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MUMG: Analysis Nightcrawler

Hello everybody.
With this new batch of novelties comes the most evanescent mutant of all, the German-born circus performer: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. With Level 5 is another character of those useful for complete lists, just 1 point above Black Widow who remains the cheapest character up to date. His Power 6 is consistent with its low cost, but ultimately this decays to 5.
In the mobile aspect is where Kurt is a real concern for the opponent, since not only can reach where it is proposed and as often as desired thanks to its Bamf! (2), but also to be able to perform two actions movement due to be Agile combined with values of 2 points above normal: 7/9 (17.5 / 22.5 cm). The most important thing is that he can perform up to 2 move actions is that with a single activation could down from a raised area since the descent should be carried out at the beginning of the move action, but unless Kurt want move 6 'or less, or because loaded with something that prevents him from teleporting (as a relic), it is cheaper to use him Bamf! (2).

In Defence his  main stronghold is again his Bamf! (2) also because of its reactivity, which will allow him to stand again anywhere (while still having POW) every time a rival declare him as target of an attack and has already paid for it. Alongside this mechanism has its passive protection from ranged attacks that grants his Stealth, making it imperceptible to over 8 "(20 cm); while in the melee offers passive protection against grabbing for his Escape Artist (0) which will raise its Physical Defense 18 (with option to reach 20 if Improves Defensively) if the aggressor does not have tools to change the nature of grip, impossible thing today.

In terms of values, only the Energy Defence (18) can be considered a good value, besides being the best known to date, which means that normally against attacks from a distance if you do not have POW enough to escape you can rely on this value, or 20 if it can be improved Defensively. His other defence almost up to the best but without becoming a value that guarantees very successful is the Supernatural (16), just 1 point below Colossus, also do not forget that it is the only one that cannot Defensively improved. At the other end both their Physical Defense (15) and Mental (14) are close to being the worst, both just 1 point above Iron Man and Starlord Physically and Colossus in Mentally terms.

His Agility value of 10 guarantees him a 67% success rate in checks such as those required to reduce by half the damage received by Spray attacks, Explosive or Expansive and completely avoid the impact to be in the path a launch; also given its status as Acrobat it is possible to repeat those failures. Instead, his Stamina 7 requires almost to keep it intact if you do not want to see Kurt KO virtually the rest of the game since it only has a 33% chance of standing or recover from their lethargy. In terms of Willpower (7) walks the same, with 33% to overcome this type of screening, such as to avoid Trick (1) from Starlord or Deadpool.

With 10 points Endurance is just 1 hit over Black Widow, with 4 of them in the upper area in which their attack improves to value 6. Kurt You'd better not leave that area, and not just because normal when it comes out of it is that KO stay (in fact may be a good idea to use Bamf! (2) to hide when it reaches the orange zone and has not been activated, so that if it is KO is far rival) but because it loses that bonus +1 attack, in addition to seeing his power diminished to 5 in the red zone.

Offensives work is not to be strong to begin with because Force 1 cannot throw greater than motorcycles objects, and as characters only to Rocket Raccoon for now, or attacking scenery of type T3 or higher such as a truck. Despite this, its Attack value is maintained in 6 while in good condition (which is an intermediate value), but two attacks one is unique and the other only gives 1 wound. As so many characters have the handicap that all attacks are the same type and nature. What is really fun with him is hitting and evaporating so the opponent does not know where the blow came from.
  • Sneak Attack (3): The good thing about this attack is that despite being melee has a range of 4 "(10 cm), allowing Kurt start 10 '(25 cm) of the target, move to it (1 POW), hitting (3+1 POW) to cause 3 damages and flee (Bamf! (2)), although this is only possible starting at 4 '(10 cm) or less of Cyclops to get that extra POW thanks to its Leadership/4, if not he would have to sacrifice Overload or Bamf! (2) to escape, which is not recommended. The other interesting part of this attack is lowered rival Physical Defence by 2 points due to the Distract/2 it applies, what can come in handy someone as physical as Wolverine and even Gambit to perform up to 3 times 52 Pick up (2) without making Overload thanks to relevant "+3" to hit (-2 rival defence besides to +1 for being Marksmanship), although the effect of area would be lost due to Explosive/3 of its alternative Overload.
  • Strike (2): Basic attack deals only 1 damage. The good point of this attack is using it between 2 Bamf! (2) to hit the opponent so he/she has no option to respond. Again, if he starts near Cyclops it is possible Overload this attack, which is quite easy because it can finish the rounds near it.
As a Support/Control refers, with that Distract/2 single use, Kurt also offers once per game the option of teleporting with a fellow wherever thanks to its Teleport Multiple (3), which can serve to save the skin of an ally (even that is KO) or catch off guard an enemy to be may already have activated teleporting with Nightcrawler an "hit-harder" character such as Wolverine, and also when combined with his Sneak Attack (3), the partner may have it easier to achieve hurt, although again this is idyllic do starting near Scott, which is not so difficult.

Summarizing, Kurt Wagner is not a character thought to be the hammer of the team, but it is useful to try to make the opponent spend POW in it and disappear right before throwing dice, so it is vital for their survival to maintain whenever possible 2 POW.

He is highly mobile and not only for their high levels of movement and can perform up to two actions of this kind, but also because its Bamf! (2) it allows him to reach any area of the map.

Regarding the use of POWs, each of his two attacks allow the execution of an interesting combo, although both are further enhanced if it can begin activation to 4 "(10 cm) or less Cyclops to take advantage of their Leadership/4 and get that extra POW, which is not difficult thanks his Bamf! (2) can be positioned close to him from one round to another:

  • The most common will be using his Bamf! (2) (2 POW) for arriving to the rival, hitting him with his Strike (2) (2+1 POW) and disappearing again (2 POW), idyllically back again to Scott's side. This attack can be useful for last hitting those enemies with one wound left before changing from the area of their endurance bar.
  • Finish the previous round with a physical ally like Wolverine, Gambit, Colossus ... to make use of 
    Teleport Multiple (3)
     (3 POW) and appear next to a lagging enemy and if it is possible already activated, so that Kurt perform his 
    Sneak Attack (3) 
  • (3+1 POW) so his mate obtains a +2 to impact against Physical Defence.
  • Beginning at 10 '(25 cm) or less from the rival (and 4' (10 cm) of Cyclops), you could use one POW to move to stay at 4' from the rival and then use his 
    Sneak Attack (3)
     (3+1 POW) and then again evaporate the 
    Bamf! (2) (2 POW).
Like most, Nightcrawler reaches its full potential until he has received more than 4 damage, which would take him uptown bar Endurance and he would lose that +1 attack to return to its original value of 5. In addition to this he has 33% of options to get KO. In the red zone he also has his power decreased up to 5 due to the -1 penalty he receives. At least his Stealth condition protects him from the distance, and with Agility 10 and Acrobat lets him have two options to reduce damage from attacks Spray, Explosive, Expansive with a 67% chance of success.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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