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Ideas for choosing strategies in Batman Miniature Game

Although BMG strategies are an optional part of the game, they are extremely important and can give us the victory on a few occasions, and more now, with the prohibition of the Snitch strategy, if you play Batmatch rules.

This option of the game gives a tactical depth that enriches it a lot, since the choice of strategies can and should vary depending on the scenario and/or rival, which makes Batman Miniature Game much more interesting and fun, if possible.

These are some of the strategies that we consider most interesting and are the ones we usually play:
  • Ambush (Value 2, Phase C)
This strategy will allow us to deploy our entire band after our rival, which will give us a clear advantage, both when placing our shooters or whistles. We can use to place our shooter in front of his main group, to force him to advance on the other hand or we can place our whistles in front of the miniature of our most dangerous rival, and thus stop their advance, in short, allows us to maximize any deployment error of the opposing player.

  • Secret objective (Value 2, Phase D)
This strategy will allow us to have an additional objective, which will give us a great advantage, especially against rivals that we outnumber, because it will have more difficulties to defend so many objectives, while trying to get theirs. In addition to allowing us to repeat objective, we can take for example two markers of ammo crates and thus be able to get more points than our rival.

  • Fast Advanced (Value 2, Phase C)
This strategy can be usefull in scenarios like Plunder, where the objectives are placed in the center, because it will give us a clear advantage when getting ahead of our rival. It has the problem that if we play in scenarios where the objectives are placed in the deployment area, we will be increasing the area where our rival can set his objectives, including the possibility that he can put the Batsignal in more buildings.
Especially good if we have many characters with the undercover rule, since it will allow us to deploy practically fastened to our rivals. Imagine the effect with Deathstroke or Ra's al Ghul (Comic) ...

  • Change of Plans (Value 1, Phase D)
This strategy I use practically in all my games, because it allows me to join two objectives to try to control them in the first turn with my Hidden characters or to approach me the loot, especially if I play with Catwoman or Captain Boomerang. It combines very well with the Patrol strategy.

  • Patrol (Value 1, Phase C)
As we said, it combines well with the strategy of moving an objective to overtake the character who will go for the loot (Catwoman, Boomerang or Mr Pink Alternative), with this combination you can get to control the loot in the first turn, depending on the scenary. It can also be interesting for characters with Grapple Gun, to gain ground and to be able to launch the Grapple Gun as far as possible, or in shooters, to be able to deploy them in buildings that are outside the zone of deployment.

  • Tunnel (Value 1, Phase C)
This strategy is also one of the most used, because it allows me to reach the objectives in the second round and also saves the sewer entrance. Especially useful for bands with less mobility.

  • Reinforcements (Value 1, Phase C)
Another strategy that allows to gain great mobility, although unlike the Tunnel strategy, this is only activated to 4+, so it will make us have to think about its use a lot. Maybe it can be interesting in bands with more strategy points and scenarios like race for glory, because if we manage to get the roll we can have two miniature in the turn 2 in the objective zone. The good part is that it can be repeated.

    • Maps  (Value 1, Phase B)
    This strategy can serve us well for several uses. The first of them for the obvious, to have more points of light for our shooters, which can be completed with the Road Warning Signal strategy, in this way we can cover our objectives well.
    The second strategy is more elaborate, but would try to use it to place the lamposts or sewers in buildings where we can place a Batsignal and thus not leave enough space, having to place it within 5cm of a lampost or sewers. You can also read our entry "How to fight the Batsignal", to know more about this tactic.

    We can also give it a third use by combining with tunnel, to be able to have more sewer options to be able to go wherever we need.

    • Road Warning Signals (Value 1, Phase B)
    This strategy can come very well to bands like Green Arrow, Law Force, Two Face or Joker, bands with a great potential of shooting, that will slow down the rival to have to destroy these lanterns if you dont want to end up like a porcupine.

    It can also be used to complete the anti-Batsignal strategy we discussed earlier.
    • Vandalism/Vandalismo (Value  1, Phase B)
    Being only available to villain bands, it can serve to disrupt the strategy of our rival if it has many shooters canceling Maps or Road Warning Signals.

    Or if you use the lampost or sewers as a countermeasure to put them at the base of the building where you want to put the Batsignal, which would prevent us from putting it on top of the building, having to deploy ours at 20cm.

      These strategies are the ones that have seemed most interesting to us, but they are not the only ones, would you highlight any other? What other uses would you give to those we have commented on?

      Waiting for your comments!


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