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BMG: Analysis Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)

Hi to everyone.
Turn finally for the only member of the Suicide Squad with a affiliation itself: Margot Robbie Harley Quinn, who as one would expect from this character is also Sidekick of the Joker Band, and is also the most expensive of all Harley to date 90/$300. As a member of a band of Joker has a special synergy with this, since the True Love she feels she can allow her to improve her Willpower to 7 and her attack to 5 if her "puddin" falls on the battlefield; in addition, her inclusion in this band unlocked up to 1 equipment upgrade Sexy Costume (+5/$300) which allows give Disarray to a Henchmen, which for 1SC would change places up to 2 counters in an visible enemy model, which would add if possible more control of this strip. As a member of the Suicide Squad, and like Deadshot or Captain Boomerang, she can become the leader in the battlefield, what would make her immune to the cranial bomb, and due to her rank is Sidekick, only Amanda Waller could take her out from leading the team.
In mobility terms she keeps the tone of the other Harley: value of Movement of 4 combined with Acrobat, that having into account she has not to pay any MC to realise jumping actions, and also being able to pass through (even running) miniatures, letting her to cover huge terrain distances. Taking also into account the little voices that haunt her head (The Voices), could even have up to 6 counters in this attribute, under normal conditions.

Offensively is useful both in melee and distance, but the lethality of the attack is not at all the same. From the short distance (Short Range), 20 cm, has her Hate/Love Gun despite having ROF 2 all the damage is lethal ( for shoot) with option to add  more if gets the always circumstantial critical.

For melee, although the Light of her gun allows her to use it even with ROF 1, her main asset is her Good Night Bat that allows her to repeat failed impacts (Handy) and to wound +4 base (+1 Strength by Heavy), and although in this case the damage is not lethal, they do not stop being which always affects the rival action counters. Moreover, in both cases she can get slice of her Confusion (2SC) to lower  -1 the target Defense, among other things.

Her Mental Disorder (The Voices) forces her to be planned aggressively if she wants to has her 4AC wildcard. The good thing about this variant of Unpredictable is that a Confusion doesnt unusable her and are also 4 wildcard counters instead of 3; the point might be called negative is her aggressive planning, which may end up leaving without counters to attack if they start using without stopping to think about planning.

As far as Defense is concerned, as all versions is a difficult character to knock down by shots provided she has some MC or AC also possibly by the aforementioned The Voices, thanks to her Dodge(4). As additional measures to her Defense 4 arguably has her Combat Flip (1SC) to hit and go away from the enemy with which is hitting base to base, making her "immune" to Reach; moreover, since it is considered movement could in her case, being Acrobat, through characters and hide behind them, but only once per round.

Combining some traits of Harley, it can see her as a character able to hit and run away far enough for many of the rivals can not get to she. The combination of Combat Flip (1SC) + Goad (1SC) + base movement could ward off the distance up to 22 cm of her rival. If with Combat Flip she will still be within 5 cm from his rival, with Goad it will be possible to put him away enough for being able to use her gun at full rof.

Again, The Voices would give the option to recover up to 7 stun in a round, which makes playing it defensively to be a tough character to impact and knocked down.

Finally, on Support/Control tasks this Harley Quinn still has much to offer. First of all, being someone Charismatic has an impact on the development of the band since it allows you to recruit Free Agent more (for a total of 3 in games of 350 points), and taking into account the low cost of many of fellow this film version of the Suicide Squad, is something to keep in mind. As Punker, who goes with her namesake Leader, also has Goad (1SC) to move one (or more) enemies who do not pass Willpower check, suitable to annoy the rivals ROF or keep them away from targets that are controlling or disputing. so combined with the Punker's one can end with an enemy moved up to 10 cm. Her Confusion (2SC) not only makes it easier for her the impact enemies (as low Defense and Attack by 1 point to a visible enemy to 20 cm or less, in addition to deny the use of SC in her rival even to recover stun) but also to colleagues who want to take advantage of it. In the case of a band of Joker, her Confusion becomes even better given the ease of this band to carry Distract, and if it is used in situations of numerical superiority defense is penalized in -3 ... trembles Batman!

In short, this is before the Harley Quinn most aggressive of all, mainly because of the way it must be planned to take advantage of the Mental Disorder: The Voices, which no longer an Unpredictable but with AC. From the short distance she has her Hate/Love Gun to make up to 2 lethal shots by causing  in each successful attack; for melee is impacting with certain facilities (Confusion + Handy) although the damage is not lethal (), but causes losses counter which is always annoying.

Also it happens to be a great ally to support her teammates since her Confusion (2SC) can lower the Defense -1 point of a rival, which also can be combined with any of the distracts many that this band can take even potentiated with a situation of outnumbered to apply to a -3 to the rival defense (-2 for ranged attacks). Her Goad (1SC) may be useful to separate rivals that are intruding on an objetive(own or enemy) or attempt to zoom in/out an enemy but without forgetting that not be used to hurl anybody. Finally (although it is something to keep in mind when drawing up the list), her Charismatic allows you to include more Free Agent interesting especially now that there are enough of them at low cost.

Last but not least interesting, once again it has an Acrobat Harley with Mopvement 4, which not only means that it is able to move quite effectively at ground level and through obstacles, but it is also complicated impact her with Ranged attacks for her Dodge (4).

Greetings ande we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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