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1st League KM Valencia (Spain)

Hi to everyone

Based on Rafa's idea in Albacete (Spain) with the Injustice Days, and the premise encouraging the people to play without the necessity of tournament, and as part of my Sidekick work, I decided to set up a kind of leagues for both Knight Models' games : Batman Miniature Game and Marvel Universe Miniature game.

Unlike typical the leagues in which each day of league has a duration of X days and the players agree between them to play, the idea is each X Sunday to organise a Knight Models Day and so the people can go to play a match of BMG, MUMG or both. So how you can play a league with a fixed day and hour? The idea of this league is to reward more regularity that competitiveness, it is because of that to qualify for prizes it will demand attendance at a minimum of games. Attend events, obviously, it does not imply any cost, but anyone who looks in the mood to play the league and can opt for prizes will have to pay a small registration.


Players who choose to join in either of the 2 leagues must pay 5€ to be paid as before the second league day (that day is included). The money raised will be devoted entirely to awards.


Monday of the week of each league day, participants must indicate the crew name they want to play, and will be the organiser who will make the pairings. Once every player knows against which band and player has to face, they will have until Thursday at 23.59 pm to send the lists.

Keep in mind that it may be the case that a contestant plays against another that is not a member of the league, hence that is not a typical league, but in the end everyone will have played at most 10 games, no matter against whom.

The scoring system is the same as in tournaments. For BMG the system is already well established and this past year has worked really well:

0-2Draw1TP both
3-14Victory3TP the winner
1TP the loser
15+Definitive Victory4TP the winner
0TP the loser
To MUMG will opt for a simpler and probably have to go slowly refining. There is little to explain this system because it is the same as in football:
Draw1TP to both
Victory3TP the winner
Defeat0TP the loser
Unless otherwise indicated, BMG games will be played at 350 points, while those of MUMG 50 levels.


The prevision of activities will be as follows, although dates will be confirmed in threes blocks, tournaments will either Saturday or Sunday, (depending on availability of people).

BMG Tournament (1 October)
Day 1 (23 October): Gotham City -  Ambush in Gotham / The Relic
Day 2 (20 November): Gotham City - Fight for Gotham / Survivor

KM Tournament (3-4 December)
Day 3 (18 December): Star City - Failed Exchange / Control the Energy Pillars
Day 4 (10 January): Star City - Hard Fight  / Custom Mission 1

KM Tournament (30-31 January)
Day 5 (21 February): Lian Yu - Infiltration / Custom Mission 2
Day 6 (13 March): Lian Yu - Jungle Fight / Custom Mission 3

KM Tournament(1-2 April)
Day 7 (24 April): Central City - Streetfight / Custom Mission 4
Day 8 (15 May): Central City - Defend the Goods / Custom Mission 5

Final League Tournament and awards ceremony (4-5 June): 2 games of limited duration in the morning (MUMG) and 2 games of limited duration afternoon (BMG), which also counted as Day 9 and 10.


People who have attended at least five league matches and have paid the registration it will be those opting for prizes. The winner of the league will have prize to choose from, and to  the other participants were raffled regardless of the sort order, for that each player will have a ticket for each item above the minimum he has played, ie, a player with 5 games has 1 ticket, and one with 10 will 6. In this way we try to reward regularity, and although they try that all participants have their prize, the order of choice will be random.


The duration of the Days will be 1 morning, no time limit on the games. In the case of people who want to play the same day both BMG and MUMG, yes we will have to put a time limit to give time to finish both games in one morning. The duration of each of the Days will be from 9.00 to 14.00. Bisecting the morning:
  • Odd Days: 
    • 9.00 - 11.00 MUMG
    • 11.00 - 14.00 BMG
  • Pair Days: 
    • 9.00 - 12.00 BMG
    • 12.00 - 14.00 MUMG
Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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