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BMG: Analysis Batgirl (Animated)

Hello everybody.
If some time ago it was Green Arrow, today is time for a new character based on the animated world, on this case the also existing Barbara Gordon also known as Batgirl. Once again she has a low reputation cost (47 points) for this kind of profiles. Unlike her "big sister", this new Barbara can't lead a Batman crew due to she is Free Agent (something similar happened with Harley Quinn Animated), and she can only join a Law Force crew (also as Free Agent) if her uncle Jim is on it (Affinity James W. Gordon).
Beginning with his Mobility the most remarkable is not only she has a Batclaw and a Batcape, she becomes the cheapest Batclaw of the game (ignoring team equipment) 3 points less than Damian Wayne. Batcape allows her to leap down from high positions paying only 1 SC, if she doesn't pay 1 MC for doing that action she would be suffering a fall, easy to avoid with it, which also protects her against whistles and the annoying Halt/Stop!. Also, for not being an Acrobat she has a Movement value like them (3).

Offensively talking it is where she less stands out. As her old version she can strike up to 4 times just paying 3 AC thanks to her Combo With: Unarmed (it could even be 6 strikes if she uses a Titan Dose), although her Strength is at the same level as most of the Henchmen (5+) and her damage is a single contusion. From the distance she is not much better, but she always can use her Batlings for breaking lampposts or deal at least one contusion with each one of her two hits (ROF 2) for Just a Scratch, but on her case she can only use them once (Ammo 1) and up to a distance of 20 cm (Short Range).

On the Defensive area she has no more mechanisms than her Defense 4 in addition with the passive falling protection (paying for it) always given by a Batcape. Which makes her a little more special, as Gotham's Penguin, is her survival instinct (Survivor), so when she is being retired from the game as casualty she has one chance to remain knocked down and "ignore" that last lethal wound if she rolls a 5+, which shouldn't be ignored because with only Endurance 4 is easy to take her down with double damage weapons (Axes, Guns, Reinforced Gloves, Katanas...).

In terms of Support/Control she doesn't offer anything else than her Distract for reducing the defense of the closest enemies (10 cm), which combined with her Defense 4 lets to use her as support in combats against a single target, either Defending with 4 counters or running away with her Batclaw once she has distracted the enemy. 

Summarizing, as all the characters with a Batclaw she is perfect to go as fast as possible for her objectives, although with such low Endurance value (4) and having into account she has a Distract, it is not the best idea to send her alone. In case of doing that, her Combo Unarmed and Defense 4 makes her a good candidate for controlling a Titan Container, being able to improve herself during a round with Strength 4+, 6 Attacks and Defense 5 among other attributes.

Maybe she is more useful in a Law Force crew playing the same role as Damian Wayne in a Batman one, supporting someone who hits harder (like Batwoman), taking advantage of her Distract and Defense 4 for making more easier the task for the shooters of the team, or defending objectives with no danger of being surrounded by various rivals. 

In some moments of the game she can use 3 AC to strike 4 times combining them with a Push (1 SC) or Grab (1 SC) action and a Distract (1 SC); in the case of combining that with a Grab it will apply a -2 on enemy's Defense (due to the outnumbered situation and the Distract), which can empower considerably somebody like Batwoman.

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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