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BMG Team Builds: Secret Six

Secret Six


First thing first, we look at the special rules available for the team.  Secret Six has both some positive and negative Traits for using the team.  The negative is fairly significant; any Crew that is not a Batman, Green Arrow, or Law Forces Crew gains additional VP for inflicting Casualties against your crew.  Fluff wise, this represents that the Secret Six or not fully “bad guys.”  In game, this means 14 of 17 Crews get bonus points for Casualties.  However, this is also counterbalanced by the fact that KO and Casualty VPs are not as high as some other teams. 

The benefits of running the Secret Six are twofold.  First, each member, assuming there are six or fewer members, then each member adds Teamwork 2/ (ALL) to their card. Currently, you need to spend 445 points to have the least expensive version of 6 models, and have no option to have more than 6, as there are not enough released models; therefore we can assume that nearly all games that include the Secret Six will allow the Teamwork Trait to be added.  I have only fairly recently begun playing with the Teamwork rules, but this does seem like a fairly significant addition for free.  You can also add either or both of the following Strategies; Hunt to grant your boss the Assassin 2 Trait or Secret Resources to either add or subtract a Sewer or Lamppost.  The first seems pretty strong, especially for only 1 Strategy point, the second seems fairly situational.
Now, with all that taken into account, let’s look at a couple of potential lists, using available models:

The Hunt (300) 
Catman  (The Hunt strategy)
Animated Harley

In this case, I would move Catman and Bane forward, trying to draw the enemy to them.  Ideally, Bane gets to use Catman’s tokens through Teamwork to cause the most damage.  Catman can break off at any number of places using Tracking to secure an Objective, take on a Boss, or engage a lone model.  Meanwhile, Stryx and Harley should be hunting down Loot and Riddle markers, or Stryx can engage single model targets.

Straightforward (350)
AO Bane 96
AC Deadshot 76
Hatter 75
Stryx 61
Animated Harley 40

Not much different here, I would have Bane take center stage, drawing the enemy to him.  Deadshot and Hatter act as his mobile support; they trail behind and add firepower to help keep Bane moving.  Again, Stryx and Harley are there to attack single models or grab Objectives. 

The options for a Secret Six Team are very limited at the moment.  There are exactly 6 models (in name) that can be chosen, and that is all.  Still, it is a fun group of models, making for some interesting pairings.  And the Teamwork Trait really does add a powerful and adaptive element to each model. 

For the future, though, there are a few models coming their way:
            Black Alice, Cheshire, King Shark, Parademon, Ragdoll, and Scandal Savage

A quick review of that list seems to favor the possibility of some high-rep, heavy hitters like King Shark and Parademon, but also some more reasonably priced models like Chesire and Ragdoll.  I’m looking forward to seeing what develops here.


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  1. Hi Andrew!
    The most important problema I see at the moment is the lack of three dimensions movement. It is true that the Acrobat rules, nowadays, provides you the possibility to jump quite high. But the batsignal or the bots require flying and batclaws rules.
    Anyway, Ill try these lists cause they seem to be very interesting!!

  2. After reading that I can only expect the new additions for this Teams. With Birds of Prey, this is the one that I like most, and as you mention, their Teamwork can be a pain for the enemy. What is sure is that this Team is quite focused on dealing tons of damage to the enemy.