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martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

Comparing #001 - Emperor Penguin vs. The Penguin

Hi there!

Today I start a new se tion in which we will compare models from BMG. The idea is to analyse miniatures with something in common, trying to determine how to use each of them.

With the release of Emperor Penguin, I decided to see who is the best Leader in a Penguin Crew.

First of all, data sheets.

Once we have checked the profiles, let's evaluate aspect by aspect how they can be used.


Bearing in mind Oswald is Small and has Movement 2, it is obvious that Emperor Penguin will be much better.

In this case, Ogilvy has Movement 3,and Fast. Not bad... Thanks to that he can move from place to place.

Oswald, instead, has to be careful, lead from behind and have a sewer quite close.


When brawling, Emperor Penguin is a tank. He is designed for that and you wont need to hire a Free Agent for that porpuse.

He can choose to hit with the chain or the Reinforced Gloves. With the first one he will have Attack 4 and Strength 3+. By hitting unarmed Ogilvy gains Master Fighter, a really powerful trait.

The Penguin has a deathly sword, something enemies don't realise until suffer its cold metal.


Emperor Penguin hasn't got any shooting weapon so he cannot be taken into account.

However, Mr. Cobblepot has an umbrella that can be used after moving (it has ROF 1) and it makes 3 Blood markers.

I have used it many times against pour henchmen.


When defending face to face, Ogilvy's profile is great. His defence 4, Tough Skin, Regeneration and Endurance 9 will aloud him to act alone, suring you he wont be defeated (except againts Deathtrokes and other similar models...).

Penguin will need a Bodyguard and a Shield, will act further that Emperor and will force you to think carefully how to scape if necessary.


Against shooting things change.

It is true that Emperor Penguin has Def 4 and Tough Skin, but I personally prefer Small and Bulletproof Vest.

However, be carfeul when using any of them. A rifle makes 9 wounds no matter how powerful and beautiful model you are...


Penguin is a great leader because he provides the crew with money (500$). Ogilvy offers also some money (300$), something to take into account.

Once you continue studying traits for the crew you realise that Ogilvy gives you only Scheming/1 and Penguin alouds you to have another Free Agent (Charismatic) and activate Henchmen easier (Mob).

So, Cobblepot wins in this case.


Many people will argue saying Emperor Penguin controls groups of models only by placing him in front of them with enough Attack counters...

However Oswald wins this section cause he has Persuasive, a powerful rule in an objective game.


The difference between both leaders, in this case, is huge. Penguin costs 75 and Emperor 111.

The thing is that if you observe and study it carefully you will see that it is necessary to hire some more miniatures if you decide to play with Oswald (Bodyguard, Shield...) Emperor can be hired alone.

So Penguin wins this last section.

Now we'll try to see advantages and disavantages of each of them.


- He can move freely.
- In close combat he is a beast.
- It will be difficult to defeat this model.
- Not necessary to hire close combat Free Agents.

- He is, maybe, too autonomous.
- Less traits for the rest of the crew.


- Offers you many rules for the crew.
- He is a really cheap Leader.
- Alouds you to have many rifles and grapple-guns.
- Is good against shooting.

- He must be in a line behind.
- He never goes really far by walk.

Finally, I will try to propose a list for each Leader, trying to take advance of their pros.


List in Hero Builder:

Emperor Penguin
111 REP
The Riddler 
69 REP
Little Spark
40 REP
Penguin Emperor 

31 REP
Royal Penguin
Grapple gun
24 REP
Blue Penguin (Shield) 
13 REP
Street Demonz 3
20 REP
Street Demonz 2
Prisoner 05
Grapple gun
21 REP
20 REP
Estrategy: Patrol  
1 Point
Estrategy: Patrol  
1 Point
Estrategy: Change of Plans
1 Point

Idea: Move and attack in group, being supported by Riddler and his COnfusion and Disarray. Finally, Prisoner 04 and Blue Penguin defending the objectives deployed in your own zone.


List in Hero Builder:

The Penguin
75 REP
Deadshot (SS)
96 REP
66 REP
Captain Boomerang (SS)

48 REP
Royal Penguin
Grapple gun, Ammo
24 REP
Blue Penguin (Shield) 
13 REP
Prisoner 04
18 REP
Pavilion A Subject
Grapple gun
10 REP

Estrategy: Secret Objective (Loot)
2 Points
Estrategy: Change of Plans
1 Point

Idea: In this case, we will use Cobblepot's extra Loot. Catwoman and Boomerang will try to take them while Deadshot and the rifle with the Grapple Gun cover. Behind, Pav A (with the other Batclaw) and Blue Penguin.


From my point of view, both are interesting and useful depending on the crew you prepare.

I expect you like (and comment) this post and add some ideas or other options to be taken into account.

See you!

5 comentarios:

No love for Penguin from the Gotham TV Show ?

Its true... I dont like it!!!
Do you prefer it?

Unfortunatelly for this miniature it reminds me of a show that i hate.
It's unfair because i usually like control heavy character and with Strategist, Mob, Scheming, Persuasive or Distract he brings a lot on the table.


What show?

I encourage you to use it cause its a great leader

The Gotham TV Show. I watch every superheros show but this one ... no.
Since Organized Crime has been teased a while ago, I'll wait the next starter to see how this Penguin could work in this new faction.

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