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BMG Comparing Batgirl

Hello everybody.

As it couldn't be less, with this new Batgirl from the Animated world it is time now to compare her with the Comic version who is among since some months. As always, first a general view of their mainly aspects:
Willpower 6
Willpower 5
MovementMov 3
Mov 3
Strength 4+
Batlings (2)
Strength 5+
Batlings (1)
Attack 3
Strength 4+
Combo With: Unarmed
Sneak Attack
Attack 3
Strength 5+
Combo With: Unarmed

DefenseDefense 4
Endurance 6
Martial Artist
Defense 4
Endurace 4




Only aspect where both of them are exactly the same. For not being Acrobat, both have a typical value for them, and the Batcape will let them to leap down from the top of a building without having to pay any MC (when not paying this MC it will be considered a falling, easy to avoid with this trait). Maybe the most remarkable of this is that the Animated version has become the cheapest Batclaw of the game even below Damian Wayne (without having into account team equipment), and everybody knows the mobility provided by it.

It is a good time to see the advantages of the Batcape over the Batclaw. Batclaw spends all the basic movement of the character, so if he/she begins from quite distance of the edge of the building it is possible to waste a full round on the heights because dices doesn't roll enough number to cover that distance. Having a Batcape lets to ignore this because, if this is the case, the 10 cm of the basic movement distance can still be used (or 8 or 12, depending of the character) to descend vertically for 1 SC and continuing moving on the ground.


Despite of having the same Batlings both of them, their Strength is the most substantial difference among them. While Comic version has 50% chances of damaging with them, the Animated one has only 33% chances and with no option to fail due to she only has 1 Ammo. Its main usage can be destroying lamppost and try to ensure at least 2 contusion damage (and the loss of an action counter) for Just a Scratch! attacking enemies with low defense value.


Both share the same inconvenience of having Attack 3, although with their Combo With: Unarmed they can realize up to 4 strikes (6 if she has used a Titan Dose) but still blockable with a 67% of chances by the opponent.

Comic version can make this inconvenience to disappear thanks to her Sneak Attack (1 SC), which having Willpower 6 can let her to leap down from a roof (1 MC + 1 SC when using Batclaw, or 1 SC when using Batcape) and strike up to 4 times with no option to block them, even pushing (1 SC) to apart him/her from an objective or provoking a coup, or grabbing (1 SC) so an ally can take advantage of this (such as a outnumbered situation).

On the other hand, the Animated version doesn't have that surprise factor on his attack, but she has a Distract to engage an enemy and try to grab him so his/her Defense is decreased in a -2 at the moment another mate joins the fight (except Martial Artist). It is true that her hits deal no more damage than a single contusion, but it can be a good reason for him try to block them for not having a -2 to his/her Defense, although damaging to 5+ doesn't help so much to succeed on the grab, but at least the enemy will have lost defense counters (even all of them). The inconvenience of this is that only with 5 action counter she can't achieve that on a perfect way, she has to sacrifice 1 attack or descending from the heights using the Batcape and trusting on her 10 cm (supposing she begins on a high place).


Once again the Animated version has only some of the mechanisms of her "rival" for this task, on her case it is only a value 4 for the Defense and the passive protection against falls given by the Batcape.

In addition to this, Comic version offers something else against ranged and close combat attacks; on the first case for being only visible within 20 cm (Stealth), which added to her Batclaw makes her almost invisible for the rival; on the second case her immunity against Outnumbered situations for being Martial Artist. The other plus point for the Comic version is her Endurance 6, 2 points above her little sister, which means that against double damage attacks such as 2 gun shoots can make her useless during all the game, and being a Free Agent it supposes 4 points if she is killed (3 when KO).


Totally different on this aspect due to each one offers a different thing. Comic version guarantees an extra passing (Informer), which added with the characters with the trait Detective that can go with her can be a good reason for taking the Batsignal as one of the objectives and having the last word on each round (for turning it on). On the other hand, the Animated version offers support for the combat with her Distract, although for this she must be exposed to the enemy (10 cm).


What is sure is that Batgirl is not a character focused to deal tons of damage on the enemy, but useful for easing that task to her mates (by Grabbing), or denying the enemy controlling objectives (by Pushing), in addition to have both of them a great mobility thanks to the combination of Batclaw + Batcape + Movement 3.

Comic version is perfect for controlling as soon as possible her Titan Container (which can be even better if the Ammo Crate is moved with Change of Plans (1/D), so both of the can be controlled at the same time) thanks to her Defense 4 + Stealth + Martial Artist, in addition to being able to strike up to 6 times if she decides to use a Titan Dose, in addition to increase her Strength to 3+ and her Defense to 5, although her damage is still a single contusion, so on this cases she is perfect for applying Push to the annoying enemy denying her controlling the objective.

On the other hand, the Animated version is perfect for going with somebody more aggressive, specially Batwoman in Law Force due to until now nobody empowered her, taking advantage of her Distract and Grabs to apply up to a -2 to the enemy Defenses.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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