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miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

BMG Spoiler Equipment List for Bane

Hello everybody.

Today we bring you one of the most interesting equipment lists, the one from the mercenary well known for all, Bane:
It can be denied that all the list is eclipsed by a new type of Dose: Venom Dose. Remarkable the addition of a Backpack already known for Penguin the other day, and the reduction of 2 Antidotes to 1, maybe because the addition of a Gas Mask.

The novelty with this new list goes beyond of improvements only accessible if Bane is on the crew (which up today is always happening). The big novelty is on the first one, it is the first known equipment not available for Henchmen, only by Sidekicks (it seems the appearance of a second in command for this crew is close) and Free Agents, which will let the violation to the restriction of a single use of a Titan Dose per character. On the other hand, the second item will let applying doses to mates in contact.

It is clear that after that first look the most benefited with this items is Venom Soldier with its 2 Titan Dose.

Lastly, the effects of this new type of drug:
  • Venom Dose: If a character has a Venom Dose he may use it during the Raise the Plan phase. If he does so, the character gains +1 Strength and can reroll damage rolls when fighting unarmed in close combat this round. Each Venom Dose may only be used once, and no more than one Dose may be used in a single round.
That means if someone has 2 Venom Doses, can't use one on himself and the second on a mate; also it couldn't be possible to use one and being injected by a mate (a same character can't be affected by a same effect more than once). Certainly there will be interesting combinations among this and Titan.

Have we said Venom Soldier is the most benefited with this new list?

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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