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Painting step by step Electrocutioner, with wet palette

Hi to everyone. I bring a very interesting step by step this time with the newly appeared Electrocutioner, a Free Agent very economic that surely we will see in more than one band.
We will also use a lot the wet palette. To make it, on a flat surface, preferably a plastic dish, we will put a napkin or kitchen paper and spray with water.

The first step, or the first photo, we will not put here since basically it is prime in black, which I think here we know how to do everyone or almost every, hahaha.

We will begin with the base layer of the tone, after the black primer, on the wet palette we will put a drop of this black and this stegadon blue, and we will mix it by picking up the tone of the darkest part, we will paint the whole part of the uniform, trouser, breastplate...
And gradually we will take of the part of the pale palette of blue, to degrade the tone.

In the most prominent wrinkles we will apply the blue without degrading to get a brighter tone, and on the top of the knee pads and armor.

With this base flesh we'll paint the base tone of the face, as always very diluted not to lose details of the factions.

In the first mixture, thanks to the moisture of the palette, still useful, we will add some white.

Then, we apply fine lines on the most outstanding details of the mini, but without reaching the pure white.

With this yellow, bronze, use it as a base for the cables since it covers quite well, and will make us a good yellow layer.

With a more vivid yellow or adding white on the previous one, we will degrade a thin line above the previous one, to gain in relief.

We return to the face, with this brown or another bright similar, very diluited we will give a layer on the face.

Now we mix in the wet palette this flesh color with the previous  brown, to begin to make the reflections and areas more illuminated.

With black, we will mark where the hair, the eyes and the mouth goes..

While dry it, we will use a silver to make details in the boots and parts of the suit like zippers, closures etc ... we will do the same in the wet palette we will mix the silver with black, and we will take from the darkest part towards the clearest, as we go up volume in details.

We will return to the hair, since the black must be dry, and we will clarify with thin lines of dark brown with gray, to simulate the lights in the hair.

We will start with the burned part of the face, for this, an image is worth more than a thousand words. We will use basic red burgundy, and we will clarify step by step with a little white or pink.
We will make lines to simulate the burns.

We will take advantage of the reds to detail parts of the face like mouth, tongue...

Next we will make the red of the uniform, this image is a perfect example to see the red scheme.

Now we will degrade red to two darker directions with black and clearer with yellow to accentuate the parts closer to the cuffs and darken the furthest to the back, or folds.

With a dark blue, I used this Model Air, because to dilute it is perfect so that it fades, we will use it for the first reflexes on the jaw, fists, part of the chest.

With this gray green of Vallejo, we will lighten the blue and do something similar to the scar on the face, we will do this step by step on the fists and on the chest.

To make lines with the green/grey pure the fines.

In the ground we can also simulate the same effect, to give the sensation of reflection.

Finally we will give color to belts, belts and small details.

This will be the result that we can obtain.

I hope this step by step you like it and help for many, not only for the mini, if not for the techniques of the wet palette, soft gradients, effects of veins or rays.

Greetings and we see you at La Biblioteca.

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