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Battricks #002 - Electrocutioner (Taunt)

Hi there!

Today I continue with another post about tricks I usually use in BMG.

As I already said in the previous post, I'm not an expert and, of course, I don't want to teach anybody. But maybe we can share all the ideas to use models in different ways.

We the realease of Electrocutioner, a character you can use in every crew, I decided to propose some tricks with the rule: Taunt. This trait, nowadays, is only used by Lester Buchinsky y Big A., new Penguin's henchman.

The stats are not incredible for a Free Agent. His Attack 4 and Shock Gloves are dangerous, but the rest is not much better than an expensive henchman. However, Lester traits and his price is something to take into account.

First of all, Charismatic alouds him to be the third Free Agent in any crew (Penguin wont take advance of this because you can not deploy four FA).

Secondly, Taunt, the trait we will study today.

Taunt alouds you to relocate two enemy's counters to Attack. It is not like Disarray (a better rule), but it is not as bad as it can seem in a previous analysis.

- In the first case, we can avoid an enemy to take the loot or solve an enigma. Bearing in mind there are too many Catwomans around, it is not a bad idea to stop them.

- Another option is to change Police markers to control the use of whistles. Try to go with another model to hit them later an dbe careful with their weapons...

- Sometimes it is useful to go with a powerful model, such as Ravager or Zsasz. Electrocutioner will remove Bodyguard's markers and you will be able to hit the leader. Be careful and remember that if you want to hit people like Mad Hatter you must pass a Willpower check.

- Another idea is to avoid the use of Grapple guns, Flying, etc... For example, Firefly, if not hovering, is a good target.

ALERT: Don't use this against Hawks, cause they will destroy poor (and brave) Lester.

- For me, the best use of Taunt is against defensive models. Policewoman AKA Tonfa is a pain in the ass. Being able to change her defensive markers will permit to move her from an objective.

- Finally, and altough Osawld is one of my favourite characters, Electrocutioner can avoid some 'rats' to scape through the sewers.

As this is it!

I expect you like these ideas and I would like to encourage you to comment with other options.

Here you have the LINK to the previous Battrick and KM's LINK.!

See you!

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  1. I like this article. Im trying to figure out whether taunt on the new penguin henchmen is gonna be worth it.