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Painting step by step: Deathstroke

After seeing the Suicide Squad incredably enough to make a list, but based on the comics. That way I wanted to start by Slade Wilson so this time it is the turn for the best killer of the world. And so I had to do my best!

Surface Primer
Well, as with Starfire, I prime with white areas to take advantage of orange armor and remain as clear as possible.

We started with the dark areas of the armor
For the base of the armor will use Stegadon Scale Green because it is a gray greenish/bluish which I think looks good.
We will make the shadows with a wash of black diluting much water to make it easier than painting is strained in internal areas.
From this point we will clarify the armor with layers of paint diluted as possible but not to the point of a wash, because if we can not slip out painting the most prominent areas.
The first point is the color we use basic Stegadon Scale Green.
Next point Calgar Blue to give a more bluish touch.
Last lights with Space Wolves Grey. You could come up with a final step of Skull White, but I dont gave it because I dont want to be noticed the armour too light.
If you want you can paint with these colors both the handle of the sword as the darker parts of the bo. I made them a little something different by giving more variety of color in the armor.
You can paint some spalling, painting stripes of Stegadon Scale Green under which (which give light in the spalling) will paint a light of Space Wolves Gray (pure white if the spalling area is in  Gray wolves).

Part orange of the armor
As a base layer of oranges areas will use Evil Sunz Scarlet careful not to go in areas already painted with gray.
First ligths with Wild Rider Red.
Second lights with Fiery Orange.
We continue with Fire Drago Bright(with this palette must be careful to dilute them, as they may be a little lumpy, not as the hexagonal boats that preceded them)
We will use Suburst Yellow as the last light in the helmet and some very prominent areas of the orange part of the armor. We will not use much this color, since we would risk it was a dark yellow armor.
We will also use the Stegadon Scale to the eye area to become enlightened carefully as part of the armor. Leaving the eye area that we paint with Rhinox Hide, we will paint inside that Rhinox area with Flayed one Flesh (or Bleached Bone if you still have left).
To make spalling in the yellow zone we will take the Rhinox Hide to simulate cuts and will paint yellow in areas where the light iluminate the spalling.

Leather outfit
With base we will use Rhinox Hide
First light with Graveyard Earth diluted enough so that you can mix a little with the Rhinox Hide base. It can simulate small cuts in the leather making perpendicular stripes on the leather straps with this color first and then with the colour of the last light.
Last lights with Flayed One Flesh.

If you are like me you have passed those strips of leather boots or holding the knee pad or even the helmet, so I recommend looked again well all those leather straps bearing (also holding plates shoulders ...)

Hitches leg (do not know very well how to call these pieces, if anyone knows, tell me XD)
Base layer Abaddon Black  up with Codex Grey as first light.
 Final Light with Stone Gray.
You could paint the pants buckles and other hitches this way, although I painted metallized.

Almost have the miniature finished so we will use as base colour Leadbelcher 50% mixed with Abaddon Black, which we will use as a base layer and also as shadows.
We will Illuminate with Ironbreaker as first light.
To give the last touch of color we will use Mithril silver. Optionally you could make a wash of light Rhinox Hide after the mithril to give a touch duller metal and to call less attention, but as I say this is optional.

We could paint exactly like the rest of the armor, but since we are I explain how I painted it. Base with Stegadon.
Lights with Calgar Blue and Wolves Gray.
We will give a wash with very diluted Dark Angels Green to only give more greenish but without been green.

The inside of the bo we paint with Russ Grey.
 The inside part it can light either with Astronomican Grey or Wolves Grey.
Finally we give you a little light with white skull between the inner areas of the bo and the most greenish to separate them a little more.
We will paint the spalling chipping in the bo the same way as in the rest of the armor to represent the damage due to blows against some metal parts that could carry those who deserve the attentions of Deathstroke.

Well that's all, if you have taken your time to paint this figure you should look something like this. For any questions you know, or here or obi_fran.

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