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BMG: Analysis Deadshot Comic

Hello everybody.
With Suicide Squad film near, it is time now for one of the most famous of its members, one of the world's greatest assassins: Deadshot, on his comic version and with a role more focused in long distance attacks. The most remarkable thing is his elevated cost in both terms, totally opposed to the Arkham City version, although he still maintains the hate for the "good" guys in addition to Joker's crew.
Beginning with his Mobile aspect, the only remarkable thing is his value 3 for Movement, a characteristic value for Acrobat characters.

In offensive tasks, this new Free Agent is armed with the most lethal weapon know until today, a long range rifle (Barret) able to deal up to 4 lethal wounds, and this damage can be even 7 if an always circumstantial critical hit is rolled. The first impact of this is that with a single shot he can take down the weakest characters of the game: the ones with Endurance 4 such as almost all the Henchmen, Catwoman Animated, Harley Quinn Animated... But not all are advantages, due to the lack of Good Aim in Floyd, and the Aim of his weapon, he can't take a good position and shoot in the same round, for doing this he must take advantage of the other handicap of the weapon to find a good position during the round he must Reload it, beginning with a good deployment on the board. Other of the good points of this rifle is his power of perforation (Anti-Tank), and not only because it ignores Bulletproof and Kevlar Vest in addition to Hardened, also because it can repeat damage rolls against enemies with some kind of Armour in addition to ignore it, which makes it almost 100% effective against this kind of targets; that means this weapon is the worst enemy for the Batmobile, in addition to impact it to 2+ (Ranged Master). But this weapon won't be as lethal if it wasn't for its Scope, which added to the Night Vision he gains when using it also lets him to ignore all the Pings! (only with this weapon).

For medium range, or just for being able to shoot during the round he is reloading his Barret, Floyd is also armed with his characteristic 9 mm Twin Cannons which deal half damage than the other weapon if he moves before shooting, otherwise it has the same lethality thanks to its ROF 2, and its range is still good (40 cm). It can also be used in close combat although only with 1 single shot, but on this case he can't see beyond 30 cm.

In addition to all this it must be added the +1 to impact for ranged attacks thanks to be Ranged Master, trait that replaces the old Master Marksman. But not everything is as perfect as it seems with this new Floyd Lawton, his Mental Disorder (Obsessive) is his big handicap because at the moment he attacks an enemy model, until he doesn't let him KO or dead he must continue attacking him, although looking at the damage of his weapon he will send them directly to the morgue. The easiest way to solve this issue is attacking the first enemy Henchmen with Endurance 4 he can, kill him, and solve this issue for the rest of the game, but destiny is unpredictable and any 1 on the dices can ruin this plan, after that the enemy only has to put that Henchmen on a sewer and 90 points would have been neutralized. His other potential target should be the enemy Boss, mainly because his Assassin/3 grants him 3 extra VP is he/she is killed, and if the enemy prefers to put him out of danger at least Floyd will have dissuaded him/her for going "out" of the game; lesser extend to any Sidekick, Free Agent or a really annoying character.

Defensively talking he has the same problem as his "brother", if he is hunted in close combat he can have a bad time, although despite of the accumulation of damage he is one of those characters still able to do his main task: to shoot. On the same way, against ranged attacks he can still have up to 3 chances, with 50% on each one, of avoiding them for Dodge.

Lastly, in terms of Support/Control , his Obsessive well used gives him certain control, preferably over the enemy Boss to take advantage of his Assassin/3 if possible, specially if he/she has been damaged with the first shot mainly because for almost all the characters in the game 4 wounds are almost the 50% of their life, in addition with the 2 action counters lost; a certain shot can force the rival to rethink continuing advancing with that character or conversely putting him away from the danger. On the other hand, Floyd is a great ally for all his partners, not only Henchmen as it use to happen with this kind of traits, his Outlaw Field Commander lets, once per round, to add an extra counter on an ally within 10 cm (it doesn't matter if he can't see him) although without exceeding the allowed limit for the section where it is put, this trait invites to continue advancing with Deadshot for trying to use it during all the rounds.

This analysis couldn't be closed without talking about Hugo Strange, and this is because the crazy condition of Floyd Lawton. The governor of the prison built for super criminals, more known as Arkham City, can be a great ally due to all the benefits he applies to all the characters with this kind of "disease". In the case of Floyd he can be interested on Hugo's Subliminal Suggestion (2 SC) for moving him even if he has used his Barret, to search for a new shooting position; he can also used his Arkham Asylum DR (1 SC) to give him an extra counter (and on this case it is possible to exceed the limit) specially in Movement either for moving more or having more protection against ranged attacks (it can also be in Attack or Defense, but having into account the most common is to have Deadshot far away of the combat, the most common will be use it for Movement). Also, both him and two of the versions of Scarecrow (Arkham City and Christopher Nolan) can calm temporarily his insanity thanks to their Pyschoanalisys (1 SC).

Summarizing, Deadshot is a character 100% focused in ranged attacks, and this version more concretely from long distance due to his Barret allows him to see without distance limitation and ignore all the Pings! (Scope), althoguh he is still dangerous from the middle distance because in both cases he can deal up to 4 lethal wounds with a +1 to impact rolls fro being Ranged Master (in the case of the Barret it can be up to 7 wounds if he rolls a critical hit). Even his big handicap can turn into an advantage if it is properly used, which means to focus on the rival Boss, partly because if he kills him/her he wins 3 extra VP (Assasin/3), and also because Deadshot can control big areas of the map where he doesn't like to see the enemy on it, which can force him to change his plans with one of his most valuable miniatures, in addition to be almost disabled. Floyd is also a good support for any close mate (not only Henchmen) thanks to the extra counter he/she can win due to his Outlaw Field Commander.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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