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Painting step by step: Guardians of the Galaxy First Part

First painting step by step for Marvel Miniature Game from me. The truth is that since I saw the movie I loved the adventures and misadventures of Starlord and colleagues (I admit, I never heard of the Guardians before seeing the movie, but I try to remedy this by reading a little something about them). And although took several days trying to finish the first four miniatures I bought, the announcement of the trailer for the second part finally convinced me to finish the group (until buy Groot ... haha).

[By making Drax I simply painted for pleasure, and I completely forgot to take pictures of step by step ... if you have any questions either here or by obi-fran.]

I decided to paint them all with garnet/red clothes to give some unity, which together with the Martian bases gives quite the idea of a band, not only of different heroes. I also decided to make this more evident using greens and lilacs in their weapons.
Let us begin...

To simplify a little step by step I try to put together some things. Such as saying that all minis were primed in white.

We started with:
We start for the Gamora skin because it is the deepest area. We will give the base with Camo Green from GW.

Then do a wash with Snot Green and one with Dark Angels Green when the first wash has dried.

On this base we take the opportunity to go illuminating the outer areas with Camo Green mixing this with increasing proportions of Elf Flesh.

At this point we paint the eyes, we will do exactly the same for all Guardians figures. First we paint the eyes with Rhinox Hide. Then, carefully,  inside the area we paint with Flayed One Flesh leaving the brown visible. Finally we paint a small dot of Rhinox trying to think where to look the miniature.

We'll paint the clothes of all the figures in the same way to standardize the band.
We'll start with a base coat of Red Gore (for gabardine Starlord we can use Scab Red to give it a brownish hue), which wash with Rhinox Hide.

After we enlighten with Red Gore again (we enlighten Starlord first with Scab Red, and then as we go up lights, like the others with Red Gore) and we will illuminate mixing this color with increasingly Dwarf Flesh (in the case of Rocket we light with oranges tones), giving final highlight with this pure color.
(If you want you can paint small stripes with brushstrokes in darker zones as if they were small chafing clothing).

The photo shows a small zoom of clothing lights.

 For Gamora hair we paint the top of the hair with Liche Purple and bottom with Warlock Purple. After washing with Abbadon Black. Once dry, we enlighten the darkest area with Daemonette Hide and the pink area with Warloch Purple mixed 50% with Tentacle Pink.

Like the clothes, we will paint in the same way throughout the band.
Base layer with Rhinox  Hide, first light with Mournfang Brown and final highlight with XV-88.
(You can give one last light with Vomit Brown in Starlord, or last light with Rakath Flesh, for a touch something different in the leathers).

 Weirdly I lost the photo of intermediate shades between Rhinox layer and the final lights.

The Sword
For the sword I used a very old color of GW, Amethyst Purple (a metallic purple color). It could be used Leadbelcher mixed with Xereus Purple for example. We will raise the color mixing it with Chainmail and Mithril Silver.
(As with the clothes we can make small scratches with brush simulating strokes and damage to the surface of the sword).

The handle of the sword (or any gold detail)
To the base color we'll use Balthasar Gold, lights with Gehenna's Gold and lights of this mixed with Mithril Silver.

(End of the first part)

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