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BMG: Analysis Hawkman

Hello everybody.
If two months ago it was Harwkgirl who appeared on the streets of Gotham, it was just a matter of time until we saw her soul mate, Hawkman. Despite having a cost that can be considered expensive for a Free Agent (109 reputation points), he hovers above others in three of the four facets for every character: he hits really hard, he is difficult to take down and he has huge mobility.
Let’s start at the beginning with his mobility; being able to Fly is pretty cool right? And although being the same as a Batclaw, it doesn’t share the same restriction as it. His movement value of 2 counters and the possibility of using Hover, will limit his movement distance to 30 cm in most cases, but as soon as he uses his Flying High (1MC+3SC) trait he can arrive in close combat distance to anyone on the board the next round.

Flying High is the main reason for his dangerousness (as in the case of Hawkgirl), forcing the enemy into not neglecting his most important models but also having to think about his weaker characters such as Penguin, the Riddler or the Mad Hatter. Although due to the descent happening at the beginning of the raise the plan phase, it won't be a total surprise and so his opponent he will still be able raise a plan to defend himself. Still, Hawkman can be a huge use gliding effortlessly down to any objective to control it faster than most, can I hear people cry Batsignal? (Although only in the case of a Batman crew), and then defend it from the enemy.

On the Offensive Hawkman is an enemy to be feared. His offensive potential is generated with the exchange of 4 AC and 2 SC, to hit the enemy and then applying Push (1 SC) and Power Strike (1 SC). The combination of his Savage Fighter with his Nth Metal Mace makes Carter a perfect candidate to face enemies with a high defence due to the +1 to impact rolls when he applies Push (1 SC) and being able to repeat failed impact rolls thanks to the Handy trait of his mace. Although he doesn't have a skill to repeat the roll for damaging, his Strength 3+ is good enough to secure success 66% of the time. His Power Strike (1 SC) becomes the best friend of his allies thanks to the knocked down effect he applies after succeeding on a hit (should the enemy fail his block rolls). Also, as his mace deals , for each impact that deals damage it means the loss of an action counter to all but the sturdiest of his opponents’ crew.

The Magic trait of his weapon was, up until today only found on Cyborg and Hawkgirl and effects characters with Though Skin trait such as Solomon Grundy, Gotham Butcher and Swamp Thing, ignoring the penalty to damage them. The Incorporeal and Invincible traits are still unknown but it will also ignore them when they arrive on other shiny new toys.

Defensively he combines his endurance of 9 with the difficulty hitting him, especially in close combat. First of all the enemy has to impact him, ranged attacks suffer here too with 50% chance of failing given his Defence of 4. While in close combat if he is using Hover the enemy only can impact him to 6+ without having to account any modifiers to that roll, although this is an inconvenience against ranged attacks as he loses all the Pings!.

Albeit circumstantial, Carter is totally immune to all fire effects (Immune to Fire), although not to the damage dealt by the attack applying this effect. It is important to comment on Azrael because his double critical will apply its effect twice, but due to the attacker being able choose to apply the useless fire critical or the normal of 1 stun, this would still affect him. If it can be difficult impacting him, it’s even more difficult to deal real damage to him as at the moment he receives damage, his Hardened will let him to change the first blood damage for a stun once per round, and as his Endurance is 9 he becomes a character that’s really hard to take down.

Lastly, in Support/Control tasks he has more than his ability to apply the knocked down effect by hitting his enemies with Power Strike (1 SC). He can use Hawkgirl's counters thanks to his Teamwork/2 Hawkgirl, whose usage will be more focused in being able to hit up to 6 times with him, Defend more if it is needed, or having more chances to recover any stun damage. He can also make an early run for important objectives by flying high and camping on them until back up arrives, expensive but certainly useful if needed.

To Summarise, being able to Fly makes Carter a highly mobile character, and his Flying High also makes him highly unpredictable as it can be mainly used for:
  • Pouncing quickly against on the enemy and considering his ease to hit it can be against somebody important. It can condition the enemy to not let anybody split apart from the group if the player doesn't want to lose one of their models easily.
  • Arrive quickly on the Batsignal or other important objectives (who knows what’s around the corner?) in Round 2. Having Carter in a Crew means about 200 reputation points (because as we all know a crew isn’t a crew without a Boss), which means there will be only a few members left to choose from in a crew that includes him, this will however allow more options to "pass on activation" than your rival, so knowing how to use them and having the last activation is very important.
  • Go back quickly to defend any objective and/or important crew member (be that the Boss or his eternal love Kendra).

His offensive potential should be highly praised. The combination of Attack 4 + Savage Fighter + Power Strike + Nth Metal Mace + Strength 3+ can end badly with low defence swarm crews with the possibly of more than one on the ground after he lets loose, either by all the damage dealt or the Knocked Down effect of his Power Strike.

His endurance shouldn't be ignored either as in close combat his Hover forces the enemy to impact him on 6+ although against ranged attacks he loses all the Pings! he could have! And if he is damaged his Hardened and Endurance 9 could be the thing that saves his life.

As it could be expected, his Teamwork is totally focused with Hawkgirl, meaning these 2 "extra" counters can be used for:
  • Hitting up to 6 times, although taking into account his ease in knocking down enemies it would be interesting to let Kendra hit more due to the damage both of them deal being the same and the enemy wouldn't be able to use counters to defend her attacks, and it is more complicated to stop her due to her Unstoppable attacks.
  • Up to 6 options to defend himself in a bad situation thus becoming almost immortal in close combat.
  • If he has received huge quantity of non lethal damage, (as for example facing the Bat), he could have up to 6 options to recover from it (1 free + 3 SC of him + 2 SC of Kendra).

Now... I’m off to make tea for Master Wayne, until next time.

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