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BMG & MUMG Juny Releases

Hello everybody.

Yesterday, and after filtration which was unveiled what was expected for the coming months, Knight Models revealed the novelties for this month.

For Batman Miniature Game , this month has focused on the novel by Frank Miller: The Dark Knight Returns, with its 3 novelties of this month drawn from the pages of that book (or rather of adaptation to the small screen).
Checks that methods use Sons of Batman to help Bat in his fight against crime
The first one and already released a few days ago, consists of a new starter led by the most atypical of all Robin: Carrie Kelly, who goes on to become the character cheaper able to lead the Bat band with 54/$100, 5 points below Barbara Gordon in his comic version. Despite not having a Batclaw, it is a fairly fast and with a capacity of concealment known to date only by Kid Flash character. But she has not come alone, and that the famous Sons of Batman accompany she in the form of exclusive Henchmen for this band, each bringing something different to the band: The SoB 1 racing Policewoman thanks to his 14 reputation points, as well to offer some support with their Batlings and easier to shoot down enemy; SoB 2 offers firepower and crowd control with his sawed-off shotgun; and finally the SoB 3 becomes in the "elite" Henchmen  for this band, with a very interesting profile and skills in both attack and defense and support.
What new macabre plans will think this new Joker?
And what would become of Batman without his most bitter enemy. And it is that a new Joker has come to Gotham accompanied by his explosive bots: Bobbie, Mary and Bobbie MKII. As regards Joker has a more aggressive profile for a low cost (the cheapest to date) . His three companions, despite offering very little resistance are , as expected, to be able to blow themselves to scare their enemies; also they add more mobility to the band since they all are able to fly.
Although not fully of his faculties, Oliver Queen is still a great shooter
And finally, at the expense of seeing if someday comes the armored version of the Dark Knight (although it could well be the "Batfleck" version), comes the most striking of all Green Arrow known : the one-armed, who again has a point cost really low, and part of it is that their offensive potential its reduced to a unique arrow shot by attack by no more help than a +1 to hit. What is really striking about this new profile is one of his arrows, and yes, it is the same arrow used to help the Dark Knight in his duel against Superman: an arrow of Kyptonita, although not know what does, sure to be a pain for some as Superboy and Supergirl.
Hulk, destroys!
Turning now to Marvel Universe Miniature Game, it is impossible not to start talking about someone wearing expected arrival since the game landed: Hulk. Who is able to destroy everything in his path but at a relatively high cost. As expected, it reaches its full potential when injured, at which point it is better to be away from him, though perhaps not entirely safe because 'is able to throw up objects the size of buildings!!
If you want to know the reasons why Emma came to lead the school of mutants, look at their profile
At the expense of meeting her Phoenix version, this Jean Grey has much to offer
The other two new novelties are two of the best-known telepaths of Professor Charles Xavier school talents: Emma Frost and Jean Grey. The first can sacrifice her support capacity towards becoming a rock to return his body as hard as diamond. The second, also offers support also "cover fire" to their peers and may even throw objects with the mind.

So, after seeing this month, and in contrast to the leaked information, and only to be expected:

  • To MUMG, The Brotherhood of Mutants, where all hope at least see Magneto and Mystique between them.
  • BMG, the starter of Gorilla Grodd band
As always, throughout the month we will explain each of these novelties.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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