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Hi there!

This afternoon, Knight Models has uploaded a picture with the spoiler of the box they will reléase. And it is awesome!

We don't know the price yet, and I don't want to speculate, cause there are too many miniatures in only one picture (apart from rules, cards, buildings...).

So, we'll see the content:


It is a plessure to see the minis we have been seing these weeks all together. From my point of view, both, the design and the painting are quite good and close to the film. Agree?

One thing I consider interesting is the decision of including to complete bands (supossing both have 350 REP). Similar boxes include bands with not enough points to encourage you to continue buying.

Besides that, we must bear in mind that all the Suicide Squad members' cards we have seen have Affiliation: Unkown. According to this, it is a good idea to buy the box and share it with a friend but, also, to buy it by yourself to have a huge Joker army.

Finally, we can see Harley between both bands. As her affiliation in the film is for Joker and Waller (glory nanobombs!), I suppose we will be able to use her indistinctly.


What a surprise to see KM has decided to include buildings. Designs are quite good and there are many references to DC Universe.

The cardboard used to make them seems strong and, as we see in the picture, they must be easily mounted and dismounted. Apart from that, I really appreciate, in game terms, to have enough room to place the miniature on them, to hide and to use the batclaw.

Aparently, the look nice, but we'll see when having them in front to check the quality.


One of the most valuable and risky ideas is to include sewer/lampost and objective counters in the box. it is risky cause everybody will have enough counters to play. Altough it is great to have them, I prefer the metal ones. However, I will keep them with the idea of using special strategies to have more.

The last thing to consider are the 4 dice. The seem to be similar, so we will have to have an extra different die or roll one of them separately to distinguish the collateral one. I suppose it would be more expensive to include one different die (no problema, we have hundreds!)


I won't comment the cards cause Xermi is doing it these weeks and it was expectable.

For Spanish players, the inclusion of the rules in our language is something great. Besides that, having it in a small format alouds us to carry it out and having the other two at home to check specific or different things.

As your can reed on the right, apart from the rules, they have included a campaign. I'm a casual and no competitive player, so the idea os specific scenarios is really welcome.

Maybe we can avoid/kill/forget Huntress boring brother from the film!!!


The price will tell us if it is a good box or a great box but, I'm quite delighted!

I consider they did well by including complete bands, Spanish rules and paying attention to details. Even Slipknot is relevatn here!

Don't know, but I look like a groupie waiting at the backstage..

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