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MUMG: Analysis Starlord

Hello everybody.
Despite have begun with Groot, finally it’s time for the starter of this peculiar group, and as always who better to begin with than their "leader", the looter from the Earth: Starlord. Let’s start with his Level, as this, is even more striking than Cyclops! Among all the Guardians of the Galaxy he has the lowest Level with a (some would say, human) value 6, just above the Black Widow from the Avengers. Regarding his power of 7, he is at the same level as his team mates, with the obvious exception of Gamora who is top dog on 8 (the same as the mighty Thor and the quintessentially American, Captain America), although it decreases to 6 when he is in the red area of his Endurance bar.
Beginning with his Mobility, Peter stands up to most with his ability to Fly, which will let him move freely with the option to arrive at any place on the board, and although his two first tiers have the average value, the third one is 2 points below it for these kind of characters: 4/7/12 (10/17.5/30 cm).

In defensive terms Peter’s another of those characters that can be considered easy to hit due to his low values for Physical, Energy and Supernatural Defence, as all of them come in with a value 14. His Mental Defence of 17 is between that of Deadpool at 20 and Colossus at 13. His Fly skill however not only grants him more mobility as mentioned, but it also gives him a +1 to his Defence against close combat attacks, unless his rival also has this skill. His defensive ace in the hole is his Energy Field (2) which, once per game, lets him reduce the wounds by 2 from all damage coming from either Physical or Energy sources and due to the Resistance/2 he wins, although characters like Wolverine and Captain America will be able to ignore that thanks to the Irresistible trait attached some of their attacks.

His Agility 8 grants him a 44% of chance of success with rolls of this kind, as the needed for reducing to the half the damage from Expansive, Spray or Explosive attacks, as well as the chance to avoid being impacted by throws with him in the firing line. Also it’s worth noting that, while he remains in the top area of his Endurance bar this value, his agility, is increased to 10, so the chances are further increased to 67%. Regarding Stamina he has the same value as his basic Agility, 8 this grants him a 44% chance of not getting KO’d in rolls of this kind as well as being able to recover from it; with Peter KO’d it is almost impossible for the enemy to fail any impact roll as his defences are decreased to 10/10/10/13. His Willpower value of 11 is more encouraging as it grants him a 77% of chance of succeeding in these kinds of rolls, for example avoiding Trick (1).

His 12 Endurance points are closer to the 9 of Black Widow rather than that of the 20 his teammate Groot, distributed in 4 points in each area. While he remains in the top area, as it has been mentioned, his Agility is increased by 2 points up to 10, on the other hand, when he is in the critical zone not only is his Power is decreased to 6, he also loses his Fly ability, as does billionaire playboy, philanthropist Iron Man, and so he becomes a target that can be taken down quite easy.

Offensively talking, Starlord is another character that should stay far from the combat due to, in addition with his low defences, the fact that all his attacks are ranged and he doesn't have the Strength value for throwing objects bigger than human size such as motorbikes. The only difference with his two attacks are the nature of them and the effects they apply (and the 1 more POW on the second one), both have a range of 12' (30 cm) and deal 2 wounds, in addition they are not limited in usage beyond the POW:
  • Quad-Laser (2): The real danger of this attack is the combination of its Penetrative trait with Starlord's Total Vision, making impossible to hide from it using cover. Additionally it can destroy elements in its trajectory, or at least deal them some damage.
  • Element Gun (3): Interesting for the control it offers on the enemy slowing them by 1 point thanks to the Ensnare/1 it applies if it damages due to its freezing effect, which can be increased even more with the Wall of Roots (3) from his friendly Ent like teammate, Groot.
Lastly, in Support/Control roles, Starlord has some things to offer. In addition his already mentioned Total Vision, making those characters with the Stealth or Invisible skill useless and unable to protect from him by keeping their distance, and the Ensnare trait from his element gun. Peter can decide once per game, which player begins activating thanks to his Perfect Plan. Despite not being good at going toe to toe with the enemy, Starlord can, once per round, try to decrease by 1 point the Physical Defence of a visible target, which in his case could be used against enemies totally hidden! (Total Vision) and so he doesn't have to expose himself to their reprisals, using his Trick (1).

NOTE: The word Target means there has to be line of sight with the objective.

Summarizing, Starlord is other of these characters to use at distance and not expose him too much due to his low defences and how complicated it can be to keep him stood up as, as soon as he leaves the top area of his Endurance bar (4 wounds) he becomes an easy target. His Quad-Laser (2) makes his ranged skills impressive thanks to the combination of the Penetrative trait of the weapon and with Total Vision, which will let him to attack hidden enemies piercing all the scenery in its path, or better, attack enemies while hiding himself behind the scenery.

Regarding the use of POW Peter is a character that has something to offer on the four basic aspects (mobility, attack, defend, support/control):

  • If he hasn't used his Energy Field (2), the ideal option would be to save at least 2 POW for reacting to enemies attacks, which will leave him with 5 POW to attack twice with his Quad-Laser (2) (sacrificing at least one Overload), perfect if he is hidden; or attacking once and using the rest of his POW to move, improve his defences, to use Trick (1)...
  • Once he has used it, he can use his 7 POW to attack once with each attack in exchange for 5 POW, 7 if Overloading, although if the Ensnare of his Element Gun (3) doesn't impact, his Quad-Laser (2) could be used a second time instead of it, which will leave him with 1 remaining POW.
As is normal, he gives his full potential while he is in good condition, increasing his Agility to 10, although at the moment he leaves this comfort zone his value goes back to 8. In the critical area his power is decreased to 6 and his wings are clipped (he loses Fly).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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