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martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

MUMG: Home-Brew Characters: Invincible [ENG]

As I love the comic-book Invincible of Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker (I recommend a lot), I wanted to play with the main character in the game Marvel Universe Miniature Game, even more he already appeared with Spider-Man in the comic Marvel Team-Up #14.

Follow the next URL to download the character card in good quality on PNG format and a PDF file ready to print with the correct card size (remember to choose Original size when printing).

PNG file

PDF file

I explain the decisions made on this character, all of them inspired on the original comic-book:
Affiliation Superhuman and Cosmic of Marvel: Besides being a regular superhero, Invincible appears with Spider-Man on a comic-book, and most of the Invincible comic is located in the outer space and other "cosmic" situations.

Charismatic, Defensive Teamwork y Heroic Action: Mark always helps and support his partners, he's is a pretty sociable superhero and is more worried about his friends than himself.

Soldier y Zona Roja de Endurance: I don't want to say Spoilers. but even when Mark is too injured, he still tries to continue the fight with more rage.

Weakness to Sonic: One of Mark's few weaknesses is his ears, where his enemies often hit him there to cause pain and stun him.

Carrying under the armpits: The Special Power that I wanted to create, is one of the most common and great gags on the comc: When Mark wants to carry somebody flying, he always take by under the armpits, because he doesn't know another comfortable way to do that... :D

Of course we look forward to your opinions and, if you think it's appropriate, proposals for changes in the profile!

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