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DCUMG and changes in MUMG

Hi to everyone.
Now that finally the rulebook of DC Universe Miniature Game and the Marvel Universe Miniature Game FAQs have finally seen the light, and it can be appreciated as both games at level of rules are the same (categorized under the section of Super Hero Universe Miniature game in The web of Knight Models). As for rules there have been some fairly obvious changes, such as the throws, and some not so much. Through this entry we hope to be able to show you the changes that have been between the previous version and this, as well as the clarifications of the FAQs; We hope not forget any.
But this is not the only thing that has brought us this new game of DC and update of Marvel, since existing characters in Spiderman Miniature Game have been adapted to MUMG (Spiderman, The Green Goblin, Punisher and Daredevil) and 3 new formations of Team: The Mighty Avengers, The Uncanny X-Men, House party protocol with remote suits (which allows for the inclusion of several Anthony Stark).

As far as DC is concerned, the well-known starter of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman has been accompanied by 24 playable profiles (10 good, 13 villains and 1 neutral) of existing miniatures in Batman Miniature Game, in addition to the formation of Team of the Justice League of America.

If you want all these profiles already extracted from both pdf, Darel from El Sobaco de Batman has taken care of this arduous task.

Without further delay, let's start:

  • The Final Phase of the Round has been divided into three sub-phases, so that everything that was solved in this phase now has a very marked sequence of steps:
  1. Carry out Stamina checks for being in the middle and lower Endurance bar areas.
  2. Clear effects of skills that last until the end of the round.
  3. Check victory conditions.
  • It has been made clear that the models do not block line of sight. Formerly, because of the explanation of Knocked Down, it was implied that a standing model did block line of sight. No more using Groot, Hulk or some big guy to make human shields to his smaller companions.
  • Skipping obstacles or holes has also been simplified. Now instead of being considered impeded movement (each jumped inch consumed 2 inches of movement), by just paying 1 POW it is possible to overcome the obstacle, that is, by subtracting the width of the obstacle to the remaining movement. An obstacle is all that element of scenery with a size less than half the height of the character; So it could be said that if it can be launched it is an obstacle.
  • Like the previous case, the climbing is no longer considered an impaired movement. Again, you only have to pay 1 POW to start the climb and measure from the current position to the end (remember that the base must fit in its final position, and also have to take into account the width of this one when you measuring the movement). Thus, in this case the climbing obstacles are all those greater than half the character.
  • In the previous version, any special power that implied a movement/displacement in the character was not considered action of movement, but it did affect in the mission of the Relics in which it carried some of them. Now a differentiation has been made between "moved" and "placed":
    • Moved: They are not considered action of movement but yes the same rules must be followed that in movement. The first impact of this is that a character using a special power of this type (such as Pounce of Black Panther) would not make the relic fall.
    • Displace: It is considered motion action, like Hook Arrow of Hawkeye.
  • In phase 3a of the attack sequence, the mention of Special Power has been removed, which led to confusion if you could react against Special Powers, such as Astral Bolt by Emma Frost.
  • Although it was something that was already written, it has been emphasized in the FAQs that it is not possible to use Special Reactive Powers against allied attacks unless mentioned in it, such as Wolverine's Fastball Special. The combo Black Widow-Iron Man for over loading this one is no longer possible (if it ever was).
  • In the Expansive Wave attacks, if the affected ones successfully overcome the Agility check to halve the damage received, now they also suffer no effect caused by that attack. In addition, both this type of attacks and those of Spray do not target anyone in particular, which has a direct impact for example in phase 3b of the attack, since not having a target attack can not improve defense, although It is still possible to carry out a single Special Reactive Power, but only between enemies affected, non-allied.
  • Spray attacks also cause automatic impacts, with the same specifications as those of Expansive Wave: if the affected surpass the Agility check, in addition to reducing the year to the half they do not suffer any effect produced by the attack, besides also of no make objective nobody.
  • Beside Grab & Throw, another of the most important changes is in the penalty that suffer the characters knocked down in their defenses, that happens of -1 to -3. So a rival KO will see its defenses reduced by a -6. This causes characters with the typical cost attack 2 and 2 damage, as Black Panther, to become good travelling companions for those have easily to knock down.
  • In scenography rules, the detail has been added that this automatically fails any Agility, Stamina and Willpower checks that it has to perform.
  • Although this is not a change, it is something that me and a lot of people didn't realised, and it is that scenery items are inmune to any effect. That means that it is not possible to attack it with Explosive attacks to affect enemies hidden behind it.
  • Perhaps the most substantial change is that of the throwings, since they have been completely redone:
    • Before anything, although it is still considered an attack, it is not any more a ranged one, so special powers as Magneto's Metal Shield can not deny them any more.
    • The first thing is to grab the object, ally, or enemy, as it has always been. To allies and objects you do not have roll to hit, but against enemies yes, being able to do Overload. The grabbed receives the appellation of "grabbed item".
    1. Whatever has been thrown, it is removed from the game, and is now considered the "thrown item"..
    2. You choose a visible spot on the terrain, not an element of scenery or an enemy. Since you choose a point on the terrain, you do not have to perform any type of impact roll (nor overload). It could be said that the launch is always successful, although it is possible to avoid being hurt.
    3. It checks everything between the launcher and the point of impact, taking into account that the launch path is no longer a straight line, but has a diameter width equal to the Size of the launched.
    4. Instead of causing as much damage as the Size of the object in all affected, now the thrower must deal as many points of damage as Size has the "thrown item" among all affected: friends, enemies, scenography. It is also not necessary to check if the object is destroyed before arriving due to Sizes or accumulation of damage
    5. The characters (not escenography) to which they were assigned damage must perform an agility check. If they overcome it, neither suffer damage nor are knocked down.
    6. If the "thrown item" is a scenery item, it is automatically destroyed.
    7. If the "thrown item" is a model, it receives as much damage as the Strenght of the thrower -1,be either enemy or friend.
    • In summary, you just have to check what is in the path of the launch and distribute damages, avoidable if those chosen pass an agility check. At the moment the grab has been effective, the character/object reaches the point of impact, and in the case of an object this is always destroyed since the roll to impact has been eliminated. As can be seen, in just half a page is summarized all the existing casuistry. Also striking the Overwhelm elimination.
  • Taking advantage of the mention of Grab & Throw, it is interesting to see what the FAQs say about this, which clarifies some discordant situations:
    • Skills, effects or Special Powers Active, such as Brutal, Cruel or Irresistible do not apply when solving a launch.
    • The character being grabbed or thrown may not use any of their Reactive Powers, unless specified in any of these (such as the Wolverine Fastball Special).
    • If a character is on an object, he can effectively throw it, although it will suffer a fall.
    • The other potpourri of change comes with Effects and Skills. Some have been updated and others have been added. Although first of all, it has been clarified that it is not necessary line of sight to be able to use them, unless it is said otherwise (therefore, can be used Leadership or Comrade without having to see):
      • Explosive: Those affected by the blast radius are now automatically impacted. Indirectly, this is a great improvement to characters like Iron Man.
      • Irresistible: Refers to Nature or Type of damage. Formerly just nature
      • Push: As before, the model is pushed X inches, stopping immediately if it collides with something/someone, but instead of causing damage equal to its Size, both the throwed and the impacted model/object receive 1 damage. Previously the throwed did not suffer anything.
      • Close combat Master: New skill to repeat a die to hit in melee.
      • Comrade: Add the nuance that the character to activate can not have already made during the round.
      • Defensive Teamwork: New skill. If this character is in contact with companions, they all get a +1 to the Physical and Energy Defenses, although it can not be affected at the same time by several Defensive Teamwork.
      • Elite Fighter: New skill. In melee gets +1 to impact.
      • Energy: New skillYou can use 2 times Overload in the same attack. The clearest case of this is Superman, who for example making use of his Superpunch of 3 damage, could use 2 times overload to try with 2 dice cause up to 3+3+3 damage, have 4 dice to hit, or deal Overload and do 6 damage with 3 dice.
      • Fury: New skillReason why now characters like Wolverine, Drax or Hulk become true killing machines at least during a round, sacrificing their defenses for it: Until the end of the round, the character sees all his defenses reduced in 3 points, in return gets 3 additional POWs, +1 damage to all attacks, and +2 to Attack attribute, but only once per game.
      • Heroic Action: New skillCharacters such as Thor, who end up being limited by the high cost of their actions (especially if they were removed from the high zone), become more dangerous, causing 1 additional wound in their first attack. In the case of Captain America, this allows a character of a court as defensive as he is, can still carry out a painful attack
      • Leadership: It adds the nuance that a character can not be affected by several Leadership (Magneto + Cyclops)
      • Power Master: New skillIn this case Emma Frost and Jean Gray benefit, since each time they do Overload either to roll an additional die or to cause the alternate effect, they add a +1 to the damage of their attack.
      • Power Thief: New skill. If the combo Nightcrawler+Rogue is quite good, now the good Rogue also drains the opponent's POW by stealing 1 counter for each successful melee attack.
      • Power Transference X: New skillCharacters like Vision or Lady Mastermind become POW sinks for nearby characters, allowing them to transfer counters to allies 4' or less.
      • Regeneration: Add the nuance that if it is KO does not allow recovering from this state automatically.
      • Sharpshooter: New skillYou can repeat a die to impact from distance.
      • Solid: The character can not make use of defensive improvements. One of the reasons why Coloso was really hard was because of the combination of Bodyguard + Defensive Improvement, which ended up canceling many of the attacks received. Still, Piotr still has a base value of 20 in Physical Defense, which already forces the opponent to make Overload if he wants to guarantee success.
      • Toughness: Add the nuance that if the pushed distance is reduced to 0 ', the character is not considered to be pushed. Important for example if is being carried the relic. It has also been removed the part where it said that the Size of the character was modified. So, Hulk has Size 4.
      • Wall crawler: Now more like the Climbing Claws of Batman Miniature Game. Although it is still possible to climb as if it were soil, in order to be stuck to the wall is necessary to invest 1 POW. Although in terms of playing it remains as before, it has been remarked that it is not needed to pay 1 POW for climbing, due to now this action (to climb) has a cost.
    In a second post we will bring you what profiles have been modified and how they affect them, the new profiles that have as well as a view above the new missions.

    Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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