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BMG: How to start in Batman #001: Wonderland Gang

Hi there!

Today I start a new section about starting new bands spending 100€.

First of all, I must say that this is only my own point of view. There are other possiblities, but the intention is to help those new players who want to start this game.


I decided to start with this band because almost all the miniatures below were in the list I used to participate in the last tournament I played this summer. And the results were good.

Here you have the three packs you should buy to prepare the list. (Click on each title to go to Knight Models' page with the stats).



Resultado de imagen de blackgate prisoner set 2


- Blister Ravager: 20€

I've chosen these packs cause you can use 8 of the nine miniatures available (the ninth is 1 point more so it is not possible to include it). From my point of view, all the miniatures in both starters are really useful.


Mad Hatter
75 REP
White Rabbit
55 REP
75 REP
Grapple gun, Ammo
38 REP
30 REP
Little Spark
40 REP
Prisoner 03
18 REP
Prisoner 04
19 REP
Estrategy: Weird Crew
1 Point
Estrategy: Snitch
2 Points
Estrategy: Change of Plans
1 Point

The first thing to bear in mind is that this list has control, good shooting, movement and enough close combat skills against most bands.

I would deploy Mad Hatter ready to move through an open corridor with access to diferent places of the board and sewers in the middle (in case you need to escape). Next to him, Prisoner 03 and Tweedledee who will use Bodyguard to cover Jervis. Finally, I usually include Prisoner 04 in this group. His axe 'inspired' can be painful.

Ravager, Little Spark and White Rabbit are deployed depending on the scenario. Together they are scary, but the rabbit can follow Jervis to use her Confusion to help him. I'd personally deploy them together (almost in the middle) ready to run to the other edge or in front of poor enemies who will suffer them.
Apart from that, Ravager would use Weird Crew strategy (counts as a Henchman, so she can be inspired and gives 1-2 VP in case of being eliminated).

Finally, Tweedledum with Grapple gun and Ammo would be deployed on a roof, having line of sight to important places and covering both groups.

- Mad Hatter: Jervis controls emenies easily and receives VPs when doing so. This is one of the principal ways to win, apart fom killing and controlling objectives. I would move him straight forward followed by the rest of the group, trying to have crates or corners where hide. The idea is to control cheap enemies with great weapons. Remember to use Jervis' gun, Handyman and Dodge. Be aware of powerful enemies and take into account that he is Weak and moves slow (cannot run when using Hypnotize).

- White Rabbit: Thanks to her good movement (Acrobat+Mov4+Fast) she can move from one place to another really fast. Confusion is great against Flying Highs, enemy control, run...

- Ravager: Rose Wilson is good against 'mirror' control bands cause she can not be hypnotized. She is not Acrobat, but her movement is still quite good. She's useful when killing Henchmen or Characters with the help of Little Spark and White Rabbit. The assassin of the band!
- Tweedledum: One of my favourites combos that I usually use in all bands I play. Rifle + Grapple gun is amazing cause, besides killing, you can control long corridors and, at the end of the turn, move to a better place. Remember that Twedledum is Bodyguard as well, and the rest of the band can use Scheming/1 to plan one miniature after your rival.
- Tweedledee: Bodyguard with a great gun with Beam and Brutal. Pay attention when shooting cause it has Reload. Next to Jervis, using Bodyguard and Distract, is really useful.
- Little Spark: Perhaps the best Henchman ever. Handy, Mechanical and Unpredictable! He can move, attack and defend with 5 counters. I would use it next to Ravager. It is possible to give him the Grapple gun. 
- Prisoner 03: Simple: defend with Bodyguard using 1DC+3SC or 2DC+2SC.
- Prisoner 04: He can go with Jervis or underground using sewers. The other idea is to follow Little Spark to kill all the miniatures he leaves on the floor.

Finally, I've chosen Change of Plans to move an objective. In case the opponent has Snitch, counter it with the one you have.

- Suffers against lots of grapple guns or hidden-undercover combo.

- Except using Ravager, Little Spark and Rabbit together, it is difficult to beat Batmans or Deathstrokes.
- Scenarios like Ambush in which you must separate your band or fire-spam bands can be dangerous cause you need to have Jervis and Bodyguards together.

- It is difficult to counter Batsignal.

- Control. movement, shooting and close combat.

- It is really difficult to kill Mad Hatter so no VPs for the opponent. Ravager gives only 1-2 VPs.

- It is an enjoyable band to play due to its combos and control.

- Quite powerful against low Willpower bands.

- You can use 8 miniatures from 9.


Here you have some ideas to include in your band in order to change it in different ways:

- Zsasz (Unpredictable), Deadshot (Shooting), Killer Frost (Whistle) o Catwoman (Objectives and Total Vision): depending on the way you want to play.
- Copperhead o Clayface: both with Undercover to counter the Batsignal.
- The rest of the prisoners and crazies to have different options when chosing Henchmen. For example, by doing this you can include Prisoner 05, who is a tactic and useful miniature.

Here you have the link to KM's webpage to see what you can include: LINK.

I expect you find this article useful. I have to say that I really enjoy playing it and I consider it competitive. What do you think? Is it competitive? What would you change with the same 100€ and this band?

See you!

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  1. This is a great article. I had been looking to get into the game for a while but could not find any articles about how gangs work. I think you should do more of these entry level "how to start" articles.

  2. Great!!!
    Thanks a lot!
    I'll try to write more