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BMG The Flash & The Arrow: Teams

Hi to everyone.
We start a new series of articles analyzing this new expansion for Batman Miniature Game with one of the most striking novelties: Teams. Teams are bands made from renowned characters, but following different patterns when configuring these peculiar bands.

When setting up a Team, the first of all is to choose one of them, which for now is limited to: Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and Secret Six, each one with its own members and special rules themselves. Once you have made the Team from members of the list, the next step is to choose their leader in the battlefield, which has nothing to do with the range of the character since it is the table itself which indicates which characters have gallons of Boss, even some of them must be the boss no matter what if they are in the band.

Each of these teams has a number of special rules that give them that touch so characteristic, as well as access to unique strategies.It may even be the case that the score for KO/Casualty of the band members differs from usual, in which case indicated in the description of the team itself.


AlwaysBlack Canary
YesBatgirl (Barbara Gordon)...
NoCatwoman, Lady Shiva, Poison Ivy, Dove...
ALWAYS/YES/NO denote whether that character can be the Boss group (Yes/No), or whether it should be if part of it (ALWAYS)

As part of its characteristic touch have their stealth capability, which resulted in rules it means that each of the members wins the Stealth trait if it is not already. In addition, following that line of surprise, they have as own strategy the option of the free deployment of 2 of its members at any point on the table from turn 2.


YesBane (Arkham Origins)...
NoBlack Alice, Deadshot, King Shark, Mad Hatter...

One of his characteristic touches honours the name of the team, and that is when the band is found with 6 or fewer members, all members get the trait Teamwork/2 (All).


AlwaysAmanda Waller
YesBlack Manta, Bronze Tiger, Deathstroke...
NoCopperhead, Gorilla Grodd, Enchantress, Killer Croc, King Shark...

As expected, the characteristic touch of this particular group has to do with the ARGUS micropumps that stands in their skulls to keep them controlled. This resulted in rules means or the Suicide Squad must accumulate a minimum of VP per round, or one of its members will fly through the air. In addition, today is the only team with own equipment list.


AlwaysNightwing (Dick Grayson)
YesBatgirl, Cyborg, Jason Todd, Wonder Girl...
NoAqualad, Damien Wayne, Kid Flash, Starfire, Superboy...

In the case of Teen Titans, their inexperience has its impact on the battlefield, because the opponent has the option to remove some another character counters unless at least Sidekick range is include to remedy this defect.

Up to now there are only 4 renowned teams, but what is certain is that a very interesting door has been opened

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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