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KM: New Web

Hi to everyone.

Yesterday afternoon Knight Models suddenly announced its new website, a web with a more interactive format and that seems to contain information of interest that will be updated. First of all you can see 7 different sections. Let's look at them one by one.


Its name says it all: the cover of the website. Basically contains links to the latest articles published, rather the last 3 published, which will be briefly discussed in their sections.

Batman Miniature Game

The game's flagship section of the brand. Here you can see a couple of articles on how to start with two bands with the same tone: green. In both the Green Arrow and Riddler articles, there is a comment about what these bands offer in terms of game style and members, and an example of each economic band and playable, some indications on how to play them and how they could be expanded. These items are ideal if you're just starting out with the game and are curious about how some bands work and how to start with them.

Along with these two articles of initiation there is also one about what this new expansion of the Campaign of Arkham Knight supposes, as well as a small review of what it supposes the creation of the new product line Multiverse, that is nothing more than playable miniatures Both in BMG and DCUMG, with the Catwoman (Modern Age) as the first dual novelty.

Harry Potter Miniature Game

Little or nothing can be seen right now in this section. The only remarkable thing is a photo of the miniature that was already seen of Bellatrix Lestrange, in this case painted.

DC Universe Miniature Game

Section obviously dedicated for the DC game in which the scale of power has no limits. The two articles that can be found here are very much in line with those already discussed in BMG, how to start playing with both the "good" and the "bad" factions. Given the existence of a single starter for this game, it is not possible (yet) to assemble a team pulling packs already made (only one formed by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but still need more miniatures to reach the 50 levels which are recommended to play), but for sure many of the players in this game come directly from BMG, with what will already have many minis.


Section in which all the documents of public use can be found. Currently, there are the well-known FAQs and Batmatch rules in both English and Spanish. To this must be added a small quick reference as well as the templates that can be found at the end of the game rulebooks. As a novelty, to make the wait more enjoyable, there are already available on the web a few documents to take control of the campaign, some field campaign markers and a map of Gotham City that insurance will be useful for carrying out customized campaigns.


A form for sending them messages. An alternative for the email.

Knight Models Store

A simple link to the known web page until now, with access to all their products and the option for buying them directly from Knight Models.

Regards and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred,
Xermi (translated by Josito)

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