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BMG: Analysis Captain Cold

Hi to everyone.
Today it is the turn of one of those characters who, if you let him, he will leave you frozen (in the literal sense): Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, version played by Wentworth Miller in the television serie Flash (and Legends of Tomorrow). As expected, he has not come alone because, as in the small screen makes duet with Heatwave as well is denoted with his trait Teamwork (Heatwave)/1. With 72 points reputation has a reasonable cost for all bands of villains in which he can be included as a Free Agent, with the exception of Joker and League of Shadows, although their $400 can be a barrier in many lists. In the case of a band of Mr. Freeze things change since Snart changes his status to Sidekick, and may even be the Boss of the band and thus saving valuable it about $400.
Beginning with the Mobile side, the only highlight in Leonard is his value 3 of Movement, at the height of most Acrobat, but considering his Teamwork/1 with Heatwave may end up with 4 counters in this action whenever he finds 10 cm or less of his partner.

Offensively talking about is someone very easy to plan, since with only 2 AC is able to unleash his full potential either from the medium and short distances, benefiting in both cases with  a +1 to hit for the mere fact of being Ranged Master. Also in both cases his weapon is the same: The Cold Gun, although depending on the level of power it has functionality or another, always wounding 2+ for being Beam also penalize Blinks! in +2 (ignoring Bulletproof Vest since it is not a Firearm), but with the disadvantage of not being able to recharge them in Ammo Crates. Living up to his name and that of his weapon, Captain Cold and Cold Gun apply the Cold effect on each of his shots, so that impacted wounded rivals lose 1 MC, which makes it ideal to stop the opponent's advance, or slow withdrawals. It is the perfect weapon to attack someone who has not yet activated and intends to move.

From medium distance (40 cm), the weapon is capable of firing with rof 2 long as he is not moved before. Although not completely nullifies the Dodge, its Accurate makes not a weapon that, especially characters with Dodge(3) must belittle, which are most Acrobat. Having ROF 2 and +1 to impact make it can be a good idea to distribute shots, considering that both Defense 2 and Defense 3 impacts 2+, and can thus slow down two enemies by attack. A loss of 1 MC by the Cold effect after this must be added the loss of 1 counter that produces its double damage ().

At short distance (20 cm) the approach changes completely. To get started it is not possible to combine shooting with movement in the same activation since the Aim of his weapon prohibit it. While still easy to hurt, remove 1 MC rival (Cold) and cause 1 more stun than the medium range shot (), it can control much more the opponent's move by Ice Template effect that is capable of applying, which has an area of ​​effect of 10 cm centered on its target with only impacting, or failing at the point where there was the Ping!; every character that comes in contact with the affected area must not only overcome an agility check to avoid being knocked down but also see his prevented movement, this means that the actual area of ​​effect of this template, in the case of narrow alleys, is 16 cm (18 in case of large bases), since you have to keep in mind that just by touching the area covered by the template characters are affected. As always it happens when there is a slippery surface, running on it is never a good idea, which has a direct impact on all Speedsters, as with touch this area lose 1 Speed ​​Force counter of it personal reserve.
Area of effect of the Ice Template on narrow areas
Support/Control tasks are another strong point of the thorough Snart. First of all, the crew where he is will have 1 more strategy point (Strategist), and with the exclusion of Snitch (2/?) in tournament, it expands the options when preparing the strategy of the incoming match. The following is the extra counter of Take the Lead that adds being Mastermind, in addition to solve puzzles using 2 dice and choosing the result.

Once the contention has been started, is not only able to redirect his peers thanks to his Order (1SC), which allows him to reposition up to 2 counters of allies models visible, but also someone who inspires confidence, which has its impact on allies models to 20 cm or less, giving them the option to repeat failed willpower checks(Leadership).

This is also where he can take great advantage to his Teamwork/1 with Heatwave could use his Order (1SC) up to 4 times, which for example allow planning many allies in a less aggressive manner and reposition then to 2 counters in attack. Although own Heatwave be his favorite objetive to use  this Order as considering their mutual Teamwork, may allow him to adapt him at will to make use of what he need most.

In short, Captain Cold combines control and damage in a single profile. In the medium distance (40 cm) his Cold Gun lets him shoot up to 2 times, which given his skills and his weapon invite split shots as each successful attack forces to his opponent to lose 1 MC (Cold), plus counter lost by double damage (); ); even it is a good tool to fight against elusive enemies as are those with Dodge, since its Accurate penalizes them checks agility to avoid attacks with a -1.

In short distance (20 cm), and a full load with his gun, his only shot (Ammo 1 and ROF 1) causes damage , but it is not possible to combine shooting and movement at the same activation (Aim). The fact that require much concentration on his part and that the weapon is fully operational are reflected in an area of effect of 10 cm around the damaged objetive or the point at which the attack caused Blink! (Ice Template), although for practical purposes this area could be considered as 16 cm with the touch that area the opponent is affected (18 in the case of Large models). All characters that come in contact with that area should not only overcome an Agility check for not fall knocked down, but also see its remaining movement prevented, and Speedsters must remove a Speed Force counter for its personal reserve.

Regardless of the distance, Snart has +1 to impact that gives his status of Ranged Master (thus would impact equal to enemies of defense 2 and 3) and injures 2+ by the Beam of his weapon, which It not affected by Bulletproof Vest and penalizes the Blinks! in +2, but has the great defect of not being able recharged in an Ammo Crate. So after 4 rounds of shooting  Snart only will support the team especially with his Leadership to allow to repeat failed checks to allies models to 20 cm or less, or relocating up to 2 counters of visible allies with his Order (1SC) can do this up to 4 times if Heatwave is close and has SC to use, although he will be his favorite "target" since the combination of both traits allows it to adapt to what Cold need most at that time.

Before starting the game, Leonard Snart still has a few things to say. The first one is the extra strategy point he adds, for having more chances when planning the incoming match (Strategist). The second is the extra counter that adds Take the Leade being Mastermind, which in bands with firepower can be key to start, in addition to roll 2 dice to solve puzzles.

Greetings and we keep reading in  La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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