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BMG: Analysis Electrocutioner

Hi to everyone.
Like many other times, we have a profile that stands out for something, and all those who remind Lester Buchinsky of the video game Batman Arkham Origins will agree that this "label" of to be "nobody" fits to him perfectly, and is that Electrocutioner is, along with Harley Quinn Animated, the cheapest Free Agent of all. In addition, now yes, already it is possible to be said that the 8 assassins that made presence on Arkham Origins are all available in Batman Miniature Game.

Despite of his Willpower base is 5, being a Criminal allows him to improve it to 6 at the time he achieve his first KO or casualty, although in his case it is not something that is easy to get, since his only tool for these are his melee attacks without any bonus (except the circumstantial EMP); for which it also has to arrive, which often entails expenditure of MC and/or SC, being interesting the use of SC also for his trait Taunt. It is striking that, at 350 points, he himself does not count towards the Free Agents limit because he is someone Charismatic (as strange as it sounds); you should also bear in mind that taking him in a band headed with the also Charismatic Penguin of Arkham City does not mean that they can take 2 more Free Agent. But perhaps the most striking is his lack of hatred, so the good Lester can go even in "good" bands, thus reminiscing his beginnings as a crime fighter.
Most of his traits are focused on the Offensive section, despite not being someone who guarantees many successes in this respect. Although his Shock Gloves may look like Reinforced Gloves improved by the option of disabling the counters of the rival in the case of obtaining a critic (CRT: Shock), really have the enormous disadvantage that when being a weapon cannot be used to make Grab (1SC) with them. The reason why it is not someone who guarantees many successes are in that it has to impact without option to failure, that his rival does not block him with 50% of options (although with his Taunt this can be avoided), and finally hurt (also 50% of options). At least EMP allows him to repeat failed rolls to wound to Cybernetic characters (such as Cyborg, Riddler's Mech or Militia Brute), Bot (like Riddler robots), Robot or Vehicle. Also bear in mind that is a character whose attacks do not cause any type of lethality.

It also has the same special attack Electric Storm (3SC+1AC) that characters like Nightwing or Little Spark are able to carry out, although perhaps rarely can take advantage to it for the cost that has. Against targets with a high defense could pose as an alternative to ensure at least an automatic impact, although it is still necessary to roll to hurt, and if it succeeds, the damage  would at least force the opponent to lose an action counter. Thus, if at least two enemies can be impacted, this special attack can be taken into account to roll only one die against each of them (the one to hurt), and if it has also been thrown in contact with one of them they, could still have up to 1-2 counters to hit again.

Defensively speaking offers a profile more worthy of a Henchmen with Defense 3 and Endurance 5, and considering that it is someone for short distances, against shots can last a sigh. Remember the case of Slipknot, with the exception that he is still equipped with a Bulletproof Vest, and just like he is still a Free Agent even easier to knock down, which translated into VP would be 3/4. These reasons make you have to think twice before putting Lester in the middle of several enemies.

Finally, and against all odds, it is a character that in what stands out most is in Support/Control tasks thanks to his forementioned Taunt (1SC), which will allow him to replace up to 2 counters of a Model (vehicles included) to 20 cm or less and in line of sight, and pass them to attack (very similar to Disarray). The idea of ​​this trait is to annul the defenses of the rival (here it is inevitable to remember characters like the Gotham Policewoman or League Agent 1 whom are so complicated to knock down due to the Defensive of their weapons), preferably in those that already have activated so that they will not serve those AC, although if it is not possible to put it in attack is that it is already quite loaded and somewhat neglected has left the defense (usually). But not only has to be seen as a tool to override defenses, it can also be interesting to use to avoid using Batclaws, Flying High, runs, Counter-Attacks ... or once you have already hit, move SC so that the rival have less recovery options among other things. Unlike Disarray, one of the strengths of this trait is that its use is not limited, so it could be used against several enemies in the same round, or even the same objective, and that the companions take advantage of it.

In short, Lester Buchinsky is a character perhaps more useful as a support than hittingby himself, although you have to be careful with him since he is quite fragile and not even against shooting has something that is useful, and with the rank of Free Agent who bears this means 3/4 VP for the opponent by letting him KO/casualty. In this aspect at least by itself does not occupy a Free Agent position for being Charismatic (although not combinable with other Charismatic that accompany him). His Shock Gloves allow him to do double damage (non-lethal) on each successful attack, although the downside is that they are considered a weapon so it is not possible to do Grab (1SC) with them, and his Strenght of 4+, which offers a 50% chance of success, hurting all unlocked hits that he has managed to do, although against a very specific type of enemy (Cybernetic, Bot, Robot and Vehicle) his EMP allows him to repeat this roll; of course given his profile is someone more thought to attack common Henchmen than characters of medium-high profile. His Taunt (1SC) can be useful to try to avoid some blocks of the rival, and also because not to avoid that the rival can use certain traits like the Batclaw, to run or to be able to recover more stuns at the end of the round, even his companions can take advantage of it if he use several times against different enemies or even against the same.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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