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BMG Arkham Knight Expansion: First thoughts

Hi to everyone.

Last night, Luis, a staff member Knight Models was interviewed on Turno Cu4tro podcast, of which our friend Darel from El Sobaco de Batman is an occasional collaborator, dropping on what the next expansion for Batman Miniature Game is about: a campaign mode Inspired by the video game Arkham Knight.
Personally, as a lover of this video game saga, some of the things I would like to see would be:

  • Obviously, can recreate the different missions that form the plot structure of this last installment and, why not, also the secondary missions.
  • As part of these missions, to enjoy the Predator mode, would it be possible to pose a Batman mode vs. several enemies?
  • One of the main novelties in this last installment of the saga, was introduced the use of the dreaded Batmovil, why not give it a bonus to this already existing model, and have exclusive missions for it?
  • When talking about a campaign mode, and with a background as marked as this, it is impossible not to consider an evolutionary mode of the character, do you imagine a configurable Batman with the infinite options offered by the video game?
  • See new villains like Professor Pyg, and why not his Dollotrons, or the much-desired Manbat.

Apart from this, they also discussed a couple of things closely related to the Suicide Squad box. The most striking were:
  • Indeed, the buildings included in the box are just the beginning of a new product line. Finally we can all have good game tables with presumably cheap scenery.
  • In principle, nothing in the box is going to be sold separately.
Finally, and although it was expected to know some detail more about the game of Harry Potter that is to come, Luis did not release anything. Well, just one detail that I think we all expected: yes, there will be miniature of Harry himself.

As we learn more about this new expansion (or the Harry Potter Miniature Game), we will inform you.

What do you expect in this campaign?

Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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  1. Well, if they want to be as close to the PC game as possible, this expansion should launch very late and still be unplayable because of too many bugs ... :-)