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BMG: Analysis Katana (Suicide Squad Film)

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Turn today for one of the few members of the Suicide Squad that is not part of it out of obligation but by devotion, and in order to ensure the safety of the leader in field missions, Rick Flag: Katana, who with a cost of as only 50 reputation points keeps the tone for Free Agents with low cost seem to compose this Game Box, although the most striking in his case is its exclusive affiliation with Law Forces, which makes it a perfect candidate to appear in many of his lists for reasons we will see now.
In the mobile aspect she stands out as the first Acrobat for this band, making her the ideal lure to attract ranged attacks , but is not a character very thought to separate from the group, particularly her uppers (Leader / Sidekicks ).

For the offensive side despite going armed with always respectable katana, also in her case is still snatching 1 additional action counter for her opponent if she get hurt (Enervating/1), and has the +1 to hit that gives it her Weapon Master, is not a character focused on attack but for the opposite: Defend.

In the Defensive plane arguably she is a Gotham Policewoman* (Strip Cop for friends) improved, since her value 3 Defense (which can looks somewhat sparse to be a character of this caliber) can repeat failure blocks thanks to the Defensive of her Tanto,  must be added that her condition of Martial Artist makes it not so easy to reduce rolls against her in melee to the minimum necessary to hit. In addition it alleviates one of the black spots of policewoman: Ranged attacks, and that as a good Acrobat that is, her Dodge (3) gives up to 3 options with a 50% chance in each of avoiding the shooting against her.

In Support/Control tasks combined with her defensive virtues is where resides the full potential of this new Katana, and is that being Bodyguard can redirect towards it all blows (die) of the same attack that have made an impact on her protege, and use up to 3 Defense counters to try to block melee also can repeat the fails (Defensive), or the Movement to try to avoid impacts from ranged attacks (yes, in the next FAQs will clarify that Bodyguard itself can use Dodge, which greatly improves characters like Lotus or Spice).

As mentioned at the beginning, this version of Katana not part of the Suicide Squad by obligation, which is represented by the trait Volunteer, what if the time comes to dispense with a member of the band by the lack of necessary VP an is her chosen, she is not affected by it and it is arguably a turn that the Suicide Squad wins.

In short, this is a totally different Katana from the previous, purely designed to defend, but not to itself but to the Leader/Sidekick to accompany it by combining her Bodyguard with Defensive and Dodge (3). Therefore not be underestimated their offensive power, since a Titan dose at a given time may temporarily make her a small killing machine: Attack 3+1 + Strenght (3+1) + Weapon Master + Katana.

In the case of using her as a member of the Suicide Squad, it is certain that will not cause casualty by not reach the minimum of VP required at the end of each round, but the downside is that rarely will use his Bodyguard because if you want to take advantage of the specific rule of this team "We're partners for now ..." (to string together two consecutive members) is necessary that the entire team is composed exclusively of Free Agents, with so in that case there would Leaders/Sidekicks that to safeguard. To have option to use her full potential in this team 100% today Harley Quinn, Riddler, Joker's Daughter and presumably Gorilla Grodd have to be part of it, and Tatsu should prioritize keeping her protected alive as long as possible.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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