, but it is possible that in advanced rounds of the game a lot of enemies have been already used their best attacks (only Thor and his For Midgard shouldn't be worried for this due to this attack is only limited once per round). In addition to reach all his potential once he is on the critical area of his health bar (increasing to 8 his Attack and Power), it can be a good moment to have a Bodyguard close to him to take all the attacks that can end with him. It means, for his capability of throwing and his Bodyguard, both Captain America and Colossus (depending on the faction Wolverine has joined) should be part of the team with him, Colossus has the advantage of being able to throw farther and Captain the protection granted by his shield even more when Logan is close to die.

Recovering Logan from a KO doesn't imply any penalty on him because of his Rage/2, which palliates the cost of receiving 1 less POW when recovering and 1 POW to stand up again. Besides, if that happens he won't have a penalty of -1 to his Attack because that means he is out of his high area of the Endurance bar. Lastly, Wolverine reaches all his potential when he is on the dangerous area of his Endurance bar due to his Power and Attack will be 8.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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