jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

'Night of the Owls' Campaign

Hi there!
Some time ago we decided to play a mini-campaign about 'Night of the Owls' comics from New 52 (long life to this impasse).
The idea was to prepare some scenarios previous to the 'Night of the Owls' to be played during the morning and finish playing in the Batcave that afternoon. According to this, we chase four heros from the comics (Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood) and designed four scenarios to play against the most important characters from the Owls. Depending on the result of these scenarios, both teams would have advantages or disadvantages in the Batcave.
So, first of all we had to build the Batcave as you can see in this link.
Altough it was a weird day due to the high temperatures of the beginning of summer, 9 warriors decided to meet there to play in the morning.
Scenario 1.1 'Arkham release'
The first scenario represents the assault of Arkham by the Court. Thanks to this, we could make lists in which it was possible choose among different characters such as Butcher, Clayface, Black Mask or prisioners (all together!).
Bearing in mind the events from the comics, we decided to play at the Asylum. The mission of the Court, try to escape with as much miniatures as possible.
Here you can download the sceneraio: DOWNLOAD

Scenario 1.2 'Leader Haunt'
The second scenario represents the fight between Nightwing (with Damien) and William Cobb.In this case the objetive was to kill opposites leader.
Here you can download the sceneraio: DOWNLOAD

Scenario 1.3 'Batsignal control'
For the third scenario, we had an encounter between Strix and Batgirl and her Birds of Prey (what and irony!).
Here you can download the sceneraio: DOWNLOAD

Scenario 1.4 'Chinese neighbourhood'
For the last scenario of the morning, Red Hood and the Outcasts tried to maintain Chinese neighbourhood under control facing the Court of the Owls led by Xiao Loong. Apart from the lists we designed, Mr. Freeze was aloud to apear! (and was changed side depending on the result at the end of each turn).
Here you can download the sceneraio: DOWNLOAD

Scenario 2 'Fighting for the Batcave'
After four games played n the morning, we finally finished the afternoon with the assault of the Batcave.
In this scenario the objective was to control the platforms and stopping the invasion.
Here you can download the sceneraio: DOWNLOAD

As I have already said before, the day was weird and intense. Apart from that, we didn't have enough time to prepare the day as perfect as posible, cause we decided to spend most of time in the construction of the Batcave.
However, pleople was great and I really enjoyed the day!
Here you have some more pictures of the 'tournament'.

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