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BMG: Analysis Heat Wave

Hi to everyone.
If the other day was the turn of Captain Cold, it's time to analyze his criminal partner (and never better said), Mick Rory's Heatwave as played on the Flash TV series (and Legends Of Tomorrow) by Dominic Purcell. His case is totally opposite to Snart, instead of offering control, Mick offers endurance and punch. At 65/$300 he's 10/$100 below Cold, and as him he can be hired as Free Agent by any villain crew with the exception of Joker and League of Shadows. In spite of having Willpower 6, at the moment that Rory achieves his first KO or casualty this one will be increased to 7 since he is a Criminal.
In the Offensive plane, in spite of carrying a ranged weapon, the short range of this makes it dangerous in close distances, where in addition to his Flamethrower also has a Reinforced Gloves so that their punches are really painful causing also the typical loss of counter for every successful wound due to double damage of his hits (), and although it is true that his Force 4+ foresee that only half of his hits will hurt, his Attack 4 next to Teamwork/2 with Captain Cold cause him to hit up 6 times, although the ideal would be 4 + 1 so that at least Cold could shoot. When considered unarmed attacks, he is a firm candidate for Grab (1SC) rivals

With respect to his only weapon, and ranged (Flamethrower), the great strength of this one is in that being of template applies the effects without having to hurt, and since the impacts are automatic only those that have Dodge (or someone Protected by a Bodyguard) have an option to avoid the harmful Fire effect, lethal especially in characters that have already activated.

In Defensive tasks his value 3 makes it an affordable target, but his Endurance 8 along with not losing counters every 2 wounds but every 3 (Sturdy), force the opponent to focus on him with more than one of his members if he wants to finish with him before he reaches the distance to do damage. As a good criminal he is, he can not be arrested thanks to trait Runaway, just as he is immune to Grabs for being Escape Artist.

Finally, in the case of Heat Wave the main use of his Teamwork/2 will be to supply Captain Cold or hit more times, although if you have both in range to attack, his would be to spend only 1AC of Cold so that he can still shoot.

In short, Mick Rory is a 100% offensive character intended for short distances, either beating with his Reinforced Gloves up to 4 +2 times (4 for his Attack value and 2 more thanks to Teamwork with Captain Cold), although hurting with 50% of options (Strenght 4+). For the distance has his Flamethrower, whose range is dictated by the template Expansive, and that in spite of wounding 3+ (Mechanic) allows to apply Fire to everything affected without having to hurt, this means that unless rivals with Dodge or protected with Bodyguard , everything that is under the template automatically takes a marker of this type.

His ability to fit punches is also praiseworthy since despite having only Defense 3, between his Endurance 8 and being Sturdy force the opponent to insist on he so that it is no longer a threat, in addition to being unable to be Grab (Escape Artist) nor arrested (Runaway), forcing the rival to kill him yes or yes.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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