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BMG Hawkman vs Hawkgirl

Hi everyone.
As we take this pair of lovebirds among us, it is time to see what each one of them brings to the table. Although very similar, they are not the same character, but they seem to pretty well empathize with each other (as lovers do) perfectly. Both can be part of the same bands, but including them both in the same crew can be expensive (109 + 99 + the boss cost, that’s pretty close to the 300 points of reputation right off the bat!) But it is possible to put them together in a team of Birds of Prey which given the new team rules seems like a good chance to run them both.

As always, in summary here are their stats:

Willpower 7
Willpower 7
Mobility Mov 2
Fly (1MC+1SC)
Flying High (3SC+1MC)
Mov 3
Fly (1MC+1SC)
Flying High (3SC+1MC)
Str 3+
Att 4
Nth Metal Mace
Power Strike (1SC)
Savage Fighter

Str 3+
Att 3
Nth Metal Mace

Unstoppable (1SC)
DefenceDefence 4
Endurance 9
Hover (1MC)
Immune to Fire
Defence 4
Endurance 7
Hover (1 MC)
Immune to Fire

Teamwork 2
Power Strike (1SC)
Teamwork 2


Kendra is a slight step ahead with a value 3 for Movement vs her eternal lover’s value of 2 but considering Fly consumes 1 MC and Hover another, leaves no choice for Carter to do anything else.

Both have the enormous mobility advantage that the trait Fly provides, and since this movement is totally free form and has no restrictions is another quintessential element of their effectiveness. In addition, unlike other flying characters like Cyborg and Firefly, both have their particular trait or kinda “sewer like” ability Flying High. (may disappear from the table in a round and swoop down in the next in any legal position. This is especially useful for:

  • Getting quickly to a high value target, such a Batsignal or an opponent that has used change of plans to move their objectives close together.
  • Go against an unprepared character, and if this is someone important more the better
  • Go back to defend something / someone at one point, although this is perhaps the last reason for the trait to be employed.

In this case the usefulness of their Teamwork does not have much impact, because for Fly or Hover it is already necessary to pay MC, and in the case of Carter this limits you to one remaining.


Even without having a value of 5 in attack, they’re good in their own way. Their Nth Metal Mace allows them to repeat failed impacts in addition ignoring the trait Though Skin (Swamp Thing, Gotham`s Butcher, Killer Croc), Invincible and incorporeal. Which combined with its Strenght 3+ and damage  can cause considerable damage per attack, and to make matters worse both have mechanisms to improve their chances of this happening:

  • Hawkgirl has +1 to impact roll with Weapon Master and she can also pay 1 SC to force the opponent to have to get 2 successes to stop each of her strikes (Unstoppable). This makes it perfect to squish lesser Henchmen as usually they only have a Defence of 2-3. This means at most these henchmen would be able to stop 1 hit, although at 3+. Hawkgirl then is a punishing combatant, giving the constraint of having to block one hit with two counters and the loss of a counter for each successful wound!
  • Hawkman has +1 to impact and Push given to him by his Savage Fighter and for support of his crewmates can cause his opponents to get knocked down using his Power Strike

In both cases both of them have to add 1 SC to their attack to enhance it even further: Hawkgirl to do Unstoppable and Hawkman to apply Push or Power Strike.

Teamwork with both of them is highly useful and if the opponent has an odd number of DC it may be more interesting to strike first with Hawkgirl since her attacks are Unstoppable. It is statistically impossible, under normal conditions, to block all her attacks (3 or 5 with teamwork boost) since it would take 6 or 10 DC and with all of her attacks having handy it is not unreasonable to say that they would all hit.


Again both of them are practically identical, although Carter is one step ahead because of the resistance offered by his Hardened trait, first, that will allow you to transform the first blood you get in each round on contusion, and second by value 9 Endurance.

Their common aspect is both have a base chance of 50% for opponent’s attacks impacting given their Defence 4, and using Hover this increases to 6+ in close combat without applying any other beneficial bonus. Against shooting however this does not apply and they also lose any protection from Pings!. In addition to all this, they are immune to the fire effect (but not the damage caused by the attack) and although not common in the game as yet, Starfire is on the way and there are sure to be more villains under the rocks of Gotham.


The only thing that can be attributed to them in this area is their control of the opponents crew members, Kendra by forcing the spending of DC to stop her attacks and Carter knocking down his enemies using Power Strike. And that each successful wound the opponent model loses a counter with their Nth Metal Maces.


In short, both Hawks have great mobility in part because of their Flying High, that will allow them to reach any area one round to another and keeping them both near each other to make 100% use of their Teamwork ability.

Offensively both of them exert control over opponents, Kendra forcing the opponent to block in twos with Unstoppable (1SC) and Carter by knockdown if you add Power Strike. In addition, both can repeat impact rolls given their Nth Metal, Handy, Mace. Both have a +1 to hit and wound on 3+, Kendra being Weapon Master and Carter because of his Savage Fighter when Pushing. Here Teamwork can indeed take advantage of the destructive power of both.

Fending both can be complicated, especially in the melee if they Hover since the opponent must always impact 6+, and if they also use Teamwork it can be almost impossible to impact them. Hover though, has its bad side to ranged weapons (they, after all are birds!) As they lose all protection from Ping! In the case of Carter though, Hardened and Endurance 9 is beastly and can be almost impossible to knock down even when he has received the damage from attacks.

Anyway, Master Wayne has the urge for a spot of grouse today so I better dust off the old Purdey and sons and head off into the woods.

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