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Painting step by step Joker and Harley Suicide Squad Box

Hi Gothamites, it's time to introduce two of the most wanted minis in the Suicide Squad box, and it is about nothing more and nothing less than Joker Letto and Harley Margot.

We will begin with Joker and you will see how it is a very simple miniature of painting and with a great final result.

As a first step as always we will start with the primer, as this mini is a very vivid miniature of colors we will use a clear primer, here use a grey practically white.

Then with the skin tone kislex flesh I made the first base of the skin, it is a very pale honey tone and is perfect for this miniature.

With this purple of game color, I started to give the first color tone to the raincoat very diluted as always, in this case with special interest as it entered through the cracks of the texture giving it a very beautiful shade.

We will mix 20% of pure black and 80% of violet to mark even more the wrinkles, here I used an ink of the same tone as it comes very diluted and is perfect for this.

Later I made the opposite step, cleared the violet and mark the outline of the wrinkles, to give a little more light.

With this blue of fantasy game, I made the trousers as a base layer, and darkened and brightened by adding a drop of black for the interior areas and a small percentage of white to the most prominent parts. 'The same technique of the lilacs I used for the cane.

This green of Scalecolor, I used it for the hair since it is a tone that I love and it is very alive.
Remember to dilute everything well so that we do not lose the texture of the hair.

And then I darkened the green of scalecolor, very very diluted, and wetting very little the tip of the brush, passing through the inner lines of the hair.

I dont have photos of the step by step of the final tone of the skin, but it is very simple since his skin ends practically in white, I returned to use the skin of the base, and I clarified with a 10% of white to paint in the pectorals, hands, feet , abdomen and more pronounced parts of the face, and then the same process but with 20% white.

Once dry, with pure black and a fine brush of detail I made the tattoos.
This should be the end result.

Well, we have very little left to have our joker band finished, and what better way what with your character more fun, beautiful and sexy and is not the goat, is Harley Quinnzel, better known as Harley Quinn.

Like other minis to have striking colors, I primer it with a neutral tone, a light gray of vallejo in this case.

As a second step I decided on the skin, the citadel kislev flesh goes very well for her skin tone clear, do it in a well diluted way to not eliminate details.

Como siguiente paso me decidí por comenzar por los rojos, tanto de la chaqueta como el pantalón, elegí el Khorne red de citadel como base.

And for the blue parts mix the magic blue of game color with the citadel stegadon, for not light up too much.

The next step will be the mesh, shocks or whatever you want to call it, mix the base flesh with a little bit of the carbonized brown, I recommend the technique of the wet palette for this process, which we will gradually clarify towards the part that protrudes from the thigh and leaving the interiors darker.

Now we will begin to detail the mini, with this blue of model air, which I recommend not only for airbrush since with the brush to be so diluted enters the wrinkles perfectly, providing a very good clear/dark.

And with this pure red, we will do the opposite, we will illuminate the red parts of the mini, since previously when using the red darker we already obtained enough darkness in this tone.

Next step, with a dark gray, we will give tone to the arms and boots.

With the previous gray, lowered a bit with white, we will clear the gun and boots.

While the grays are drying, I painted the first hair tone with a white bone, very diluted so that it enters well in this, and not lose details.

With the same tone of white bone, and kislev flesh begin with the skin, both to lighten and darken, more flesh to darken and whiter to clarify, especially in the face.

With pure black and a detail brush, we will begin to mark the lines of the face, eyes, mouth, eyebrow, ponytails, text on the shirt and breakages in stockings, like details on the gun.

Almost the mini is finished, with the magic blue we used for clothes, well diluted we will do in the pigtails on the right, and the same with pure red very diluted.
The discolored bone will be clarified with white for the details of the hairs of the head,
And with the colors used in the hair and clothes we will do the facial painting and lips.

We are already in the last step, with this golden, we will paint the gun, the zipper of the jacket, and the letters from behind, touch up possible mistakes, and detail the parts that we forget or want to highlight.

Y con esta harley ya tenemos nuestra banda del joker lista!.
Esta banda es un placer verla sobre la mesa, espero que os haya gustado este tutorial. 

This will be the aspect that we will get from our entire band at the table.

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