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BMG: Analysis Bird

Hi to everyone.
After a long wait, there is finally among us one of the most popular characters in Batman Miniature Game, a right hand for Bane: Bird, who as you might expect is the Elite Boss that this band needed (Elite Boss: Solider of Fortune), In addition to being accompanied by 1 more of them that is joined to the existing T.N.T..To bear the rank of Sidekick could be said that its cost in reputation is rather low (60 / $ 100), but on the other hand is a small expense In dollars for a band that in itself usually squeezes them to the maximum, although it can be ignored if it decides to put the leadership of the band leaving aside to the Bane himself.
Starting with his Mobile aspect, Bird is at the same level as the other band mercenaries with a Movement value of 3. Since not being a Henchmen does not have access to a Grapple-Gun, Angel has his own extra mechanism of mobility, but without easy access to the roofs may seem a circumstantial: a Climbing Rope, which comes to be the same as a Batcape. In the case of Bird, the use that can take of this is the one of protection against pushes if he has managed to reach high positions, or if the terrain through which he advances has slopes that force to him to fall so that to advance.

In the Offensive aspect, although it is true that his Attack value of 3 seems to be low, it offers mechanisms to maximize the success of his rolls. The first of them is the +1 to hit with his Combat Machete (Weapon Master: Combat Machete), and the second his Sharp that along with his Strenght 4+ augurs that more than half of hits could hurt, besides causing loss of counters in the rival for each of them (). 

But the true offensive power of Bird comes when combined with other members of the band, either taking advantage of situations of outnumbered (and can win a +2 when hit by the combination of this with his Weapon Master), easily achievable using Military Tradition (2SC) to approach to the combat the nearby Veterans (20 cm or less, and they are not to be visible), either because he has joined one, being able to carry it out even just immediately after an allied Henchmen do it thanks to being able to use Let's Go (One of the boys).

In Defensive, in spite of maintaining the Defense value of 3 of his fellow mercenaries in addition to the characteristic Bulletproof Vest in all of them (except Venom Soldier) to offer some resistance to the Firearms, Bird has traits that improve him in this aspect. One of his great strengths is the immunity to the effects of mental control that gives his Self-Discipline, reason why can be a great candidate to throw it facing to personages like Poison Ivy or Mad Hater, although without support of companions not  be afradi. Although it has already been mentioned above, in case of reaching an elevated area, the Climbing Rope (1SC) gives him a passive protection against bouncing due to pushing as long as he has SC to be able to use it outside of his activation.

As a last defense mechanism for him and his teammates could be said to be his Smoke Grenade, whose negative point is that he only has 1 of them (Ammo 1 and ROF 1) and it is necessary to hit 3+ in a visible point at 20 cm or less (Short Range), covering a radius of action of 5 cm around the point of impact (Explosive). In the case of impact, the affected area will be covered in smoke (Smoke) until the end of the round, being impossible to dodge it by Dodge and having an infinite height, in addition blocks Lines of Sight (nor with Total Vision). Within this zone the affected will suffer the effect Blind, that is to say, will impact and block to 6+, can not draw Lines of Sight nor shoot, and will not be able to run nor use MC. Thus, their possible uses would be:
  • Offer protection to teammates in the melee and who, if possible, have already hit, so that the opponent has to hit you, regardless of bonus, at 6+. In this case it is impossible not to think about Killer Croc (the 95-point), since activating your Superior Sense of Smell could act inside the smoke as without affecting it.
  • Avoid manipulating objetives like Batsignal, although if you decide to leave Bird in the rear for this, you would be wasting your Military Tradition.
  • Cut lines of sight to enemy shooters or characters with long range traits like Discourage. Between this, the Military Tradition and some Follow me! and/or Inspire can be made to advance much to the thickness of the band without being conditioned by the rival shooters. Of course, Bird should activate before them and get their grenade to be effective.
  • If you have a rival that enters the radius of action of the explosion (20 cm range plus 5 radius of action) you can slow his advance during that round so that he cannot increase his base movement with MC (when he goes out the smoke the moment to use MC to increase the movement will already have passed).
  • Ultimately, it can be one of the most effective tools to deal with the always annoying whistles (or characters like Killer Frost capable of producing the same Stop effect), disrupting the line of sight and stopping the effect produced.
In Support/Control tasks, Bird is someone that all Veterans would like to have close to, mainly thanks to his Military Tradition, which by 2 SC allows all those 20 cm or less of he(and do not have to be visible) to advance Immediately up to 5 cm without this affecting its ROF, which could serve to relocate a shooter without being penalized for it. It could be said that it is as if using 1 MC came out the perfect roll, and if it is also powered by Inspire and/or Follow me!, next to the mercenaries Movement 3, the band becomes even faster. A timely use of this would be, combined with the strategy Sewers Maps (1/E) to have one more member in the sewer, take out Bird after a mercenary so that he is able to move it just to be able reach an objetive, either because it is 3-5 cm from the mercenary with which neither a die in motion, was invested or to reach beyond the 12 cm that could get to move out of a sewer , Or ventilation duct (2MC, because 1MC is already required to exit). Another of its uses, once again, is to fight the whistles, to give a small push to the mercenaries who were affected by them.

As far as his own benefit suppose his traits, Veteran gives him some margin of error in planning, either because of a failure in it, because the rival has been conditioned to not do something that he had in mind (as can be attack him) or, perhaps the most usual, because the opponent has attacked him and it was not necessary to use DC. To this must be added the option that adds T.N.T. of replacing counters at a distance in companions, even more if equipped with Night Vision. His synergy with the rest of mercenaries would not be complete unless he is more than a leader for them, he is considered one more (One of the boys), which allows him to be able to use Let's Go as if of a Henchmen it was (but not to try to activate a Henchmen after him or to be able to repeat to be less than 20 cm of a Sidekick), which taking into account his low value of Attack can benefit to him when it comes to focusing on a rival next to "his Boys "without it being able to react.

Finally and taking into account that talking about Bird in the singular would not be correct since you have to think in more general terms like at band level, it is impossible not to consider some synergies that the existence of a Sidekick so cheap and with a profile as his:
  • The most obvious is to include how many more Veteran better. This can also be further enhanced by someone with Follow me! like Capitán Boomerang.
  • If you look one by one at the members of this band, it can be seen that only Smash and Mohawk have a margin of error when it comes to impact thanks to the Handy of their weapons, and also with an Attack value (3) not very difficult to block. This is why characters with Confusion as Riddler or White Rabbit can contribute a lot to the band. In the case of Riddler it should be added that his Disarray can be key to leave a rival with the fewest possible counters of Defense; even some character with the trait Taunt could achieve the same effect, but to this day there is no one with this ability. For her part, White Rabbit would involve the inclusion of an Acrobat in a band whose leaders lack that mobility, being also cadidata perfect to try to attract the rival shots.
In short, Bird does not stand out precisely because of its offensive potential, but because it is a huge support for the Henchmen of this band, or rather, the Veteran characters that are in it. Although it is true that his Attack value of 3 may seem low, he has to make use of its Henchmen if it wants to guarantee successes, although it is not necessary to undervalue the double damage of its weapon () repeating in addition to hurt (Sharp) to 4+ (his Strenght). Thus, one of the ways to facilitate the work in combat is to use his Military Tradition (2SC) to bring a Veteran partner to combat in which he is and achieve a situation of Outnumbered, which added to his Weapon Master: Combat Machete would end up giving a "+2" to hit (+1 only if the rival is Martial Artist), the other is to join himself by doing Let's Go, thanks to being One of the Boys, to a combat in the that a comrade has just acted, so it is more than likely that the rival just have few DC.

In defensive, although its value of Defense 3 is rather that of a Henchmen, he has a Bulletproof Vest to oppose some resistance before the Firearm, next to an Endurance value of 7, reason why could withstand a burst of shots of gun (obviating the circumstancial critical). But more important is his immunity to the effects of hypnosis thanks to self-control (Self-Discipline). To this must be added the always useful protection given by having a Batcape, Climbing Rope (1SC) in his case, if it is the case of reaching a raised area and is pushed to the void. As a support tool in defensive tasks, either for himself or for his companions, has a unique Smoke Grenade, useful for example to protect combat partners who have already activated, deny manipulation, cut line of sight to annoying shooters or characters with long-range traits, limiting the movement of nearby opponents or offering protection against whistles.

Finally, and as it could not be less, Bird himself is also a Veteran character, so you can afford to plan something more defensive at times, or have room for maneuver if something has not come out as expected and needs counters in some other attribute.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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