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MUMG: Analysis Cyclops

Hello everybody.
Once closed Avengers starter pack, it is time for other of the most famous groups in comics: the mutants of the professor Charles Xavier, more known as the X-Men. As it couldn't be on another way, we will begin with their leader on the battlefield, Scott Summers also known as Cyclops. For being the leader of the X-Men he is not the most powerful of them neither in Level nor Power. Regarding Level (7) both Rogue and Wolverine are one point above him, while Colossus is at the same level. In terms of Power all of them have the same value 7, so that means that at the beginning of the game his Leadership skill won't work with them, not at least as long as their Power is not decreased.
In terms of Mobility he doesn't offer anything to highlight, he has the typical values of 4/7 (10/17.5 cm). The only remarkable thing is the option he has to increase a little his allies and himself with his To me my X-Men!!!, although only once per game.

Defensively talking, Scott is the perfect target of every attack due to all his defenses are at the same low level: 15, decreasing to 14 at the moment he arrives to the middle area of his Endurance bar, but not only this because he also loses Power (6) at the moment he is on the red area of that bar. In terms of taking damage (12 hits), he only has Black Widow (9) and Rocket Racoon (10) below him. He doesn't even have an encouraging stamina value (8) to remain stand up because he only has 44% chances of succeed on this kind of rolls, and it must be remembered that KO characters have their defenses decreased in -4 and can't improve them (-3 for being KO and -1 for being Knocked Down, effect that is still affected when KO).

On the Offensive area although his attacks can be considered quite harmful, Scott has some handicaps. The first one can be that all his attacks are from Energy nature, which means that against enemies such as Black Panther (18), Nova (18), Rocket Racoon (18), Black Widow (17), Colossus (17) and Thor (17) can be complicated to hit them, even more if they improve themselves defensively. Throwing objects he can't offer so much, as with Strength 1 he only could throw urban furniture and a little more, and regarding characters up today he only can Grab and Throw Rocket Racoon, and up to a distance of 2'' (5 cm).

His attack value (6) is in the middle of the minimum and maximum known until today (6 and 8 respectively, without any modifier), although while he is on a good condition it takes 7 value, at the same level as the bests. Also, as Iron Man he only has ranged attacks, which means in close combat range he has no mechanisms, and in his case Grab and Throw is not a viable option. On the other hand all his attacks can make that it doesn't matter how much the enemy is hiding from him behind scenery object, because the effects Pierce and Explosive they apply (or can apply) let Cyclops to attack scenery objects and affect the enemies:
  • Massive Blast (4): With 16'' (40 cm) of range is one of the longest attacks of the game, behind the 24'' (60 cm) of Rocket Racoon's Photon Pistols and the 20'' (50 cm) of Thor's Bring the Thunder. Regarding damage it is almost perfect, dealing 5 damages, only behind Rocket Racoon's Heavy Plasma Cannon (6 damage). It has the huge advantage of being an attack that makes useless the cover bonus on the enemy thanks to be Penetrative, in addition to the damage on it if it passes through, and having into account that the line of sight can be considered from any point to any point of both volumes, if it is desired the attack can be done through the scenery item if something wants to be destroyed. As an alternative for its Overload it offers a 4'' (10 cm) extra range beyond the impact point (Pierce), but if this attack doesn't want to be wasted is not a bad idea using the extra dice even more having into account with 3 dices the chances of getting a critical hit are higher; although part of the power of this attack is using it against scenery elements to impact enemies behind it thanks to its Pierce effect.
  • Focused Bean (2): With the same range of 16'' (40 cm) Scott has this attack, which has the positive point that can be used more than once per round. Although its damage is less (2 wounds) it lets Scott to be harassing the enemy from the distance while he remains in cover for trying to increase his low defenses with the scenery. As the other attack, its Overload lets him to exceed the attack beyond the impact point (Pierce), although on this case only half distance: 2'' (5 cm), which again can make the enemy remain to be useless remaining in cover.
  • Optic Devastation (3): With half of range, 8'' (20 cm), this attack is the main reason for the enemy to advance with his heroes separated, at least if exists risk to enter in range of this attack, which has a radius of 3'' (7.5 cm) around its target (Explosive/3), although it can be used only once per round. Like his other two attacks, other utility of this area of effect is attacking scenery elements for reaching enemies covered by it with the advantage that on this case is not necessary losing the extra dice overloading it.
NOTE: It is important to have in mind that the roll for impacting the "secondary" targets affected for Pierce can't be overloaded due to these rolls are still part of the same attack.

NOTA: It is important to have in mind that the rolls for impacting "secondary" targets can also be Overloaded because it can be applied to each hit roll, not to the attack.

But no all his attacks are as incredible as it seems, although it is true he can attack scenery items to affect enemies behind them, Scott's Strength 1 is a limitation for its targets because he can only attack scenery items of type T1 and T2, it no bigger than a car (everything bigger than a bus, a truck... can't be selected as a target, including them).

Lastly, in terms of support/control Scott has a set of skills, although they are not 100% effective. The first one is the already mentioned Leadership/4 which lets assign 1 extra POW to all the allies with less Power than Cyclops within 4'' (10 cm) at the beginning of their activations, but unfortunately at the beginning of the game when all the members are in a perfect condition it has no sense, only with Deadpool, and with Rogue and Colossus when they are on the critical area of their Endurance bar and if Scott is not also. Master Tactician can allow to have a chained second activation, for example for making a focused attack to the same target, but with Willpower 8 there is only 44% to succeed on it. Lastly, the has his single use Special Power To me my X-Men!!!, which increases in 1'' (2.5 cm) the Speed of all the allies within 8'' (20 cm), included himself, which will be more useful as more mutants with lower Power than him are being released, so they can be affected by Leadership; up today this Speed bonus can be used to arrive to concrete areas before the enemy.

Summarizing, defensively talking is, if not the worst, one of the worst characters known until today, and regarding mobility he has nothing remarkable. On the other hand, in offensive terms is where Scott has a lot of things to say, thanks to the good range of his attacks he can be harassing the enemy from the back line of his team while he tries to remain in cover with the scenery and using Defensive Improvements, even his unique attack lets him to ignore scenery defensive bonus on the rival and dealing 5 damages, even on the scenery (having into account its Damage Absorption value). With such as low defensive qualities it is expected to reach all his potential when being on the high area of his Endurance bar, allowing him to have an Attack at the level of the best ones, 7. As Iron Man, Scott is another of those characters that can be considered a "Glass Cannon", characters who can deal tons of damage in a round but also being killed quite fast, and on his case specially that second part.

For countering his low defenses and keep him in a good health condition as much time as possible, the best ally than can go with him is Colossus, so while Piotr takes all the attacks focusing his leader, he can deal as much damage as possible. The complicated thing about that is moving both of them without letting Cyclops with no protection, although his Master Tactician is the mechanism he offers for doing that, but with less than 50% chances of succeed on it, so he can end unprotected.

Regarding the use of POW counters, and having in mind to realize at least one attack during the round, Scott's options are:
  • If it is not desired to loss him so easy, and exists the risk of being in range of enemies attacks, keep at least 1 POW for Defensive Improvements, it will let Scott with 6 POW for example for attacking twice with his Focused Beam (4 damage) overloaded from a safety distance of 40 cm, or three times without overloading (6 damage), which is not a bad idea for example if the target is KO (with a penalty of -4 to his/her defenses).
  • The round he decides to use his Massive Blast, for increasing the chances of impact he should use 4+1 POW to overload it, which lets him with 2 POW to "runaway" if he has attacked before moving, or combining them with Movement and Defensive Improvements actions before or after attacking, although he could also attack again with his Focused Beam without overloading it (up to 7 wounds).
  • Lastly the most aggressive option once his Massive Blast has been used, with a potential damage of 6 wounds, although it will let Scott without any chance to improve his defenses, it consist in attacking with his Optic Devastation (3+1 POW) and Focused Beam (2+1 POW), although overload can not be used if it is desired to win in safety, mobility and/or damage (8 wounds).
Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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