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BMG: Analysis Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

Hi to everyone.
Turn finally for one of the characters with more importance in this new version of the Suicide Squad: Will Smith Deadshot, who is not only the member of the Task Force X most expensive within this Game Box (96/$400) up tu now but also it is of the three Floyd Lawton known to date, but only in reputation as the classic version still costs $200 more. The first thing to note is that the character of Deadshot, and not only this, has enough gallons to lead on the battlefield to this peculiar command, which of first means his immunity to the cranial pump. Outside the Suicide Squad, and as expected, only he can be hired by the bands of villains.
Again, in the Offensive side it is where we must focus all attention, specially in attacks from a distance. In his arsenal there are no long-range weapon does not prevent that remains the "best shooter in the world", since although shooting accuracy is one step behind the classic version, keeping the +1 to hit for being Ranged Master and can ignore a Blink! thanks to be Shooter (which can become all if he use his MG). Part of his offensive power is in the combination of their weapons attacking, as will now be seen:
  • From a moderate distance (up to 40 cm) he has his MG that guarantees to ignore the light restrictions thanks to Night Vision which gives the Scope of this (besides being able to ignore the Blinks!) but only for the shoots with this weapon.
  • Also from this average distance he can make use of his characteristic 9mm Twin Cannons, which maintain the same Traits as in his other two versions can even use it in melee (Light) although ROF 1. It is the only one of his weapon with more 1 ammo.
  • For short distances (20 cm) has his Guns, whose strong point is the ROF 4 of them. 
But what makes this Deadshot is a real danger, although only once per game, is his Bullet Time (2SC) that will allow him to combine two of their weapons for use in the same attack (paying 2AC for each) and without seeing penalized his ROF by moving. This translated into dies means that would provide up to 4+3 in short range, or 3+2 in mid range ... even the Dark Knight should fear him!

At the time that Floyd has emptied all their magazines, thanks to the profile that is still quite suitable as a support in the melee thanks to his Attack 4 and Force 4+, either grabbing enemies or pushing them, especially if he are disputing an objective.

In the Defensive side is also someone to be reckoned with since his Defense 4 and Endurance 8 make him a complicated character to be taken down. In addition, 50% of attacks that can hit him and Floyd fails to block or avoid with Blinks! it has yet to note that the Kevlar Vest will absorb 1 damage of the attack, which makes him a really tough character.

Finally, in Support/Control side Deadshot proves to be the leader of the Suicide Squad allowing repeat checks failed Willpower among allies models that are separated within by 20 cm from him (Leadership).

In short, this is a Deadshot capable of causing damage easily end up with any (up to 14 injuries: 10 +4), especially with the Large characters like Solomon Grundy (impacting virtually all of them 2+ and injuring the same ), without having to expose the melee or give option to the opponent to avoid the attack (only the privileged with Dodge) as it is able to launch up to 7 dice in one ranged attack with his Bullet Time (2SC) may have moved even before to find a good shooting position (or after to get away from danger). Can ignore 1 Blink! at least (Shooter) and have a bonus of +1 to hit (Ranged Master) greatly improve his chances of success.

One of the most dangerous tricks of this Deadshot is to use his "double attack" coming out of a sewer (which has a total cost of 7 counters), so the Tunnel (1/C) strategy is suitable to force the opponent to control even further sewers unless he want to get a good scare as rain lead, although Vandalism (1/B) strategy can also be used to alleviate this and break a possible way out. But this is not the only way in which Deadshot can cause havoc in the enemy ranks, if Squadron has developed a fully formed by Free Agents, the rule "We're partners, for now ..." can be used to chain a second member well positioned (except the Boss can not be part of the chained pair, so in this case Floyd should not be who heads the group) to kill several enemies or focus on a heavyweight rival to leave headdress or, why not, even kill him.

In his path of destruction, Foyd should aim to reach his Ammo Crate once made use of his Bullet Time, and defend it to death, especially with the ROF 4 of his Guns although not all damage be lethal, and if any enemy sneaks and dispute, his Attack 4 and Force 4+ are useful for pushed him away (or grab to support his companions).

Given how expensive it is and even without ammunition has things to offer (stamina, support and control  of Ammo crate), is a perfect candidate to lead the Task Force X in the battlefield and therefore do not have to worry about his cranial pump. It even offers protection to his companions, 20cm or less of him, against Willpower checks (failed) as those carried out by the effects of hypnosis, thanks to his Leadership.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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