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BMG: Analysis Killer Croc (Suicide Squad)

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We continue with the analysis of these new additions so designed for the Suicide Squad, without forgetting that most do not cease to be free agents with predilection for various bands. Again you have a new version of an existing character and also offering a lower cost (64/$0) than his big brother, never better (32 points less). Like this one, just feel devotion to bands of villains, and even not repudiating Bane.
One of the most striking aspects of this new Killer Croc still undeveloped (but rather, without deforming) is the mobility. The fact of not being Large makes his base movement be the typical 10, although hisvalue 3 of Movement compensates for this in some way. Nor should we forget the trait, 100% circumstantial, that allows him to avoid having to pay 1MC to get into difficult terrain provided it is aqueous in nature (Amphibious), although we must not overlook that the movement he remains prevented . Within this section could include Raised in the Sewers, which will allow him to win a turn to arrive at wherever (rather where there are sewers), since it can start in the basement of Gotham, although in his case that counts for the limit of characters inside the sewers.

In the Offensive plane is not as dangerous as his mutated version but still someone, especially Henchmen, should not be underestimated it. While it is true that his strength is his main handicap hitting 4+(in addition to not repeat no roll), his Claws not only allow him to be more dangerous than someone with Reinforced Gloves since his injury does include blood (). 

If his claws invited to use it to grab enemies, his trait Ferocious incites push as this does not cost SC, which makes it ideal for "winning a free impact" (for possible collisions due to the push) or protect/defend objetives away troublesome rivals. Not having to pay to push 1SC is something that in game has much more impact than it may seem in theory.

Although in Defensive terms it remains being someone feasible to hit, remains opposed some resistance to being hurt thanks to the -1 that the opponent must apply to their rolls by his Tough Skin, although this is useless if the opponent spear a magic attack (such as his companion Diablo). This penalty at the opponent when hurts means that most Henchmen should injure 6+, and although against ranged attacks (especially with Firearm) this negative bonus achieve almost impossible not hurt him, it is true that may begin within the sewers with Raised in the Sewers guarantees the stay out of firing range, and also if they are covering possible drop zones of ranged shooters, in round 2 Jones can easily pounce on them and as little override can shoot, or having to do with ROF1 away from him if they decide to do so.

Although already mentioned in the Mobile section, his Raised in the Sewers also be seen as an element of Support/Control as well used can cause enough trouble rival. The fact of having Waylon Jones (in any version) converts the provision of sewers into a weapon that only villains could emulate with the Tunnel (1/C) strategy.  If Lady Luck is benevolent and we get 3 of them, in case the scenario is one which requires a deployment of objetives at the other end of the table, you can put the opponent in a real bind as a readiness in their area of ​​deployment, coupled with the placement of the juiciest objetives as close as possible of sewers, would force him to leave at least 3 members behind if he doesnt want to look like Waylon not only goes by one in the round 2 may even reach an objetive in the same round (the minimum separation between an objetive and a sewer is 5 cm, if placed Killer Croc between the two, the 2 cm remaining can be covered safely with 2MC that could still be planned).  If the scenario requires deployment objetives in the center of the table and objectives tastiest get as far as possible rival, this facet of Killer Croc is much better since they do not have to worry about anyone cover the sewer, with what in round 2 rate could start to get points.

In the fatal case of obtaining only a single sewer, and with a display of objetives in the center of the table, reasoning before holds. On the contrary, in the opposite case the situation may not be so bad if the arrangement of the scenery accompanies, ie if in the area of rival deployment (in which it has to put objetives) has a raised area under which can place some of them so just by dropping Killer Croc comes in contact with it. It is clear that before this the opponent can has someone on the roof with the idea of annulling the sewer, but these situations can be more beneficial for the player to carry Killer Croc that the rival:
  • If the opponent puts it on top someone without Batclaw to plug the sewer, he is a member of his band mortgaged in heights and will has some difficulty down.
  • If change is someone with Batclaw (or Fly or some trait that allows him down from heights without complication) it is a member that the opponent will not be used to reach his objetives sooner.
  • If is a shooter, is a tastie target for Waylon since nothing else out can try to thrust him down and later jump down to his objetive.
  • .
Once it has has dropped and provided he doesnt lose more than one counter by the fall that in his case this would jump from no more than 15 cm at least (considering his JC is 5cm and considering that a fall with a difference of up to 10 cm as "only" suffered a wound) may fall next to his objetive and still has 3 counters if some annoying opponent has decided to stay guarding (2 in the case remains knocked down by the fall), and can separate it from the objetive without additional cost.

Perhaps this is one of the few cases in which the Explosive Gel is useful because it can be used to cover permanently the sewer. And if  Croc is the first miniature activated during round 2, at time to reach the target it is easily voidable.

In short, this is a Killer Croc could be considered a smaller version of the previous one, although in his case not being Large does affect him greatly because it is easier can avoid him get out from a sewer because with just one member rival this is possible. His Though Skin makes most of the game Henchmen have complicated hurt him in the melee because that would imply -1 to hurt 6+, but hit him is still something not very complicated. Hitting has a number of virtues as his Claws ( and to push for free (Ferocious), but his strength 4+ may not be as decisive as might be expected often. 

All this comes into play if it is sent to fight, and thanks to his Raised in the Sewers that allows him to win a turn and he can starts in the sewers, this character is suitable to send to for an objetive and try to ensure VP minimum needed for cranial pumps do not start to be detonated, at least not in a band Suicide Squad. That is why the provision of sewers become a tactical element to know how to exploit the limit placing them as close as possible to the objectives and if possible in areas that the opponent has to sacrifice someone to lock it, as on top a not very high building. They are also ideal to cover possible firing positions quickly and annulling it.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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  1. Don't forget that amphibious works also to enter/exit sewers, it costs him only 1SC to do so.
    Exit the sewers, use 2MC to move towards a Titan container, use the 3rd MC to take a dose ...

  2. Hi Bawon!
    It is true that you dont need to use the MC.
    But, as I know, it is not possible to take titan dose until the beginning of the next turn, doesnt it?

  3. True but before consuming the Titan dose you have to collect it the round before. So:
    - round 1 in the sewers,
    - round 2 exit/move toward a titan objective, manipulate it to collect a dose and score VP;
    - round 3 consume the dose and rampage !

  4. Manipulate a titan/ammo, is at the beginning character activation phase.
    Then, consume the titan dose, is in planification.

  5. Yes Josh, thats what I was trying to say by 'taking a dose'. You can not manipulate the objetive to take a dose until the beginning of your next activation.
    And it is in the following turn, once you have taken the dose before, when you decide to use it in the raise plan phase.
    Am I explaining it properly?
    So you can take the dose at the beginning of the fourth turn.

  6. I never noticed this limitation. Sorry guys.