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Painting step by step: Guardians of the Galaxy Second Part

We start by washing with a base of Eshin Grey to give a dry brush with Astronomican Grey to give the base.

After we'll do a wash with Abaddon Black. The following will be illuminate with Adeptus Battlegrey and then a mixture 50% with some Astronomican.

For the lighter parts of the fur we'll gice a base of Astronomican Grey illuminating increasingly Skull White.

If you want you can give a last light to the skin, hands and head with Adeptus Battlegrey mixing with Flayed One Flesh, to give a more "human" touch.

The base layers are explained in Gamora.

We'll mix the Red Gore with Wild Red Rider for lights, then mix it with Blazing Orange and finally with Fiery Orange.

For the knee pads we'll use Fire Dragon Bright and we'll illuminating with Flash Gitz Yellow.

We will use the traditional gradient from Boltgun Metal> Chainmail> Mithril Silver and washing with Agrax Earthshade (I put pictures if you ask for it).
For details of the weapons I decided to paint two small areas with green and purple colors chosen to give uniformity.
Base layer of Green Knarloc illuminated with larger amounts of Scorpion Green to give to each layer.

For the lilac zone of the gun we'll do the same of the Gamora`s hair but changing Druchi Violet ink instead of black wash.

(End of the second part)

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