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Preorder Suicide Squad Game Box [English version]

Finally goes on sale the preorder of the long-awaited Suicide Squad Game Box with two full bands and everything you need to play, including a rulebook of 112 pages that can be ordered in English or Spanish, and exclusive miniatures for which the purchase in advance

KM initially announced an exclusive miniature of Batman, the Batfleck version of the film, for all preorders, both made by its web and shop, which soon expect to see his card.

And get after sale, besides we could find on their website a second exclusive miniature, Harley Quinn Bombshell,  a miniature only available to purchase it through the website of KM. Need to see the reaction of the stores this initiative...

The box includes everything you need to start playing: rulebook, buildings, dice, tokens objectives, streetlights and sewers. Besides the buildings are stackable and reversible, giving more configuration options, and be removable they may be transported very easily.

And of course the two bands Suicide Squad Vs. Joker, designed to play 350pts/$1500, and their respective cards, with a great level modeling.

Especially designed for novices who are just starting, and also very useful for the sidekicks can show the game in stores and events, which will impact positively on the community.

    Its price is best of all: 99'95 or 109'99 with the exclusive miniature of Harley. If we do numbers, in the first case are 14 miniatures, just over 7 euros by miniature, and that's not counting everything in the box. In both cases, if it is for preorder it includes Batfleck.

    At these prices, KM has made a great effort to get a competitive price for the Starter Set, we are confident that the community will appreciate and that will bring the game to many more people than they previously could not reach.

    However if, some questions remain unanswered, such as whether the Batfleck will be released separately in the future, as well as itself the rulebook in Spanish, or will bring exclusive miniature as the previous edition (Alfred or Red Hood).

    The community in any case are in luck, for everything mentioned above, and the positive impact it sure has for the community. But the wait will be long, because as reported on its website, will have to wait until October 20 about to receive preorders.


    Preorder with Harley

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