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Painting step by step Suicide Squad Game box JOKER GANG


The Suicide Squad box arrived and with it a joy to see the amount of miniatures that it carries and the great quality they have, many wanted to see and play the minis that were inside the squadron but I was even more surprised by the Joker band, that panda, that Joker, those twins, the goat etc, a fucking awsome band.

Well we'll get to work with the Grin twins to go heating up with brushes.

STEP 1: 

We will start with the primer as always very diluted to avoid covering details, and if we use spays or airbrush at a distance of about 40 cm, I opted for a primer of black, a black of Game Color in concrete.

STEP 2: 
In this step we will begin to degrade the blacks of the suit to more gray, I mix the black of the base with cold gray of Game Color with a 75% black and 25% gray, very diluted we will apply it, so on until we see that we have a very dull gray.

STEP 3:  
In our next step we will give detail to the wrinkles and more pronounced parts of the suit with the cold gray and another gray more clear in this case use this of Model Color, to 50% the mixture, what said, now we will only mark the flaps and projections of the Suit, the most pronounced angles and we will give the first color to the head of the brother "white" and the shirts of both.


STEP 4:  
Now we will clarify the gray tone with a pure white, to accentuate the white of the shirts and the cuffs of the sleeves that go out by the suit. In addition we will give a very diluted hand to the head of the brother "white" and the teeth of the" black ".
We will give a little touch on the shoes to represent that they are bright.

STEP 5:  
It is time to give a little life to these minis, and we will paint a lot of things in color hahaha its a joke, we will use a pure red to paint the ties of both twins, and then we will lighten a little bit with white to mark tie ties and gain volume.

STEP 6:  
To me personally once the mini is dry, we can even help with a hair dryer or decaper to accelerate this process, we will see the final tones of our mini, and we will again obscure areas of deeper folds or clarify other more protruding parts.

I hope you like this little tutorial to go heating engines with the rest of the Joker band, these twins have been great and are very easy to get a nice result with very little time.

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  1. Nice work on the paint job. I just got my game box with Limited Edition Bombshell Harley and I must say, the box is top notch and something special.

    I have a question, being new to BMG I do not know how to create a batman crew from the Batfleck model that came with the game box. do you think you can do a write up on how batfleck works and what are the next steps to creating a batman crew to play the scenarios that are in the book?

  2. Hi Ruben!

    We are updating the DataBank section, and the Batman one is already finished.

    Regarding how to use Batfleck, I am the one in charge of the analysis of the profiles, and Batfleck is on the queue to be published, we have been waiting for the new rules+faqs to publish them.

    Summarising, Batman crew is a nonlethal crew mainly based on famous characters. In the section "Analysis and Interes articles" you can see al these articles.

    Regards and thanks for commenting :)