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Painting step by step: Guardians of the Galaxy Third Part

We started with the white primer and we will paint from the inside out, so we'll start with the shirt.
Dawnstone as base colour. Lights with  Administratum Grey. And wash with Shadow Grey.

Leather and Belt
We'll paint in the same way boots, belts, left arm plates and straps hanging. In this case will paint only the belt to avoid staining elsewhere.
The painting is the same as in Gamora.
(At first I thought to paint the pants brown too, so it appears stained pants, but I dismissed it quickly to see some more images online).

To pants we start with Necron Abyss, albeit a very dark tone if you dilute a little water we will plug the entire surface.
On this color base we apply lights adding lights with higher proportions of Daemonette Hide followed by Dawnstone (You could omit the Daemonette Hide, but I think that it gives more life to the pants that with gray only).
Finally we give a soft wash of Abaddon Black to cover the little nooks pants and unify slightly different shades of this.

Belt buckle
We paint it following the same pattern as Rocket weapons. Boltgun> Chainmail> Mithril and a washing of Abaddon to put out a little tone. (If you do not have these colors can be replaced by Leadbelcher> Ironbreaker> Runefang Steel. As paintings I prefer the originals, but when it end up have to go replacing them by news).

We turn now to paint small parts of skin of the figure (in case of mounting head without helmet also would paint his face, making the last light on eyebrows, cheeks, nose, chin ... in short in those areas where the light would impact most on the face).
Don't Forget the helmeted head has a small part of the neck to be painted!!! (Almost happened to me and I was not about to paint ... I corrected this for having to do the photos haha).

Base color Bugman's Glow.
First lights with Dwarf Flesh. Second lights with Cadian Fleshtone. And finally final lights with Flayed One Flesh on fingertips, knuckles and joints of the fingers.

Trench coat
We paint as Gamora, but we'll use of base Scab Red to give it a brownish tone to make more like leather trench coat.

We will leave this small area to make brown leather.
At this point we seize the opportunity doing the wash to paint everything that we want to be leather like boots, ribbons and and so on.

From here you can see that I started painting the base. There wasn't natural light and I prefered continuing with the base.

(Previously explained)

From this moment the photos may appear that are not very clear steps, and take the opportunity to go about doing some things at time others. Paint the dark metalized and do a wash with black allowed me do the base tone of gloves that will be black. If you have any doubt ask me.
Base layer of Abaddon Black, lights with Dawnstone and Administratum Grey as final highlight.

Previously discussed. The base tone seemed too bright, so I made an extra wash with black at this point. We'll apply a soft wash of Rhinox Hide to give a somewhat rusty metal tone to metals.
To enter a greenish hue to match the rest of the band, we will use Waywatcher Green to give it a green light tone to the weapon.
Also we will paint leather rivets and propellers (do not forget since being under his raincoat and some stained dark brown, ye can pass like me).

Instead of paint it in a tone metallic (if you prefer you can skip this part), I decided to paint imitating a glass sphere with gas moving inside. Again we choose purple tone to introducing the tone in the figure.
For the base color mix Abaddon Black with Xereus using twice this than black. For lights colors to use were Xereus and were illuminated by Dechala Lilac. Instead of enlightening as if it were a jewel, or as the rest of the figure, which we will paint the area with Xereus and we will make stripes largest to finer, with lighter shades on the surface of the sphere.

We use the same tones as for hides, but apply a final light with Bubonic Brown.

We begin by painting the surface of the crystals with Red Gore and we will be illuminating with Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Bright (we could even mix with some Flash Gitz).
We will painting least amount of crystal with each illumination trying to mimic the phases of the moon making small moons up to make only a small stripe at the end.
To paint jewelry first we must decide from where we want him impinging light to the jewel, or in this case the glass. I decided that the light will come from somewhere over his head but a little from behind, so that the lights would go by on the opposite side and finally put a small white point from the area where the light was coming.

Martian Bases
The same will for the entire group. Take advantage of untextured bases from other figures of Batman that we have at home. Fill the recesses with any textured paint that we had, should not have textured paint, we'll put some sand but without covering the entire flat surface of the base (we need it to put zones of broken ground). All this before priming.

In the flat areas of the base we'll put Martians Ironearth and let dry. The drying process lasts long enough and, although the first impression when you put the paint is doughy going to be worth the effect .
Once dry the effect of broken ground will do a wash with Agrax Earthshade. Sometimes the effect of broken ground may dry strangely and the base tone of TerraCotta disappears. If this happens the ink Agrax will help us to avoid it. If the effect was greatly exaggerated take the opportunity to put some of electrostatic field. I use Wasteland Tuft of Army Painter because they are clumps of grass with a very cool result.

Finally, if you have got this far ... Congratulations !, That means that by now you should have a Guardians of the Galaxy similar to those that follow, 'or better !!
Thanks for reading this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed and been helpful to paint your Guardians of the Galaxy. For my part the following tutorial should be on how to paint a Flash, I do not know if I can have it ready before I get my hands on a copy of the new Game Box of Batman. So we see in the next step by step. [For technical reasons I could not put all the photos here, so I put the rest in this link]

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