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Knight Models March Releases

Hi to everyone.

Friday was the day decided by Knight Models to finally announce all the news for this month, although some other things had already been seen.

Let's start with the flagship product, the new expansion add-on for Batman Miniature Game, which includes:
  • Thematic campaign based on the events during the Arkham Knight video game.
  • New campaign mode, so you can create your own campaigns and chain several games giving them something more sense.
  • Scenarios for more than 2 players.
  • Predator Mode. Considering how this mode is in the video game, you are probably facing a 1 vs many mode. Have to see how they manage to portray in table this mode in which the Dark Knight shows his habilities as a silent hunter.
  • Vehicles. Hopefully the well-known Batmovil and Rattler, will add some more type of vehicles. Until now they knew the rules to use them, but only had the Batmovil.
  • New equipment lists, so the options for the bands are expanded once again.
  • New traits, some of which have already been seen: Sneaking (Catwoman), Disturb (Monster T ...) ...
  • And much more.
By pre-ordering this new book, both in the Knight Models online store and in physical stores, until March 28th, a miniature of the Arkham Knight will be received exclusively with 3 possible heads, as already mentioned in his day here.
On this new version of Jason Todd, the first thing that catches the attention is his Leader rank in a Scarecrow band, and also his affinity with Batman of Arkham Knight, although this pair would raise the cost of the band to 255 reputation points, but would not incur any expenditure in $. In this case you have a profile with enormous damage from the middle distance (the same potential damage as Dallas), in addition to having a great mobility thanks to his thematic trait: Vanish, which will consume his action of movement allowing him to reposition himself to 20 cm or less and still be able to shoot. The other strong point is his advanced deployment once you have everything on the table, which in someone like him with a 40 cm range weapon can be a problem for the rival.

Another thing that is striking is that it is said that he cannot use the Batclaw trait, besides having a rule that allows him to equip objects for "Arkham Knight". From this we deduce 2 things: that there will be list of equipment exclusive for him, and that will has access to a Batclaw.
Find out why Dick Grayson is a worthy candidate to carry the Bat's robe by watching his profile
And from Robin to Robin we arrived at Nightwing, in a new version of Bludhaven's watchman, which offers the same punch as his predecessor in addition to greater resistance to shooting, as long as he has counters for it and can use them. As well known, Dick Grayson has been one of the few with ribbons enough to sheathe the mantle of the bat, and that is why if Batman is not in the same band as him, his rank ascends to Leader.
Oswald and his new boys have a lot to contribute to the band, check it out by watching their profiles
Also based on the video game we have a new starter of Oswald and his boys, in this case motorcycle-themed. Penguin himself offers a more controlling profile, being able to ruin a rival strategy (especially interesting now that Snitch is not allowed in tournaments), be able to leave an opponent without attacking, or use any teammate (even if he is KO) to take the hits in place of it. In addition, given the control of armament which is demonstrated in the video game, the Ammo Crates give him more points than normal.

Regarding the Street Demonz that accompany him, they all remind the Snowies of Mr Freeze in the sense of deny the repetition of failed rolls to wound against them with sharp weapons. The first of them stands out for being armed of  base with 2 petrol bombs, and the danger that always entails to be armed with weapons that apply Fire. The second contributes without limit of reach (limited by his visibility) with some precision, at a low cost, albeit with the disadvantage of requiring 1 whole round between shooting and shooting to reload the crossbow. Finally, the third of them contributes a lot in melee, although of all of them it is the most easy to fall.
Check him profile and you will see why this Lieutenant is so provocative
Along with this pack, has also made an appearance of a new big type for the band, which in addition to melee provides some more control and protection for their peers. And it is that like Electrocutioner, can provoke the rival by putting up to 2 counters in attack, reason why it can be annoying to him to carry out some actions, or to leave its defenses somewhat careless.
For both BMG and DCUMG, Catwoman has a lot to contribute
And the turn of one of the great news and point of union between Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game. And is that Knight Models announces in passing a new line of miniatures called Multiverse, which are nothing more than miniatures with profile in the blister for both games.

The first to receive individual beat profiles is a new version of Catwoman. Regarding the profile of Batman Miniature Game, there is a version of Selina that is able to raise doubts about whether to choose this or the old, and is that despite not punctuating double for loots, she is able to move with it without paying the MC, besides offering a profile more sticking and with option to take off of its rival just before to score (Sneaking: At the start of the Victory Points and Casualties Count phase, this model can move up to 5 cm, following the Normal rules of movement), not only to not deny to her, but for example to deny control of an objective to the rival.

As far as DC Universe Miniature Game is concerned, it offers a more supportive profile, applying detrimental effects to her enemies emphasizing above all the fact of being able to leave one of them demolished with only to hurt. Another striking aspect is her double affiliation, and is that Selina has the same with whom to ally themselves with to achieve her goal.
The Atlantean God stands impotent in the face of his enemies
Aquaman is another novelty that had already been seen over the past week. As far as profile is concerned, the set of rules available to him basically make him a highly mobile character with a stamina worthy of a God.
Kara Zor-El doesnt want to be less than Kal-El
And finally there are other of the most famous Kryptonians next to Superman: Supergirl. As expected, as far as profile is concerned, it is very similar to her older "brother" but with a lower cost: despite having the same defenses, her resistances are somewhat lower; her basic blow is also somewhat inferior to that of Kal-El, although her Frost Breath and Thermal Vision are exactly the same.

Finally, it has a series of 100% themed markers for: Superman/Supergirl, Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps.
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