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MUMG Analysis Hulk

Hi to everyone.
We continue with the analysis of the profiles with the most impressive being up to now: The Incredible Hulk, who with level 17 goes on to become the most expensive character in the game, and as expected to swell the ranks of Avengers. As for Power concerns it is somewhat misleading, since despite having a value basis of 10 will never has this value as it will take values 8/9/11 depending on what condition is found and, as expected, how much more hurt be more dangerous it is.
In mobility terms his huge steps especially noticeable in the second value as Hulk is 2 points above the average for values of 4/9 (10/22.5 cm). But this is not all that offered in this aspect, since once per game is capable of carrying out his characteristic Super Jump (3) to reach an area 12"(30 cm), such as the top of a building since it does not have to be visible. The main problem you can find is his size, since it is the first model with a base of 6 cm, and do not forget that in the case of climbing it must be taken into account when reaching his final position.

On defensive terms Hulk does not highlighting put up much resistance with his base values defenses. All of them only 1 point above the worst value known to date: Physic 15, Energy 15, Mental 14 and  Supernatural 14, without forgetting that the latter is the exception that is the only one that can not be Improved Defensively. But these low defenses do not prevent Hulk be a mass holding on hits, as it offers resistance to the two most common types of attacks such as Physical and Energy, can reduce by 1 the damage received thanks to its Resistance/1 and Resistance/1, unless your opponent has Irresistible attacks available as Black Panther, Captain America and Wolverine among others.

But his resistance is not the only thing that make it a difficult enemy to knock down, since it is able to hold up to 22 hits before being defeated, 2 above Groot, divided into 10/6/6 in each of the three areas. Unlike most characters, the first of its three areas is where losing bellows since its Power is reduced by 2 points to a value of 8, although as he progress between areas this is fading, losing only 1 point in the intermediate zone (Power 9) and gain +1 to power when it is at the limit of his forces (Power 11) in addition to seeing his attack also increased with the same bonus (Attack 7).

As far as checks are concerned, it is normal that Agility and Willpower he fails since value 7 only has a 33% chance to success, so someone as recently as Emma Frost she can become his worst enemy since her Astral Bolt (2) may be causing damage 2 by 2 (check Willpower) and her Paralyze Mind (2) may leave immobile (check Agility), although in this case always he can use once per game, his Super Jump (3). By contrast, in Stamina is difficult to see him fail because his value 11 gives him a 77% chance to overcome, which may mean that seeing Hulk really angry is complicated because if he is recovered from a state KO translates into 4 POW more generated due to Rage/4, bearing in mind that when he leave this state receives both POW like Power-1, and to get up is necessary to pay one POW, this Rage would give Hulk 2 more POW, which means you could have 11 POWs in the intermediate zone and 13 POWs in the red zone, which means it is more than likely no one will do grace have Hulk angry so close.

NOTE 1: Special powers involving some kind of movement are not considered movement, so that the effect of being immobilized would have no effect if powers are used such as: Pounce (Black Panther), Hook Arrow (Hawkeye), Bamf! (Nightcrawler), Super Jump (Hulk), bodyslide (Deadpool) ...

Finally, in this defensive aspect is important to stress the innate protection that has Hulk to be throwing, not because available some special power as the Escape Artist (0) of Groot or Nightcrawler, but because his size combined with his Toughness/1 limit the amount of enemies that can Grab him and Launch him, and despite having Size 4 are considered to be 5 thanks to said Toughness/1 further reduced by 1' the distance that can be thrown or pushed. This means that only enemies with Force 5 may try to launch this beast.

Turning to Offensive plane, as you would expect all attacks are aimed at short distances and are all based on cause maximum damage possible either covering an area of effect or throwing through the air to his victim. Attack value of 6 passes to 7 if he has to limit his forces, which combined with the Power 12 reaches at the time can end a lethal combination of punches: 
  • Hulk Thunderclap (4): This Spray attack causes a base of 3 wounds all affected, and if extrapolated to BMG would not be unreasonable to think that is ideal for use against Daredevil or symbionts as Venom, which can be translated in terms of MUMG as  Weakness/ that involve 6 wounds both (7 in the case of critical impact).
  • Hulk Earthquake (4): Thinked to put the big guy in the middle of a tangle of people and shoot down all those 4"(10 cm) around him, although Acrobat are his worst enemy since beating checking agility needed to halve the damage of such attacks ignore this additional effect. Otherwise, any model that is not covered is automatically hit and get 2 damage.
  • Gamma Strike (7): With 7 damage is the most lethal attack today, and also with an option to throw his opponent to 2D8'(5-40 cm), which is especially interesting if you can do collide against an opponent to harm two enemies in a single attack. This reason makes the higher the better attacked rival, since its size will cause damage to the impacted.
  • Hulk Smash (2): For only 2 POW cause not only 2 damage but allows push 1D8 (2.5-10 cm) to him objective using alternative Overload.

As expected, the Strenght 6 causes launches gain a new dimension since it is capable of throwing objects as large as tanks, fighter aircraft, small houses, Crane ... (Type T4) at a maximum distance of 6 * 2 = 12 '(30 cm). In these special attacks it is when his Hulk Angry! (-) Comes into play passively, since in his case any action to Grab and Throw costs 1 POW's more, ie 4 POW plus related Overload whether to do them, but instead receives a bonus of +1 damage that is capable of causing throwing objects (and only objects), which means that depending on the size thereof can be caused between 2 and 7 wounds. The other interesting aspect on his throws is that only a few of non flying characters could be able to come back in contacto with him, on their next activation, if he throws them to the maximum distance of 12', which for example in Energy Pilars mission is something to have into account.

This Strength value means it is also able to launch any character known today, and seeing that he already has 4 size, few enemies Size 7 or more can imagine.

On Support/Control, Hulk has absolutely nothing to offer.

In short, Hulk is a character designed to sow destruction especially throwing objects based since his Strenght 6 lets him grab objects the size of tanks, small houses ... plus 1 additional damage cause with them (only the objects ) due to its Hulk Angry (-), but on the contrary this special action will entails an additional cost of 1 POW.

Even without offering a high defensive values, his combination of 22 points Endurance with Resistance/1  and Resistance/1 in addition to his high Stamina 11 (77%) make him a tough character to knock down, but skills like I Am Groot ! (2) or Paralyze Mind (2) of Emma Frost may leave immobile because of his low Agility (33% success), but then still would have his Super Jump (3) to move, but yes, only one once per game. Throw him can also be tricky since his Size 4 is necessary to add 1 given his Toughness/1, which means that it is necessary to have Strenght 5 (Thor) to launch it into the air.

Despite how difficult it can be to let him KO, since it is ironic when recovering when unleashes their potential, especially if is in the red zone Endurance bar can receive up to 13 POWs. As the use of POW is concerned, once it has used its Gamma Strike (7), the destructive power of Hulk is based on stringing successive Hulk Smash (2), Throwings (4 + 1 + 1 POW) especially objects to take advantage of +1 to damage caused by them, and his Hulk Thunderclap (4) can affect multiple enemies at the same time.

Special mention should his Gamma Strike (7), because if he want to use safely is necessary to employ 8 POW, which means that while Hulk is in good condition involves using all his POW, forcing him to start activation and contact with his objective.

Like Wolverine, and as might be expected, Hulk is one of the few characters that interests it found the limit of his forces to unleash their full potential, obtaining two bonus of +1 to both Power and Attack to has values of 11 and 7 respectively. During the first 10 strokes he receives his power is affected negatively by 2 points (Power 8), while during the next 6 wounds only on a 1 (Power 9).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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