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BMG: Analysis Green Arrow Animated

Hello everybody.
After almost two months mainly focused in Marvel, we return to the origins of this blog and we being to analyse the releases of Batman Miniature Game, beginning with this new version of the Emerald Archer, once again, from the animated world. The first thing that attracts attention, continuing with the idea of the animated characters have been released until now from Animated Series, it its low cost that instead of begin an inconvenience can be the main reason for him to appear in quite lists, letting to invest the rest of reputation in other members for the crew.
Beginning with his Mobility, without still being a character considered mobile, it can't be denied that not having a Hook Arrow (Batclaw) is his main inconvenience. At least he keeps all the advantages of being an Acrobat, especially when avoiding obstacles and covering more terrain.

Thanks to the clarification (at least in Spain it wasn't so clear) of Spring into the Air, Acrobat characters have won in mobility terms due to now they can achieve the top of buildings, just paying 1 MC while in contact with the wall Oliver can jump vertically for arriving to the roof, which means he can "climb" heights of 12+2D6 (up to 24 cm).

Offensively talking, as it couldn't be on another way, he is armed with his inseparable bow and his very characteristic Punch Arrow (at least on this animated version), which as it could be expected stuns the enemy forbidding him to use any counter (Stun effect), he also carries his traditional and lethal arrows. Although not having an easy access to elevated positions limits his line of sight, it is compensated with his ability to ignore all the Pings! thanks to be Sharpshooter and still being able to shoot 2 arrows per attack due to Rapid Fire.

Regarding his defenses he does not offer anything special, just a typical value on that attribute for characters like him (Defense 4) and 50% chances of avoiding shoots against him because of the Dodge he has for being Acrobat.

Lastly, in terms of Support/Control, the inconvenience of not having a Hook Arrow can be an advantage for him and his Henchmen, as the Leader he is he has the trait Inspire to empower the closest ones, and due to his movement normally will be focused at ground level it is quite posible to find them in range of this trait.

Once again we have a character with the trait Teamwork, on this case with Black Canary, which means we can expect a new version of Green Arrow's couple; although due to his attacks are mainly done from the distance, the up to 2 counters he can use from her will normally be used for increasing his movement or defending (either in close combat or against shoots).

Summarizing, his low cost is what makes him specially good still being a pain from the distance, still being able to shoot 2 arrows per attack and ignoring all the Pings!, although on the other hand his mobility is highly reduced without a Hook Arrow. It shouldn't be forgotten he has the trait Inspire for being a Leader, which is the positive reading of not having a Hook Arrow mainly because it is easier to use it. His Teamwork with Black Canary invites to think both of them will be thought to advance together supporting each other with counters.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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