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MUMG: Analysis Colossus

Hello everybody.
Now is time for the hardest mutant of all, at least the ones in the side of professor Charles Xavier: Colossus, who as it can be expected is a slab complicated to be overthrown, at least against most of the attacks. As Cyclops, Colossus also has Level 7, the same as Power, so once again Scott's Leadership/4 won't work with him, only when he is pushed to the limit moment when it decreases to 6.
In terms of Mobility he offers even less than Cyclops, mainly because he only has the typical values 4/7 (10, 17.5 cm).

On the Defensive aspect he deserves to be analysed defense by defense:
  • Physical Defense (20): He not only has the best value known until today, he also can increase it up to 22 which means that the enemies with attack 5-6 must Overload their attacks if the want to have any chance to impact him. But not only this, because all those attacks with the Pierce type deal him 1 damage less due to his Resistance/ 1Pierce, which offers him full protection against attacks like Black Widow's Bullet Barrage and Deadpool's Bang-Bang, for example. But this high level of defense is not forever, because when he accumulates 8 wounds it will decrease by 1 point (19), and 2 by the time he is heavily wounded, although value 18 still is a good value having into account he can improve it up to 20.


  • Energy Defense (17): Although it is not the 18 value of Black Panther, Nova and Rocket Racoon, it is only one point below with option to arrive to 19. Once again his fortitude against attacks of this nature is enhanced because of his resistance against types of Fire (Resistance/1 Fire), like Iron Man's Micro Missiles (2 wounds and used once per round) and Rocket Racoon's RPG (3 wounds and one single use). But not only this, because Colossus goes even far and he is immune against Electric attacks (Immunity Electricity), like Thor's Bring the Thunder and Black Widow's Widow's Bite, in addition to the Radiation type (Immunity Radiation).
  • Supernatural Defense (17): The only defense that can't be improved by anyone, and still it is the best value known up today. Once again Piotr offers some kind of resistance against attacks with any type inside this category as the Magic ones, reducing in 1 the damage received (Resistance/1 Magic), this until today only affects Thor's For Asgard!.
  • Mental Defense (13): Piotr's Achilles' hell and the worst value until the date and not only for this kind of defense, also the worst among all the four types, at least it can be increased up to 15. Luckily for him there are still no attacks with this nature.
Beside this low Mental Defense value, another of his weak points is his Agility, which with a 7 value only grants him 33% of succeed on rolls of this kind as it can be for reducing the damage coming from Spray, Explosive, Expansive, or avoiding the impact of throws for being in the middle of the trajectory; on this last case is remarkable in spite of having Physical Defense 20/22, if an object is thrown behind him it is really easy to hit him. Regarding endurance he is at the same level as Thor in the top of the pain scale being able to receive up to 18 hits, this in addition with his value 11 of Stamina grants him a 77% of succeeding in rolls of this type, so it can be difficult to see him KO. To all this it must be added that, as his mate Wolverine, he is Metallic, so although it is a circumstantial skill it reduces in 1 point the loss of POW against Stun effects. Lastly, his Willpower value (8) only grants him 44% of chances of passing these rolls.

In Offensive tasks his skills shouldn't be ignored. He begins with Attack 7, although at the moment he lefts the high area of his Endurance bar it returns again to its original value of 6. He has the same inconvenience as all the characters with a single nature for all his attacks, as Wolverine all of them are Physical and Blunt, including Grab and Throw which is quite interesting with him. Although he has an attack with some range, normally Colossus is forced to be in contact with the rival for being able to strike:
  • Titanic Slam (3): His only attack with some range, but the fact of being an Expansive Wave attack doesn't grant all the damage it can deal because successful Agility rolls reduce damage to the half, so it is not recomendable using it against Acrobat characters, even more having into account it can only be used once. Although it only deals 2 wounds, it has a cost that can be considered cheap for being an unique attack and also having 3'' (8,5 cm) radius surrounding Piotr, in addition to reduce Mental Defense of the affected characters in 1 point (Dazzle/1), although up today it is useless due to there are no attacks with this nature.
  • Crushing Smite (4): Maybe a bit expensive for what it does, even more having into account its final cost will usually be 5 POW if it critical chances want to be increased for dealing 4 instead of 2 wounds (Critical: +2 damage). It is also true that having in mind how much difficult he can become to be taken down, if he would have the same ease to attack as someone then we would be talking about a too much powerful hero for his cost. As additional effect he forces the enemy to take care of the edges because the Push he applies can produce falls or hits against other partners, which makes him perfect for attacking enemies as big as possible so the crash against a mate will be more painful. This attack has the particularity that if a critical hit is obtained, in addition to the +2 damage, for being Brutal it can also apply a Push of 4'', on this case it will be added to the previous one to make a pushed distance of 1D8 + 4'' (between 12.5 cm and 30 cm).
  • Osmium Punch (2): Colossus standard attack, except the 2 wounds it deals it has nothing else, only the 4'' Push it can apply if a critical hit is rolled (Brutal).
With the same cost as the Osmium Punch and with a higher damage he has the action Grab and Throw, which with Strength 4 makes him a great candidate for using it, which implies 3 damages on the thrown character, and if it is thrown against another enemy it can deal more damages on the rival (or rivals, depending of how many of them he finds during the trajectory). Maximum throwing distance is 4*2 = 8'' (20 cm).

Lastly, in terms of Support/Control he offers all his resistance to serve his mates thanks to his Bodyguard, which lets him to redirect to him the attacks against allies within 2'' (5 cm) paying 1 POW.

Summarizing, as it can be expected Colossus is a slab really complicated to be taken down especially by Physical attacks, and he also can endure up to 18 hits before his chromium body tastes the ground. As most of the characters, he releases all his potential when he is on the high area of his Endurance bar having his Attack enhanced up to 7, which decreases to 6 when he is not on it, in addition to start losing Physical Defense as he goes on the pain scale, for ending only with also with Power 6

His utility goes farther of being just a protector, although it can't be denied that he stands out on this tasks, redirecting to him as much damage as possible thanks to his Bodyguard and high protections. On this aspect he is maybe the X-Men with higher synergy with the others:
  • With Cyclops he increases his durability while Scott uses his devastating attacks, although the 40 cm of the most of them will let Piotr on the rearguard of the team.
  • With Logan he has a double utility: throwing him to the combat to take advantage of his Fastball Special, and protecting him when he is on the red area of his Endurance bar, moment when he releases all his potential, but only with 3 remaining life hits.
Regarding the use of POW in an offensive way, the best use of Titanic Slam will be when it could affect more than one enemy at the same time. Instead of this it will be more common to use Crushing Smite (4+1 POW) with Overload if possible, either for increasing the chances of damaging or the quantity of it, in addition to be perfect for moving away enemies with its Push even more if there is any option to make him/her crash against something/somebody and/or making him/her to fall. With the 2 remaining POW he can strike away the enemy with his Osmium Punch although without overloading it, with the loss of precision it entails; the other option is saving them for using Bodyguard and/or Defensive Improvements, or advancing in and out of the combat. Another good combination of strikes could be Osmium Punch/Crushing Smite and Grab and Throw, specially is it is huge, because only with the thrown he would take 3 damage, and if he/she is thrown against an enemy the destruction among the enemy lines can be even higher.

Following this throwing idea, other of his utilities is being a catapult for his mates for 2+1 POW up to a distance of 8'' (20 cm), specially Wolverine, so they can enter into a combat dealing damage and knocking down the enemy, and having Strength 4 it means he can throw big enemies (for example Hulk is a character with the same Size as Piotr's Strength: 4).

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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