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Painting step by step Diablo

Second member from the Squad that I paint (the first one was Deathstroke, here you have the link for your interest), this time from the new Game Box.

Surface Primer
I primed it with black and white to have an idea where the lights were going to be.

For the skin we will use Tallarn Flesh (I'm still having this Citadel Foundation, but if you didn't Bugman's Glow will fit, although it will be a little darker). We will make a wash with Gryphonne Sepia, to give him a little bit toasted tone. We will light it with Tallarn and the last light mixed with Elf Flesh at 1:1 (If you want more acute lights you only need to add little by little the Elf Flesh while making them).

For the tattoos I recommend you to use the finest brush you have and make some practice in a paper before painting them. I started doing the skull tattoos with Abaddon Black, using the well defined parts from the miniature. Then I wrote the letters "AB" on the chin and after I did the rest letters on the jaw. If you made some mistakes don't panic, we can correct them by using Flayed One Flesh (that we will used it to make an extra light in the face).
We will use the Abbadon Black very diluted in water to give a thin cape with it where the hair is going to be.
Finally we will use Flayed One Flesh and Abbadon Black to paint the eyes.
This is the most complicated part of the whole miniature, because we need to be extremely careful doing the tattoos. Don't worry if you spend a lot of time here, all the effort will be rewarded.
For the base colour we will use Krieg Khaki. For the firsts lights Ceramite White. To give him a more natural tone we will make a wash with Gryphonne Sepia. After doing that we will be doing some lights with Krieg Khaki and adding more and more Ceramite White every time.

We are going to start with the darkest part using Necron Abyss (or another blue-almost-black that we have) as the base colour, we will be using more and more Dawnstone to do the lights. To make it more unified and make the jacket a little darker we are going to use a very diluted Abaddon Black.
For the sleeves we will use Ice Blue mixed with Abaddon Black as the base colour, we will make the lights with Ice Blue and Blue Horror as the last light. We are doing so because of the pastel tones that the miniature has itself.

We could let the jacket like that, but we will add some lines with Averland Sunset and Dorn Yellow (as you can see we are still using the pastel tones).

We will use Dawnstone (or Codex Grey) as the base colour. We will make an Agrax Earthshade wash. Making the lights with Dawnstone, and the last lights with Administratum Grey (or Fortress Grey).

To do the fire we will be painting lights from Ceramite White, Dorn Yellow, Golden Yellow, Fiery Orange, Blazing Orange, Rhinox Hide and the last retouch with Dawnstone to mimic the ashes. Again, as many colours we will use and mix in every step, as better results we will get.

Chain and Wobbles
For the chain we will use Leadbelcher as the base colour, the first light whit Chainmail (or Ironbreaker), a wash with Abaddon Black, using again Chainmail for the lights and the last light with Mithril Silver (or Runefang Steel).
Before painting the wobbles we will paint the base not to paint them accidentally.
For the blue part we are going to use the same colours as we used to paint the sleeves in the jacket, but we are going to use an Agrax Earthshade wash and a last light with Blue Horror. For the white parts we will use Flayed one Flesh before an Agrax wash (we can do that before doing the wash for the blue part and save up some time), then we will make the lights with Flayed again and the last light with Ceramite White.

That's the end of the first member of the Squad from the Game Box!! Thank you very much for reading this step by step and, for those of you that aren't following me, I recommend you to do so on insta.

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