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BMG Expansion: Speed Force

Hello everybody.
With the arrival of Flash to Batman Miniature Game a new gaming concept is created: The Speed Force, which is not as easy to explain as a trait and it needs some pages rulebook. With this entry we will try to summarize this new concept and what does it means for gaming purposes. Lets begin...

The Speed Force is a new concept for Batman Miniature Game for being used for the Speedsters like Flash, more concretely for all those characters with the trait Speedster/X, where the X denotes de quantity of power that runner can manipulate when using the Speed Force and execute special actions that can be only achieved by them.

First modification over normal games is the creation of a common pool of Speed Counters where the Speedsters will take energy for using these powers. With this common pool, each runner has its own Speed Counters pool limited for the X of its Speedster/X trait, which is filled as the common pool counters are taken, being even able to store them among rounds.

As it could be expected, the addition of this kind of characters on the games modify the round sequence adding a new phase, split also in two sub-phases, between Taking the Lead and Raise the Plan:
  • Draining Speed Force: Now it's time for all the characters with the trait Speedster to take counters, up to the maximum value allowed for them, from the common pool, beginning with the player who Took the Lead. That means the second player in taking counters may not have chances for filling his Speedster card, that means being the first player is important even more if there is an Speedster on his crew with a high Speed Power.
  • Spending Fuerza de la Velocidad: Again beginning with the player who Took the Lead, counters can be used for using one Special Power and applying its effects immediately.
Some of those special powers can be:
Lv 1
MOve the character up to 10 cmNo
Until the end of the round this character can pass throught or scenery element/object on the gameboard.but cannot end his move on another model or scenery element/object5+
6HyperspeedPlace the model in any place on the gameboard where the base can fit in4+

And the full table:

But playing with the Speed Force has its risks and can affect characters and time lines. This is known as Paradoxes, and use to have result not so good for the affected Speedster, it can go from dying up to the appearance of the Black Flash. The full list of those paradoxes:

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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