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MUMG: Analysis Rogue

Hello everybody.
And finally is time for the last member of the starter of the X-Men and maybe one of the actual characters more complicated to discover all her power: Anna Marie, more known as Rogue. Regarding Level (8) and Power (7) she is on the same situation as his mate Wolverine. His Level is on the third step behind Thor (12), and Gamora and Groot (9), and once again above her "leader" Cyclops; her Power leaves her only one point behind the most powerful characters (as Thor, Gamora and Captain America), although at the moment she is on a critical situation it decreases to 6, moment when Scott's Leadership could affect her.
On the Mobile aspect she is the most dynamic mutant up to the date because she is the only one with the Fly skill which will let her to move vertically if she needs it and, very important, she is not affected by the limitation of Jumping into the Void which forces the character to stop at the moment she reaches the edge (so it is not possible to move and Jumping into the Void, in that order, as part of the same movement action, it must be done upside down beginning in contact with the border and starting the movement action Jumping into the Void). In addition to this she also has a second tier movement 1 point over the average, so she can move up to 4/8/14 (10/20/35 cm).

In Defensive terms, with the exception of the Mental Defense (18) the rest have some intermediate values, although all of them decrease in 1 point at the moment Rogue leaves the high area of her Endurance bar. Both Physical (16) and Energy (16) if are improved grant her 50% of protection against characters with Attack 5 using Overload, although against Attack 7 it is not so much difficult impacting her (68.36%). Supernatural (15), even being true is not a high value and having into account actually the best value known until today is Colossus' 17, is not difficult to succeed against it with Overload attacks even more if it is decreased to 11 when Marie is KO (a value even worst than scenery), also unfortunately for her it must not being forgotten it is the only defense that can not be improved. Lastly, her Mental Defense (18) is only overcome by the exceptional case of Deadpool and his value 20, although with a defensive improvement Anna Marie can also reach this value, but it is only a detail because up today no one has attacks of this nature. In addition to all this she has her Fly skill which grants her an additional +1 against close combat attacks if the enemy doesn't have also this skill, and having into account her Power Drain is limited only to close combat it is interesting this extra protection against enemy's reprisal, which will grant her a Physical value up to 19, and in short distances all the known attacks have this nature with the exception of Thor's For Asgard and another's Rogue's Power Drain (on this cases she will have her base value of 15 because both of them also Fly).

Regarding Endurance she can receive up to 14 wounds before being defeated, once again this is between the hardest characters as Groot (20) and the weakest as Black Widow (9), although at the moment she accumulates 5 wounds she will offer less resistance due to the -1 to all her defenses (it could been said that in close combat this -1 is cancelled by her Fly bonus), which also affects to her Power decreasing it to 6 at the moment she also reaches the critical area of that bar. Her agility 8 grants her 44% of chances reducing the damage to the half for Spray, Expansive or Explosive attacks, and immunity against thrown being her on the trajectory of it. Similarly to this, her Stamina 8 also grants her a 44% of chances of not getting KO when she abandons the top area of her Endurance bar (when she has received 5 wounds), or recovering from that state. Where she offers good chances are on Willpower rolls due to her 11 value grants her 77% chances (84% is she is in good conditions due to her value 12).

On the Offensive area, Rogue is not a character to be considered harmful, neither for her attacks nor her value (5, 6 if she is in good conditions), but on the other hand she is one of those characters that can be considered good by grabbing and throwing due to her Strength 4, which will allow her to throw characters as big as Hulk up to 8' (20 cm) away dealing him 3 wounds, she can also deal the thrown character's size in damage to another enemy if he/she is thrown against him/her. Letting for the end her unique attack:
  • Superstrike (3): Mainly for this attack Rogue is perfect for engaging into a combat and striking first. In addition to the 2 wounds it deals, it offers a potential lose of 3 POW counters on the rival, 2 for its Stun/2 and 1 more if the enemy decides to use defensive improvement, which should be the most common if he/she doesn't want to suffer damage and that lose during the same attack.
  • Strike (2): Nothing remarkable on this 1 single damage attack, maybe thought for last hitting the enemy to kill him or make him/her moving to another area of his/her Endurance bar.
  • Power Drain (5): The best thing of this attack is its Supernatural nature, so the enemy can't improve his/her defense. More than the 3 damages it deals, the really interesting of this attack is the copy of any attribute, skill or special power, which becomes Rogue into a versatile character easy to adapt to the situation, although she has to chose wisely what to copy. Having into account all the characters know until today:
Rogue is one of those characters that should strike once, save POW to defend herself, and/or moving for arriving into a combat or running away from it
He has good movement values and the freedom of movement given by Fly
With her 4 value she can Grab and Throw characters as biger as Hulk
She is not a character focused on attacking. It could have sense for ensuring even more her Power Drain, but this will be incoherent due to this is the attacks she uses to copy
SizeUp today its only use is protection against Grabs
AgilityIt would make sense combined with Acrobat
It could be interesting as last resource for enhance her 44% in rolls of this kind
Her value grants her a 77% (84% when its value is 12)
Acrobat44% chances of succeed. It can be a good idea if the rival has many Explosive, Spray or Expansive attacks
AgileCombined with her Fly will become her, probably, in the most mobile character of the game
InmunityIf the enemy has many attacks of this Nature, it can be an interesting option
Master Fighter
It can be quite useful for ensuring the Stun/2 of her Superstrike, in addition to think about using her Strike without Overload, although it doesn't deal so much damage it can be annoying for the enemy being receiving wounds 1 by 1
Master Tactician
She has a 77% (84%) of chances. It can be a good idea attacking with her first to apply her Stun/2 and then attack with an ally. It also can be useful to thorw an ally into a combat and try to activate him to take advante of the knocked down enemy
Perfect Plan
Sometimes can be a good idea to being the round first. It can also force the enemy to use his Perfect Plan if he/she doesn't want to lose it
Interesting to enlarge her life. It can even used her Power Draing against a mate so he can heal himself/herself.
ResistanceIf the enemy has many attacks of this Nature, it can be an interesting option
SoldierIt can be a good reinforce for her 44% chances on Stamina rolls
It is always useful the extra protection given by not being visible mainly against ranged attacks within 8' (20 cm)
StrategistVery circumstantial. It could be useful if it is necessary to have the last activation because on the scenary it can be an advantage
Perfect for empower even more her support role. It can combine perfectly with Wolverine supporting him even more in the combat making his strikes much easier
Cheat Death (1)(P)
It can save hel life in a critical moment, avoiding to change of area in the Endurance bar, or cancel an attack with a big amount of damage
I am Groot! (2)(A)
Perfect for empower even more her support role by pinning down an enemy so a mate can reach him/her
It becomes Rogue into a rock with a potential value of 21 wounds (for 6 rounds games)
Scape Artist 
Better protection, on this case against grabs

Energy Abrotion 
Better protection, on this case cancelling 1 energy attack against her. The rest of the Special Power couldn't been used because she doesn't have that attack
Energy Field 
Better protection, on this case enhancing in 2 points her Physical an Energy defenses (increasing them to 18)

Hammer of Storms 
Better protection, on this case against Distancia%20%2824x24%29.png attacks

Better protection, on this case against Physical (18) and Energy (18) attacks. Specially useful on the Physical aspect due to a lot of the close combat attacks have this nature, so she could have up to value 21 (Fly + Defensive Improvement) 
Adamantium Skelleton 
Better protection, on this case against Physical attacks


NOTE 1: Her Drain Power can't copy Defenses because they are not in the Attribute section.
NOTE 2: It must be possible to fulfill the conditions on the Special Power. For example, she can't use Deadpool's Bodyslam because it states that is Deadpool who uses it, on the same way she can hit with the free Snikt using Fastball Special because she doesn't have that attack.

Lastly, in tasks of Support/Control she doesn't offer anything with the exception of the Stun/2 she can apply once per round. Although this facet will depend more of what she decides to copy.

Summarizing, the only skill Rogue has makes her a mandatory piece for her team due to she is the only mutant with the capability of reaching, normally, any place thanks to her Fly skill. That makes her perfect for taking objectives and running away from the enemy, as in the scenery The Relic. Although her copy options can be quite wide, her role on the team will remain in support tasks due to her options for attacking can't be increased.

Although offensively talking she doesn't deal so much damage, she can combine her attacks in different ways:
  • Perfect for joining a mate into a close combat and attacking first with her Superstrike (3+1 POW) to force the enemy to lose 2-3 POW counters with the combination of its Stun/2 and the defensive improvement he/she could use; the 3-4 remaining counters could be kept for defensive improvements, runaway from the combat once she has done her job, searching another target for the next round, or focusing on the objective of the mission.
  • Close to the above combination, if she begins in contact with her enemy she can use her Superstrike (3+1 POW) and then Grabbing and Throwing him/her (2+1 POW) just in front of a mate so he/she doesn't have to pay any POW to move, in addition to having a "+1" to impact for being the enemy knocked down. This will be her most offensive combination and will let her without any POW for anything else, but she will have dealt up to 5 wounds.
  • For ensuring the success of her Power Drain the best is Overload it, which makes this attack to cost 5+1 POW, letting her only with 1 POW for arriving to the combat or running away from it, which means to use it with high probability of success Rogue should be within 4' (10 cm) of her target.
  • Her Strike is probably one of the attacks of all the crew less used during the game due to its low damage, also because her Superstrike offers even more, or her Strength 4 for Grabbing and Throwing enemies.
As in most of the cases, she releases all her potential when she is on the high area of her Endurance bar, having her defenses decreased in 1 point when she leaves it (although in close combat it is compensated with her +1 for Fly against enemies without it), in addition to having her power decreased to 6 when she enters on the red area (at least on this case Scott's Leadership could let her to remain with 7 POW).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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