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Tournament Report Batman Miniature Game October 22 Quimera, Madrid

On October 22 the first tournament of  Batman miniature Game of the season, in which I debuted as Sidekick.
For this first tournament were 10 participants, including our friends from Albacete who came for the occasion.
It was a fun tournament with good level of play and ended as they should end all tournaments, going all participants to the pub across the street to drink beer.

Tournament details
As for the details of the tournament, said that compared to previous tournaments some changes were made, changing the scoring system and not allowing Snitch strategy because it blocks the use of strategies in general and severely limits the Teams, in itself difficult to play.
In addition, to speed up the games, we put a time of 15 minutes for the pre-game and 1h30 to play the game. With this system many games were completed and those who could not, play at least 5 rounds.

For if you serve, we use this form in Word format to complete the lists and register the score:

Punctuation system

Final ScoreDifference of VPGP
DRAW0-42 for both
5-143 to winner
1 to looser
15+3 to winner
0 to looser

In case of a draw in GP points took into account the VP and then the number of casualties made to rival.

Here you see the Tournament Bases

Here you see the Photo Album (Facebook)

Ranking (click on each name to see their lists)
  1. Raúl (Batman)
  2. Javi (Joker)
  3. Diego (Joker)
  4. Adrián(Joker)
  5. Jesús (Batman)
  6. Carlos (Liga de las Sombras)
  7. Josito (Green Arrow)
  8. Rafa (Batman)
  9. Domingo (Penguin)
  10. Salva (Bane)
The tournament winner was Raul, with Batman band with a very interesting list with DKR Batman, Catwoman and Robin AK, with great mobility and defend well, which I personally liked.

Painting prize

The painting prize went to Adrian, here you can see his band (look at the balloon carrying Worker, brutal):

Analysis for the Tournament Metagame
As for the analysis of tournament metagame  we will begin by analyzing the bands more plays. As you can see in the ranking, the more plays were Joker and Batman, plus three bands of the Joker being among the top four in the standings. In addition, other bands like Penguin, Green Arrow and Bane, and my band were Force Law, although I played as sparring.

As mentioned, clearly the most terrible band was the Joker, with a lot of punch lists and much shots, although generally less mobile than others. In contrast, bands of Batman we saw were highlighted precisely because of its mobility, oriented to turn on the Batsignal. Curiously, all the bands were captained by Batman and were less Nightwings than other times.

Final assessment
As a final assessment, commenting that had a great time, there were prizes for everyone and could share with friends from Albacete his impressions of the game, which is always good to bring together the best of the various gaming communities.

That if they took home the tournament  and now we have to go to Albatoy (a tournament in Albacete next weeks) to recover it, who comes?? !!

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